Top Face Image Picker Snapchat Filters & Lenses

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps in the world. Free to use, it allows you to send photos or videos aka ‘snaps’ to your friends with just a few taps! If you want, you can also chat with them one-on-one or start a live video chat. That’s not all, you can also send cash, play games, share your location, and more.

And when it comes to your snap, there are several customization options. For example, you can add text in the form of a caption. You can also add background music, stickers, and doodles. Or if you want, you can change things more drastically with a filter. Put it simply, they’re virtual graphics or effects that you can overlay on top of the screen. As far as what they’ll add, it depends on the snapcode. For instance, some will change your appearance with face detection technology while others will add a frame or objects to the background.

Our Top Face Image Picker Snapcodes For 2022

On this page, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite “Face Image Picker” snap filters. Basically, they’re filters where you can choose a ‘face’ for the effect from your camera roll. Whatever you pick, whether it’s your face or someone else’s face, will then appear on the object.

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve got:

1. Candy Dreaming Snapchat Filter

Ever wanted to make ‘snow angels’ in a pile of candy? If your answer is yes, check out this filter. The second you scan the snapcode, a giant pile of candy—candy canes, to be exact—will appear on the screen. There will also be someone lying down in the center.

They won’t have a face, though, until you choose a photo from your camera roll. Whatever picture you choose will then appear as their face! So if you want it to be you, choose a selfie. Or if you want, you can choose someone else’s photo. The point is, you get to choose who that person in the center will be! And here’s a tip—definitely record a video. A photo just won’t do the effect any justice.

2. Dancing Gingerbread Man Snapchat Lens

How do you feel about gingerbread men? Because they’re the main highlight of this filter. Scan the snapcode, and several of them will come up on the screen—bowties, buttons, and all. They won’t just be standing around looking pretty either, they’ll be dancing. Who knew that they were such great dancers, right?

And see that one at the front? You’ll be able to pick a face for him from your camera roll, which will come up at the bottom once you’ve activated the effect. Tap on any image and it will automatically appear as the gingerbread man’s face. You’ll then get to see him show off his dance moves on the screen!

3. Stick Figure Face Snapchat Lens

Have you ever seen a stickman with an actual face? Want to add one to your snap? Then check out this filter! Once you scan the snapcode, he’ll come up on the screen—arms, legs and all. If anything, he’ll just be missing his face, which you can choose from one of your photos. You can choose a selfie, or a picture of someone else, it’s up to you.

The end result will be the same. The stickman will have a face and he’ll be dancing with his little arms and legs. He’ll even have a shadow! You can see what I mean above. Go on, give it a try. You can even record a video of him dancing, if you want.

4. Flying Turkey Snap Chat Filter

This filter will let you take a snap as a turkey—a flying turkey, to be exact! If that interests you, scan the snapcode. Before you know it, the bird will come up on the screen and you’ll get to pick its face! That’s right, it’ll be half turkey, half human, just like the example above.

That’s not all, the filter will also change the background. It’ll be a nice blend of yellow and green, which if you ask me, only makes the turkey stand out that much more on the screen. And remember, you’ll be flying or rather ‘floating’ in the air so it’s that much cooler.

5. Somebody Loves You Snapchat Lens

What better way to show your love for someone than by giving them a flower? Cause that’s what you’ll be able to do with this filter. The second you activate the effect, a pink figure will appear on the screen. They’ll have a golden heart on their chest and a purple flower in one hand. The words, ‘I love you’ will also appear above their head.

Their face, however, will be blank, unless you choose a photo from your gallery. You can pick anything—a selfie, a photo of your friend, you name it. Whatever you choose will end up as their face. It’ll look just like the example that we’ve posted above.

6. Robot You Snapchat Filter

Add this filter to your snap and a robot will appear on the screen! Not just any robot, but one with a customizable face! Sounds cool, right? Well, you can check it out for yourself by scanning the snapcode. The next thing you know, an android will come up on the screen—one with arms and legs.

As for its ‘face’, you can choose an image from one of the photos in your camera roll. Whatever picture you choose, whether it’s a selfie or a picture of someone else, will appear as the robot’s ‘face’, which by the way, will appear right in the center. It’ll look just like the screenshot that we’ve posted above.

7. Astronaut Portal Snapcode

Scan the snapcode and you’ll be taken into outer space! That’s right, it’ll turn you into an astronaut. If that piques your interest, why not give it a try? The effect will activate as soon as the camera turns on. Before you know it, you’ll be standing in front of the Earth on the moon!

See that astronaut standing in the center? The one that’s holding the US flag? That can be you. Just choose a selfie from your camera roll and it’ll work its magic. If you want, you can even choose a picture of someone else—then they’ll become the astronaut! Either way, you have to admit it’s a pretty nifty effect.

8. Pick a Face Snapchat Filter

What if there were multiple copies of your face floating around on the screen? Because that’s what things will be like with this filter. For those who’d like to see what that’s like, scan the snapcode. Within seconds, the back-facing camera will turn on and you’ll see several ‘masks’ floating in the air.

Yup, you guessed it—you’ll be able to pick a face that’ll appear on all the masks. Just tap on one of the photos from your camera roll and voila! The masks will have that particular face on them. It’ll look something like that screenshot that we’ve included above.

9. Funny Cat Snapchat Filter

Calling all cat lovers—this is not a filter that you want to miss out on! With it, you’ll be able to turn anyone you want into a kitty…including yourself. To activate the effect, just scan the yellow snapcode. The back camera will turn on and a pudgy orange tabby will come up on the screen. He’ll be walking around on his hind legs with his front paws held up in a t-rex position.

As for his face, that’s where you get to be creative! As soon as the camera turns on, photos from your camera roll will appear at the bottom. Tap on one of the images and that particular image will appear as the cat’s face! So then it’ll be them that’s walking around on their hind legs on the screen.

10. Three-Headed Green Dragon Snapchat Lens

What if I told you that you can turn yourself into a three-headed dragon? Because that’s definitely possible with this augmented reality filter! For those who are interested, scan the snapcode—that’ll turn on the camera and before you know it, the effect will activate.

A three-headed green dragon will appear on the screen and you’ll get to pick a photo for their faces! Whichever picture you choose will end up as the face for all three heads so if you wanted to, you can pick a selfie and you’ll end up as the dragon, literally.

11. Dancing Mitten Snapchat Lens

You know what would be interesting? If you turned yourself into a red mitten. Not two, but just one single mitten. Yes, that’s a thing and yes, that’s what you’ll be able to do with this snap filter! If you’d like to give it a try, scan the snapcode. As soon as you do that, the camera will turn on and the mitten will appear on the screen.

It’ll have little stick legs and a circle in the center for your face. That’s right, you can turn yourself into the mitten by putting your face on it. To do that, simply choose a photo from your camera roll. It’ll come up at the bottom once the effect activates— just tap on the image that you’d like to use!