Top Spiderman Snapchat Filters & Lenses

Want to connect with your friends? Then download Snapchat! If anything, it’s one of the most popular social media platforms with hundreds of millions of active users worldwide. The best part? It’s free to use. All you need is an iOS or Android device. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to send photos and videos with just a few taps!

Snapchat Features

Not only is it great for sharing media, but you can also use it to text friends, play games, share your location, and more. That’s not all—there are also many customization options when it comes to your snap. For example, you can jazz things up with some music. You can also add stickers, doodles, text, and more.

Filters are another thing that you can play around with. Put it simply, they’re virtual effects that you can add on top of your photo or video. Depending on what you choose, it might reframe the snap, add things to the background, or change your look completely.

And guess what? There are thousands of these effects to choose from. After all, anyone can make their own! Given that, it’s not surprising to know that many are movie-themed, which brings us to our next point. Spiderman. On this page, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Spiderman-themed filters in anticipation of the upcoming movie, No Way Home.

Best Spiderman Snapchat Codes For 2022

Without further ado, here are some of the best Spiderman-themed filters that Snapchat has to offer:

1. Spiderman Costume Filter

Ever wondered what it’d be like to wear the Spiderman costume? Then give this filter a go! It’ll turn you into the web-slinger and all you have to do is scan the snapcode. That’ll turn on the camera, which will activate the effect once you point it at yourself. Make sure that your entire body is inside the frame and your appearance will change.

The next thing you know, you’ll be ‘wearing’ his red and blue costume, mask and all! It’ll be overlaid on top of your body, just like the example below (if you look closely, you’ll still be able to see yourself behind Spiderman). And whatever you do, Spiderman will do since well, you’re him now! For example, he’ll kick up his feet if you kick up your feet. Go on, give it a try!

2. Swinging Spiderman Snapchat Lens

How do you feel about spiders? Because this filter will add a bunch of tiny ones to your snap. They’ll hang down from the ceiling, just like the example above. Speaking of which, Spiderman himself will also be ‘hanging around’ on the screen. You’ll actually be able to see him swing around in front of you, just like in the movies.

As for you, you’ll be wearing a Spiderman-inspired mask. While it’ll cover your face, your facial features will still be visible. If anything, it’s more of an outline than anything. With that said, it’s pretty obvious who you’re supposed to be, especially with him slinging around in front of you!

3. Minecraft Spidey Snap Chat Lens

This filter will turn you into a Minecraft-inspired version of Spiderman! Ready to see what I’m talking about? Then scan the snapcode. Almost immediately, the background will turn green. That’s not the highlight, though. See that in the center? It’s a pixelated version of Spiderman!

Despite the pixels, he’ll be wearing his costume and everything. He’ll even have the spider logo on his chest! And if you face the camera, your face will appear as his face. You’ll actually be able to see your eyes and mouth through his mask, just like the example above. In fact, they’ll be the only things that aren’t pixelated on the screen!

4. Spiderman Face Snapchat Filter

Want to take a selfie as Spiderman but don’t want to ‘wear’ the entire outfit? If so, this filter is for you! It’ll let you wear his signature mask and all you have to do is scan the snapcode. Point the camera at your face and it’ll automatically appear, just like the screenshot above. And as you can see, the rest of your body will remain the same.

As for the background, let’s just say that it’ll be very lively. Not only will it be blue, but Spiderman himself will also be there. In fact, there will be many instances of him and they’ll all be hanging upside down behind you. You can kind of see what I mean in the example. Trust me, though, it’s cooler than it looks! For one thing, the dynamic background would make for a great video.

5. Spidey Sense Snapchat Lens

You know Peter Parker’s spidey sense? How he’s able to sense danger before it happens? Well, that’s what you’ll be able to do with this filter! Not literally, of course. But it’ll look like you can, you know, effect-wise. If that piques your interest, why not try it out yourself? Just scan the snapcode.

Once you do that, the camera will turn on. Step in front of it. Make sure that your face is on the screen and the effect will activate. Take a look beside your head—you should see some squiggly lines. Half will be red and half will be blue. That represents your spidey sense. You can’t tell from the screenshot, but the squiggly lines will actually be moving around on the screen.

6. Black Spiderman Snapcode

This filter will turn you into the Marvel hero but there’s a catch—you see, his costume will be a different color. Instead of red and blue, it’ll be black and yellow. No, we’re not talking about Venom, we’re talking about an actual ‘black version’ of Spiderman. And you’ll get you to wear it if you scan the snapcode.

Capture your entire body inside the frame and the effect will appear. You’ll automatically be wearing the costume, including the mask! If anything, no one will even be able to tell that it’s you inside. All they’ll see is an alternate version of Spiderman. Oh, and try moving around. Your new costume won’t restrict any of your movements so you can do whatever you’d like in front of the camera!

7. Spider Duck Snapchat Filter

When was the last time you played with a rubber ducky? Cause this filter will add one to your snap, AR-style! Simply scan the snapcode and the back camera will turn on. Look around and you should see a little pool, one with a blue and red rim that’s filled with water.

And what’s that floating in the center? It’s a Spiderman rubber ducky! It’ll be in the shape of a duck but it’ll have the superhero’s coloring. The top part of his body will be red with a webbing pattern and the bottom will be blue. Oh, and he’ll have his signature eye mask—it’ll be right on top of his little orange beak, just like the example above.

8. Dancing Spiderman Snapchat Lens

This augmented reality filter will let you take a snap with Spiderman! And get this—he’ll be dancing. Turns out he’s quite the dancer. Don’t believe me? See for yourself! Simply scan the snapcode and the effect will come up. Look around, the superhero should be on the screen (you might have to move the camera around a bit).

He’ll be wearing his signature red and blue costume and as we said earlier, he’ll be dancing it out! There will even be music—so if you want to capture the full effect, make sure to hold down the shutter button and turn up the volume. Oh, and make sure that you’re using the back camera! You won’t be able to see him otherwise.

9. PBN Spiderman Snap Chat Lens

What’s it like to look down at buildings from the sky? Find out with this one-of-a-kind filter. The second you scan the snapcode, you’ll be transported elsewhere. Somewhere high up, from where you can see the city. You won’t be slinging around or anything, though. If anything, it’ll just be the backdrop.

And as you can see from the example, you’ll be wearing a mask. A Spiderman-inspired mask that’ll cover the top half of your face. It’s not very obvious from the screenshot but there will be action lines around your body as well. You know, like the ones in comic books? In fact, they’ll actually be flashing so yeah, they’re quite eye-catching.

10. Spiderman Full Body Snapchat Filter

Here’s another filter that’ll turn you into Spiderman! If anything, it’s one of the more realistic ones. For those who’d like to try it out, scan the snapcode—the camera will turn on automatically. For the effect to work, though, you’ll have to capture your whole body in the frame so step back if you need to.

Do that, and you’ll transform into the superhero! You’ll be wearing his signature costume, the one with the spider on the chest. If anything, it’ll look as if you just walked out of the show! No one will be able to tell who it is under the outfit, that’s for sure.