Best Diwali Snapchat Filters and Lenses

Snapchat was introduced in 2011. A mobile app, it was originally designed for photo and video sharing. There’s also a ‘self-destructing’ feature that you can use that’ll prevent your ‘snaps’ from being retrieved afterward. If anything, that’s one of the reasons why it became so popular.

Fast forward to now, and they’ve added many additional features. Not only can you send snaps, but you can also stream videos, video chat with friends, play games, share your location, send money, and more.

Customizing Your Snaps With Filters

In 2015, they also rolled out filters—design overlays that you can add on top of your photos or videos. For example, you can use them to change your appearance, frame your snap, or add a new background. There are also geofilters that you can only use in specific locations.

The best part? Anyone can make their own so there are literally thousands of effects to choose from! Given that, it’s not surprising to know that many are dedicated to holidays, such as Diwali.

Our Top Diwali Snapchat Codes For 2022

On this page, we’ll be sharing some of the best Diwali Snapchat filters that are available on the app. What better way to celebrate the holiday than by sending your friends and family a snap, right?

1. Diwali Rangoli Snapchat Filter

Are you familiar with Rangoli patterns? They’re colorful designs that are placed on the floor at home as a welcoming gesture to the gods. More specifically, to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and fortune during the festival of lights aka Diwali.

What does that have to do with this filter? Well, you see, it’ll let you add these patterns to your snap! Once you scan the snapcode, three orange icons will appear on the screen, each with a specific pattern. Tap on any one of them and that particular design will appear on the floor! It might be hard to tell from the example, given the position of the pattern, but there will be a diyas at the center as well.

2. Happy Diwali Lights Snapchat Lens

Looking for an interactive filter that you can use for the occasion? How about this one? Once you scan the snapcode, the camera will turn on. The words, ‘Happy Diwali’ will come up in glowing letters and there will be tiny orbs of light floating across the screen.

For the main effect, however, you’ll have to raise your eyebrows. The second you do that, a gold Rangoli pattern will appear and it’ll become bigger and bigger before disappearing into the darkness. Want to see it again? Just repeat the action. Raise your eyebrows again. We’ve also posted an example above if you want to see what it looks like.

3. Diwali Lakshmi Snap Chat Filter

Happy Diwali! See that snapcode at the top? Scan it with your camera and you’ll get to wear Goddess Lakshmi’s headpiece! If anything, you just have to make sure that your face is at the center of the screen. And as you can see from the example, the words, ‘Happy Diwali’ will also come up on the sides around your head.

But wait, there’s more. If you hold up your hand, another effect will come up. Not only will there be a henna pattern on your hand, but there will also be gold coins. As in, they’ll literally flow out of your hand! You just can’t see it in the screenshot that we’ve posted above.

4. Happy Diwali Sparkles Snapchat Lens

Looking for a more simplistic Diwali filter? Then you might be interested in this one. Once you scan the snapcode, the words, ‘Happy Diwali’ will come up on the screen and the letters will all be glowing. To activate the rest of the effect, you’ll have to step in front of the camera. Your entire body will have to be inside the frame for it to work.

And by effect, we mean sparkles. There will be tons of them on your shirt and the more you move around, the sparklier they’ll be. In fact, you’ll be able to see their shine from the floor! Trust me, it’s much cooler than what it looks like in the screenshot. It’s definitely video-worthy, that’s for sure.

5. Festival of Lights Snapchat Lens

Diwali is the festival of lights and this filter pays homage to that. Want to see what I mean? Then scan the yellow snapcode. Once you do that, everything will turn dark except for the Diwali lanterns that’ll appear on the screen. There will be three of them—two at the top and one at the bottom and you’ll be able to see the light in them flicker.

It’ll say, ‘Happy Diwali’ at the bottom in yellow and there will be an outline of a temple on the sides, almost like a frame. And if you look closely, you’ll be able to see sparks of light float across the screen, almost like ember. They’ll be animated too for those who are thinking of taking a video.

6. Diwali Diyas Snapchat Filter

Diyas are tiny oil lamps that represent knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment. During the festival of lights, they’re lit to signify the victory of good over evil—and guess what? You’ll be able to light some (virtually) with this filter! Simply scan the snapcode to begin. Once you do that, the diyas will come up at the bottom.

To light them, move your head. The goal is to align the matchstick with the diyas.  Light all of them up and the screen will brighten! There will be tons of lights behind you, almost like a curtain, and it’ll say ‘Happy Diwali’ at the bottom. Did I also mention that the effect is animated? The flames, lights, everything will be moving on the screen!

7. Diwali Frame Snapcode

Reframe your snap with this filter! The second you scan the snapcode, a colorful frame will appear on the screen. The background will be purple and there will be tons of colorful objects scattered throughout. Rangoli patterns and diyas, to be exact.

Speaking of diyas, there will be some at the bottom as well. It’ll also say, ‘Happy Diwali’ in white above the image. And if you look closely, you’ll see the outline of a temple in green. Whatever you point your camera at, whether it’s yourself or an object, will appear inside of it. If you want, you can also record a video—it’ll appear within the frame, just like any other snap.

8. Diwali Light Lamp Snapchat Lens

Diyas are believed to bring prosperity. They symbolize goodness and purity and are lit during the festival of lights. And with this snap filter, you’ll be able to take a snap with one, literally! To activate the effect, all you have to do is scan the snapcode. Once you do that, it’ll tell you to raise your hand.

Make sure that it’s facing the camera and a diya will appear in your hand. That’s not all—it’ll also follow your movements. Wherever you move your hand, that’s where it’ll be. You might have to play with the angle a bit, though, to get the flame to appear in the center. In the end, it’ll look something like the example above. It might be hard to see, but there is a flame in the center!

9. Happy Diwali Objects Snap Chat Filter

This filter will do a few different things. Various patterns will appear on the screen, including a diya at the bottom right-hand corner. It’ll also say, ‘Happy Diwali’ in cursive text. There will also be a line of icons on the left, each of which represents a different object.

For example, the one at the top represents a red diya. Tap on it and that’s what will appear on the screen. The bottom two, on the other hand, will add a Rangoli pattern. Keep in mind, however, that they’ll only appear if you’re using the back camera. You won’t see anything if you’re using the one at the front!

10. Happy Diwali Snapchat Filter

This filter is a bit on the minimalistic side but it’ll still make for a nice snap! To start, scan the snapcode. Once you do that, point the camera at yourself. You should see yourself on the screen. The words, ‘Happy Diwali’ will also appear near the bottom and there will be a fancy pattern on the top and bottom corners.

Put on a face mask and the same pattern will appear on the fabric! If anything, that’s the main highlight of the filter. Take the mask off, however, and the design will disappear so be sure to keep it on for the full effect. You can see what it looks like above.

11. Happy Diwali Overlay Snapchat Lens

Here’s a filter for those who are looking for something more simplistic. As soon as you scan the snapcode, the words, ‘Happy Diwali’ will appear in the center in white. It’ll also say ‘Festival of Lights’ at the top and the time will come up at the bottom.

It might not be obvious from the screenshot that we’ve posted, but the filter will add a grainy overlay to the screen. That’s not all—the colors will also be faded if you use the front-facing camera. If you use the back camera, however, things will be a little more colorful.