Best Randomizer Snapchat Filters & Lenses

Snapchat is a photo and video messaging app that also serves as a social media platform. All you need is a smartphone; it can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. From there, simply open the app and it’ll go directly to the camera screen!

Tap on the shutter button to take a photo or you can hold it to take a video. And before you send it off to your friends, you can add a caption. You can also customize it with stickers, doodles, or music. Perhaps the coolest feature of all, however, is their filters. Basically, they’re layovers that you can add on top of your snap for extra effects.

For instance, some will change your appearance while others will transform your surroundings with augmented reality technology. And those are just two examples! There are many more out there and that’s exactly what makes the app so fun to use.

Top Randomizer Snapchat Filters For 2022

On this page, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite randomizer filters. For those who don’t know, they’re effects that have an element of randomness to them. In other words, don’t take the results too seriously, it’s all just for fun. And here’s a tip—consider taking a video so that you can capture the full effect!

Without further ado, here are the snapcodes:

1. Which Stranger Things Snapchat Lens

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? Want to know which character you are from the show? Then add this filter to your snap! Once you do that, a grey box will appear on your head. There will be a string of lights at the top left-hand corner and a Demogorgon at the bottom left-hand corner.

And in the center, will be an image and it’ll constantly change from one character to the next. Their names will also be written in white at the bottom. Anyway, to find out which character you are, open your mouth. The second you do that, you’ll ‘land’ on a photo and the person in it will be your character!

2. Which Simpson Are You? Snapchat Filter

Which character would you be if you were part of Simpsons? That’s what you’ll be able to find out with this randomizer filter! To get started, scan the snapcode. The front-facing camera will turn on and you’ll see yourself on the screen with some familiar-looking clouds over your head.

The question, ‘Which Simpson are you?’ will appear at the top in yellow and there will be an image of one of the characters in the center—and it’ll be that picture that’ll be changing. Open your mouth and it’ll stop immediately with your Simpson character! Not satisfied with who you got? You can always try again. Just tap on the screen and you’ll be able to restart.

3. Red Heart Box Snap Chat Filter

This filter is a little different from the rest in that it’ll give you a message! A random, heartwarming message that’ll be presented to you by an anthropomorphic heart. For those of you who want to check it out, scan the snapcode. The next thing you know, a red windup box will appear on the screen.

Give it a second and the top will pop open to reveal a message! It’ll be held by a happy-looking yellow heart, just like the example above. It’ll even be wearing a ribbon! And if you want, you can get another random message. Just tap on the screen with your finger and it’ll do its thing all over again.

4. Bikini Bottom Snapchat Filter

Find out which character you are from Spongebob with this randomizer filter! Once you scan the snapcode, the camera will turn on and you’ll see yourself on the screen with an image on top of your head! The question, ‘who are you from Bikini Bottom’ will also come up in yellow, just like the example above.

Like all randomizers, the image will automatically begin to change from one character to the next. Whenever you’re ready for your results, open your mouth. The image will stop changing and you’ll get ‘your’ character! As always, feel free to do it more than once. Let’s see if you’ll get the same character twice!

5. Randomizer Word Spelling Snapcode

This filter is pretty unique in that it’ll give you a word to spell out—not with your mouth, but your hand! To begin, scan the snapcode with your camera. Once you do that, a random word will come up on the screen. See the hand above the text? Follow along with your own hand. Hold it up at the camera and do the same gestures—that’ll allow you to spell out the word!

Every letter will be represented by a different hand symbol and once you’ve spelled out the entire word, the background will change! It’ll have whatever you just spelt out in it. For example, if you spelt out ‘bird’, a bunch of birds will appear behind you! You have to admit, it’s pretty nifty.

6. Magic 8 Ball Snapchat Filter

Remember Magic 8-balls? The ones people used to use for fortune-telling? Well, that’s pretty much what this filter will add to your snap! As always, scan the snapcode to begin. The second the camera turns on, a Magic 8-ball will appear on top of your head.

Go on, ask it a question. Once you’ve done that, tap on the screen. A bunch of text will come up continuously inside the ball (triangle and all). Give it a few seconds and it’ll eventually ‘stop’ and give you an answer. Not satisfied with the answer you got? You can always re-ask the question and try again!

7. Which Pokemon Snapchat Lens

Attention all Pokemon trainers! Want to know which Pokemon you’ll catch? Then check out this filter! To begin, point the camera at the snapcode. Once you do that, a poke ball will appear on your head. An open pokeball to be exact, and you’ll see many different Pokemon whizz by inside. Their names will also appear at the bottom.

To find out which Pokemon you’ll get, open your mouth. As soon as you do that, the image will stop changing and you’ll get your ‘results’! And as you can see from the example, you can use the filter with a friend. If anything, you just have to make sure that you’re both facing the camera.

8. Which Animal Snapchat Filter

Which animal are you? Find out with this face filter! Just scan the snapcode. The next thing you know, you’ll see yourself on the screen—with extra sparkles in your eyes. The question will also come up at the top, like the screenshot we’ve included above.

To begin the randomizer, tap on the screen. The second you do that, your appearance will start to change. Not only will your face be distorted, but you’ll also have various animal features (you’ll go through many of them). Give it a few seconds and your looks will eventually finalize. Whichever animal you get will then be ‘your’ animal!

9. Love Age Snap Chat Filter

Tired of being single? Want to know when you’ll fall in love? Get your answer with this filter! The second you scan the snapcode, a heart will come up and it’ll have the question written on it. Make sure that the camera is pointed at your face and a small circle will appear right above your forehead.

More specifically, a circle with a number—a number that represents the age at which you’ll fall in love. Anyway, it’ll begin to change, you know, like most randomizer filters. To stop it from doing that, raise your eyebrows. Whatever number you get will then be the age at which you’ll find your significant other! You can send a video to your friends and get them to try it too.

10. Which Coffee Am I Snapchat Filter

Would you say you’re addicted to caffeine? Want to know what type of coffee you are? Look no further—this filter will give you the answer. Simply scan the snapcode to begin. Once the camera turns on, point it at yourself. You should see an image on top of your head.

And before you know it, it’ll begin to change from one caffeinated beverage to another. To find out which coffee you are, open your mouth. That’ll cause the image to stop, which will give you your results. Oh, and there’s another effect besides the randomizer and you can kind of see it in the example. Yup, those are coffee beans and they’ll be hopping all over the place and that’s not an exaggeration.

11. Pet Thoughts Snapchat Filter

What is your dog or cat thinking about? This filter will you some possible hints! First things first, you’ll want to scan the snapcode—that’ll activate the effect so that you can use it on your pet. Next, point the camera at your furry friend. Make sure they’re inside the frame.

Before you know it, a thought bubble will appear on top of their head and with it, you’ll be able to figure out their thoughts! For example, they might be thinking about food or how perfect you are as their owner. Why not try it out and see for yourself?