Top MLB Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is a camera app that lets you share the moment with friends and family. Not only can you use it to send photos, but you can also use it to share short videos or messages! The best part? There are so many customization options!

For instance, you can add captions, background music, or stickers. If you want, you can even draw around your snap! The coolest feature, though? That has to be the filters that you can use. They’re exactly what they sound like—they’re visual overlays that you can apply over your photo or video. Depending on what you’re using, they may change the backdrop or the appearance of your face. Of course, there are tons of other effects as well. If anything, that’s what makes them so fun to use!

MLB Snapchat Lenses Codes

For those of you who are into baseball, you’ll be happy to know that there are many snap lenses that revolve around the MLB. And what better time to use them than now? After all, they’re beginning the road to the playoffs! Yup, the finals will be happening in late October. The start of the regular season may have been delayed but it looks like things are finally rolling again!

So how about it? Want to use some of these MLB snap lenses? Because we’ve compiled some of the best ones on this page! You can use them however you’d like—as selfies, to support your favorite team, the choice is up to you. If you’re interested, scroll down.

Top MLB Snapchat Lenses & Filters for 2020

Anyway, here are some of the coolest MLB snap filters that we’ve managed to accumulate from the web. Which one will you be using for your selfie?

1. MLB Backdrop Snapchat Filter

Are you someone who used to go to the MLB games? Bummed out that you can’t now due to the coronavirus? Well, we’ve got something that you can use in the meantime. To begin, scan the yellow snapcode. Once it’s activated, you’ll be transported to a whole different place. That’s right, you’ll be at one of the games!

Just because you can’t physically go to the games doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy them, after all. Sure, the effect might be virtual, but you have to admit, it’s kinda cool. It’s like taking a photo from the stands! If you want, you can use the background for a video as well—just hold the shutter button on the screen. If anything, you’re just missing the cheers from the crowd that usually comes with these games!

2. Arizona Diamondbacks Snapchat Filter

Are you from Arizona? If so, you must be a fan of the Diamondbacks. If that’s the case, you’ll like this filter. Ready to see what it’s capable of doing? Then scan the snapcode. Almost immediately, different things will appear on the screen. For starters, their logo will appear on your face. More specifically, over your right eye.

On top of that, confetti will fall from the sky. Not just any confetti, but confetti in the team’s colors! What better way to celebrate one of their wins, right? You can’t tell from the example that we’ve posted but the team’s name will also come up at the bottom. The same thing goes for their logo—it’ll appear toward your left. That way, it’s crystal clear just which team you’re cheering for!

3. Which New York Yankee Are You Snapchat Lens

Here’s a fun filter for all you New York Yankee fans. What will it do? It’ll tell you which player you are from the team! That’s right, it’s like one of those personality quizzes that we used to do back in the day. When you’re ready, scan the snapcode—that’s all you need to do to get started. Before you know it, the words “New York Yankee” will come up at the bottom in blue.

As for the “which player” aspect, take a look at your forehead. An image will appear as soon as the filter’s activated. From there, it’ll automatically change. To stop it, open your mouth—that’s how you’ll find out your results. That is, whoever you stop at, will be your Yankee. Of course, you can try it more than once. Let’s see if you can get the one that you want! You can send the lens to your friends and get them to do the same too if they’re a fan.

4. Texas Rangers Snapchat Filter

Which team are you cheering for? The Texas Rangers? Well then, this filter is for you! If anything, it’d make for a great selfie. Start by scanning the snapcode. Seconds later, the camera will turn on and your face will appear on the screen. See that? You’ll be wearing a baseball cap! Not just any baseball cap, but one with the Texas Rangers logo on the front!

That’s not all. The filter will also add a couple of stripes to your cheeks—in the team’s colors! And as you can see from the example, there will be a grainy overlay on the screen. If anything, it kind of makes everything look more “artistic.” Of course, you can wear the hat for a video as well! It’s so realistic, some of your friends might not even realize that it’s virtual!

5. San Francisco Giants Snapchat Lens

Want to show your supports for the San Francisco Giants? You can do that with this face filter! Ready to begin? Then point your camera at the snapcode above—that will unlock the effect. The next thing you know, you’ll be wearing a virtual cap. What kind of cap? A baseball cap with the team’s logo at the front in orange!

But wait, there’s more. You see, the filter will also add a splash of color to your face. Check out the image that we’ve posted above. As you can see, the team’s orange and black colors will appear as a wave across your face. Their logo, with the baseball, will also come up at the bottom. You know, just in case it wasn’t obvious which team you’re supporting!

6. Pose With Xander Snapchat Filter

Are you a Red Sox supporter? Who’s your favorite player? Xander Bogaerts? If so, you’re in for the treat—because with this filter, you’ll be able to pose with him! That’s right, you’ll be able to take a snap with the MLB star. For those who are interested, unlock the snapcode above. Once you’ve done that, the effect will activate automatically.

Give it a few seconds. Eventually, Xander will appear from the side of the screen—just like the example above. And that will be your cue to smile and pose! I mean, it’s not every day that you get to take a snap with him, after all. Even if it’s through a Snapchat with a filter. When you’re finished, you can show it to your friends by sending them the photo (or video, if you want to do that)!

7. Pose With Benny Snapchat Lens

Who’s your favorite MLB star of all time? Andrew Benintendi aka Benny of the Boston Red Sox? Then you won’t want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind filter. You see, it’ll let you take a snap with him! Well, a virtual representation of him, at least. To begin, all you have to do is unlock the snapcode above!

Once you’ve done that, Benny will come up from the side of the screen. Of course, he’ll be wearing his Red Sox uniform. So what are you waiting for? Smile! After all, you are standing next to one of the greatest MLB stars of all time. Who cares if it’s just a Snapchat filter? It’s still cool and that’s what matters. You don’t have to use it for a photo either, videos are an option as well!

8. Red Sox Cap Snapchat Filter

Want to support the Red Sox with a selfie? There are many face filters that you can use—such as this one! Ready to see the effect? Then point your camera at the yellow snapcode. Immediately, the filter will activate and a black cap will appear on your head. See that? It’ll have the Red Sox’s red logo on the front!

That’s not the only thing that the filter will give you either. Take a good look at the example above. As you can see, there will be two stripe marks across your cheeks in black and red aka their team colors! If anything, all those things together would make for a great selfie. Remember, you can add a caption as well to jazz things up.

9. New York Yankees Snapchat Lens & Filter

Show your support for the New York Yankees with this face lens! As soon as it’s activated, a Yankees’ cap will appear on your head. Of course, it’ll be white and blue. What did you expect? Speaking of white and blue, there will also be two stripes across your face, just below your eyes. You can see them in the example below.

Finally, the words “New York Yankees” will come up near the bottom. You can’t tell from the preview that we’ve posted but the text is actually animated in that it’ll change in size! To see it in action, you’ll have to unlock the snapcode and try it out for yourself.