Top Lego Snapchat Filters & Lenses

Snapchat is a social media network for smartphones that allows you to share photos and videos with a list of friends. Depending on your settings, these ‘snaps’, as they’re called, can last anywhere from 3-10 seconds. You can also make it so that they’ll disappear after they’ve been seen by the recipient. If anything, that’s one of the main features that they’re known for.

And that’s not all—you can also play mini-games, broadcast live, share your location on a map, send money to friends, and more. Not to mention the many customization options that you have when it comes to your snap. Aside from captions, you can also add stickers, doodles, and music.

On top of all that, there are filters and lenses that you can apply on top of your snap. What’s more, is that there are literally thousands—if not more—to choose from. Some will add interactive objects to your surroundings while others will change your appearance. There are even effects that you can use on pets!

Best Lego Snapchat Filters For 2022

On this page, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Lego-themed filters. Some are created by Lego itself while others are made by third-party creators (anyone can create and share their own filters). Without further ado, here they are!

1. Floor Is Lego Snapchat Lens

You know the ‘Floor is Lava’ game? Well, this filter is pretty much that except that instead of lava, the floor will turn into Lego—literally! If anything it’s quite a colorful effect. For those who are interested, give the snapcode a scan. The back camera will turn on and it’ll tell you to look down.

Go ahead and do that and the floor will literally change in front of your very eyes. Patch by patch, it’ll turn into lego and before you know it, it’ll be completely covered. Just don’t expect the lego pieces to be in 3D—it’ll look more like a carpet than anything. A very colorful carpet, which would make for a very nice snap, by the way!

2. A Really Cool World Snapchat Lens

Give your snap a Christmas vibe with this filter! The best part? It’s Lego-themed! Simply scan the snapcode and the scene will reveal itself. A red and green banner will appear across the screen and there will be tons of things everywhere including a Christmas tree and various signs, some of which will pop up in front of your face.

And if you look around the tree, you’ll see tiny little ducklings. Lego ducklings that’ll be running around the floor. Also, there will be snow. You’ll be able to see it come down from the sky and it’s pretty darn realistic for a snap filter. Anyway, this effect is definitely video-worthy, that’s for sure.

3. Lego Dots Snapchat Filter

What better way to decorate your snap than by adding a frame? One made of Lego? If that sounds cool to you, scan the snapcode! The next thing you know, there will be Lego on all sides of the screen. And those circular icons at the bottom? You can use them to change the theme.

Simply tap on one of the icons and the frame will automatically change colors. Tap on the frame again and a colorful pattern—one that’s represented by the image on the icon—will appear in the form of ‘dots’. They’ll take over the frame little by little and before you know it, it’ll be completely covered by the pattern!

4. Lego Man Snap Chat Filter

Ever had the urge to turn yourself into a Lego man? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do with this snap lens! Point your camera at the yellow snapcode and the effect will activate. The background will be filled with Lego pieces and a Lego man will appear at the center.

Pay attention to his face. Once you face the camera, your eyes and mouth will appear. See, we weren’t kidding when we said that it’ll turn you into a Lego man! While you won’t be able to move his arms and legs per se, you will be able to move around the screen. If you want, you can even make it so that you’re floating in mid-air, just like the example above.

5. Lego Kapow Snapchat Lens

Add some Lego fun to your snap with this filter! The second you scan the snapcode, a figure will appear on your head—it’ll either be a green dinosaur or a vehicle. Either way, it’ll be moving on your head. And yes, that’s the Lego logo at the top left-hand corner.

A piece of red Lego will also come shooting up from the bottom of the screen and if you open your mouth, it’ll explode into a million pieces. Well, kind of; it’ll turn into confetti of sorts. It’s definitely something that you want to capture on video, that’s for sure. How else would you show your friends the effect?

6. Toys R Us Snapcode

This filter is a little different than the rest in that it’ll change the background instead of adding things to your snap. All you have to do is scan the snapcode. The next thing you know, you’ll be taken to Toys R Us. More specifically, the Lego aisle. You can tell from the red box that’s hanging down from the ceiling!

And depending on how you position the camera, you might also be able to see the actual Lego that’s sitting on the shelves. If anything, it’ll look exactly like the preview shown in the snapcode. How you make use of the background is up to you, though!

7. Lego Batman Snapchat Lens

This filter will let you have some fun as Batman! Simply point the camera at the snapcode and the effect will activate. Before you know it, your face will be covered by a mask. Batman’s mask. Not a fan of how it looks? You can always switch looks by tapping on the screen.

As far as Lego goes, you’ll see some on the top corners and at the bottom half of the screen. It’ll be yellow with the message, ‘always be yourself unless you can be Batman’ written in black, which you have to admit, is kind of motivational in its own way!

8. Lego Star Wars Snapchat Filter

Are you a Star Wars fan who also likes Lego? Then boy, do we have the perfect filter for you! See that snapcode above? Point your camera toward it and the effect will activate. The background will change and you’ll see yourself on the screen with red eyes.

There will also be a lightsaber on the right-hand side. See those buttons on it? Tap on them to change your appearance! For example, tapping on the red one will turn you into a Lego version of Darth Vader. Tap on the white one, and you’ll turn into a Stormtrooper. Go on—have some fun with it!

9. Lego Ice Cream Truck Snapchat Lens

This filter can be used with both the front and back camera! Use it for a selfie, and you’ll be able to pose beside a box of Lego (ice cream truck version). The background will be purple and the Lego logo will appear at the top right-hand corner. The words, ‘rebuild the world’ will also come up in white.

Switch to the back camera and the ice cream truck itself will appear in front of you (you may have to move the camera around to find it). Not only will there be a truck, but there will be a worker inside as well and yes, that’s ice cream in his hands. And that man in front of the truck with the money in his hands? That’s the customer. There will even be a dog in the vicinity! Just look at the example above.

10. Lego Girl Snapchat Filter

Tired of letting the Lego men have all the fun? Well, this lens will turn you into a Lego girl! To work its magic, scan the snapcode. Almost immediately, the background will turn blue. Point the camera at yourself and you’ll see yourself on the screen as Lego girl!

More specifically, an inventor Lego girl. At least that’s what it says on your name tag. And yes, you’ll be wearing a white robe. That’s not all—you’ll also be rocking a pair of glasses and red lipstick. Go on, smile for the camera! Your Lego face will change as you do. It’d make for a great snap, trust me!

11. Lego Mighty Dinosaurs Snapchat Lens

Are you into dinosaurs? Then be sure to check out this snapchat filter—it’ll let you pose with a box of ‘mighty dinosaurs’! Simply scan the snapcode and the effect will come up. The background will turn pink and the box of Legos will appear on your right-hand side.

For those who want to see the actual dinosaurs, switch to the back camera! The second you do that, they’ll come up in front of you. There will be three different types—the main model and two alternate builds, one of which will be ‘flying’ in the air. You can resize and move them too if you’d like.