Top Naruto Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is popular for several reasons. For one thing, it lets you send “snaps” to your friends with the press of a button. It’s not limited to photos, either—you can just as easily record videos. Aside from regular snaps, there’s also the option of making “stories.” Essentially, they’re snaps that you post to your account, which can be seen by all of your friends.

The number one highlight of Snapchat isn’t that, however. It’s the fact that they offer a variety of lenses for you to use. Basically, they’re effects that you can add to your snap. Some will add colors while others will add objects—there’s a bunch of them out there! Perhaps the coolest ones, though, are the ones that make use of AR technology. Not just that, but face technology as well! Surely, you’ve heard of those filters that add various things to your face?

Top Naruto Snapchat Lens Codes

Snapchat filters aren’t limited to just random objects. Many people make them for their favorite shows too—including Naruto. You know, that popular anime series with the ninjas? Yeah, that one. As a matter of fact, it’s probably one of the most popular anime out there when it comes to lenses.

Want to incorporate your favorite anime into your snaps? It’s easy—why not use one of the many Naruto filters out there (there’s more out there than you think!)? Not sure which ones there are? No worries. We’ve done the hard work for you. That’s right, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Naruto Snapchat lenses.

Keep reading to find out what they are!

Best Naruto Lenses & Filters for 2019 – Our Favorites

1. Kakashi Snapchat Lens

Who would you say your favorite character is? Did you say Kakashi? If so, we’ve got just the lens for you! How does adding Kakashi to your snap sound? You’ll be able to do that with this filter. Once you unlock the snap code, the ninja teacher will come up on your screen—in his regular attire.

What’s that? Looks like he’s busting out some dance moves! Who knew he knew how to dance? You would have never been able to guess just by looking at him! How about joining in? You can take a snap video with him!

2. Dancing Naruto Snapchat Filter

Are you a fan of the main character? Want to add him to your snap? This Snapchat filter will allow you to do just that! Point your camera at the snap code and the yellow-haired MC will appear on your screen—in his classic orange outfit!

Hm, I wonder what’s he up to? Looks like he’s dancing! Perhaps he’s practicing for a dance-off that he has later with Sakura and the gang? In any case, he’ll make a great addition to your snap! We recommend using the filter for a video—that way you can actually see his dance moves. You can place him anywhere you want, just drag him with your finger!

3. Sharingan Snapcode

You must be familiar with the Sharingan if you’re a Naruto fan. You know, those red eyes that the Uchiha clan is known for? The ones that Sasuke have? Ever wondered what it’d be like if you had eyes like those? Want to find out? Here’s your chance!

Activate this filter and you’ll get the Sharingan in both eyes! No contact lenses necessary. All you have to do is point the selfie camera at yourself and your eyes will automatically change colors. Now then, what kinds of power will you be able to bring forth?

4. Rock Lee Lens for Snapchat

Supporting characters deserve some love too, right? How about inviting Rock Lee into your snap? With this filter, you’ll be able to have him in your snap—green outfit and all! He doesn’t look as happy-go-lucky as Naruto and Kakashi, though. Looks like he’s ready for a fight—just look at his pose!

Be sure to turn your volume up for some epic background music. Watch as he swings his arms forwards and kick his feet up! Looks like he hasn’t gotten rusty with his moves just yet. But wait—who is he trying to fight against?

5. Naruto No Limit Snapchat Lens

Ever run with your hands behind your back? Apparently, it makes you go faster. I mean, there has to be a reason why everyone in the show seems to do it! Want to see a demonstration of it in action? Unlock this snapcode. Once you’ve done that, Naruto will appear on your screen—running with his arms behind him!

With this lens, he’ll only appear if you use the back camera. Unfortunately, that means that you won’t be able to take a snap together. You do have the ability to put him wherever you want, though. As far as sound effects go, you might want to turn up your volume.

6. Orochimaru Eyes Snapcode

Who’s your favorite villain from the show? Orochimaru? How would you like it if you could have eyes like him? It’s possible—you just need this Snapchat filter! Once you activate it, your eyes will turn a familiar shade of yellow. Your irises will also look a bit different. You’ll know what I mean when you see it. 

That’s not all, the lens will also change the backdrop. Not only will the background be dimmed with a blue hue, but snow will start to fall from the top of the screen. If anything, it makes it look like you’re in a snow storm!

7. Ninja Run Naruto Snapchat Lens

You know about the Naruto Run, right? It’s Naruto’s unique running style where he sprints with his arms stretched out behind him. You see it in almost every episode of the show! Well, how would you like it if you could add this Naruto to your snap? It’s easy—just unlock this filter.

Once you do that, our beloved protagonist will come up on your screen. But wait, looks like he’s in Sage of Six Paths mode! For the full effect, be sure to turn up your volume. You’ll be able to enjoy one of the coolest songs from the series—Silhouette by Kanna Boon (you might recognize this as one of the opening songs).

8. Naruto VS Sasuke Snapchat Lens

What’s your favorite battle from the show? Is it the Naruto VS Sasuke match? If so, you’ll love this Snapchat lens! Unlock it with your camera and you’ll be able to add the two protagonists to your snap. They won’t be standing around, though. If anything, it looks like they’re about to battle it out!

Here’s a pro-trip—remember to turn up your volume. You’ll be able to hear the characters’ screaming out each other’s names, just like in the anime! Well, who do you think will win the battle? Naruto or Sasuke?

9. Kakashi Snapchat Filter

One of the coolest things about Naruto has to be the Sharingan powers. Not only do the eyes look cool, but they come with a variety of abilities! Just look at Sasuke and the clan! Want to have a Sharingan of your own? How about the one Kakashi has? You know, the one that lets him copy others’ techniques?

Unlock this snap code and you will be able to get the same Sharingan power! Point the camera at yourself and look at the screen—your eyes will have that distinctive red pattern. That’s not all, try raising your eyebrow. See, that’s what will activate your power! Be careful now, you wouldn’t want to use that ability on your friends!

10. Naruto Sage Mode Snapcode

What do you think of Naruto’s sage mode? Pretty cool, right? After all, it’s not something that everyone can master, normally anyway. As it turns out, there’s a shortcut—you can go into sage mode simply by using this Snapchat filter! Why go through so much training when you can just use a lens, right?

First things first, point your rear-facing camera at the snap code to unlock the effect. From there, look at the lens and the effect will activate. You should see a few changes on your face. For one thing, your eyes will change colors—they’ll look like Naruto’s when he’s in sage mode!

11. Madara’s Final Mangekyou Sharingan Snapchat Lens

As you probably know, there is more than one type of Sharingan pattern. Which one do you prefer? Itachi’s? Or maybe Sasuke’s? If you answered Madara, we have the perfect filter for you! Activate it and you’ll be able to gain his Final Mangekyou Sharingan—you know, the one that he got after taking out his brother’s eyes?

Compared to his normal Sharingan, there are three more “strokes” within the eye. Not sure what I’m talking about? You can find out for yourself what it looks like by unlocking this snap code. Once you’ve done that, look into your selfie camera and your eyes will turn red. That’s right—you’ll gain the Sharingan powers. How does it feel to be like the legendary leader of the Uchiha clan?