Top Cartoon Snapchat Filters & Lenses

Snapchat is a social networking app that you can use to share photos, videos, texts, and more. Free to use, all you need is a smartphone; download it from the online store and it’ll open right to the camera. If anything, it’s become one of the most popular platforms among teenagers.

What sets it apart from other camera apps? There are many features that you can play around with. For example, you can play mini games with your friends. That’s not all, you can also live stream, send cash, share your location on a map, and more.

There are several customization options as well when it comes to your snap. For instance, you can change your appearance with a face filter. There are also filters that’ll change the background or add things to your surroundings. At the end of the day, it all depends on which snapcode you pick and there are literally thousands to choose from!

Best Cartoon Snapchat Filters & Lenses For 2022

On this page, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite cartoon filters—ones that’ll literally turn you into a cartoon character. If anything, no one will be able to recognize that it’s you!

Without further adieu, here they are:

1. Peace Sign Capture Snapchat Filter

Ever wondered what you’d look like if you were in an anime? Find out with this filter! The second you scan the snapcode, the selfie camera will turn on. Your looks won’t change, however, unless you hold up a peace symbol. Do that, and the filter will automatically work its magic.

Before you know it, you’ll turn into an anime character! Your eyes will be bigger and entire face will be in 2D. Even your hairstyle will change! It’ll just be your head that’s different, though. The rest of your body will remain the same. You can see what I  mean if you look at the screenshot above. Still, you have to admit, that’s a pretty nifty effect.

2. Cartoon Mouse Snapchat Lens

This filter won’t just turn you into a cartoon—it’ll turn you into a cartoon mouse! Interested? Want to take a mouse selfie? Then what are you waiting for? Point the camera at the snapcode above. Make sure that your face is in the center and your appearance will change in a matter of seconds!

Your eyes will be bigger and you’ll have a little pink nose on your face. That’s not all, you’ll have whiskers too. Oh, and a pair of yellow mouse ears, which will be sitting on top of your head. Your skin will also be smoother and brighter. If anything, you’ll look like a Pixar character!

3. Sparkling Cartoon Snapcode

Imagine if you were in a Pixar movie. What would you look like? Find out with this filter! Simply scan the snapcode and the camera will turn on. Position yourself in front of the lenses and right away, you’ll turn into a cartoon! A 3D cartoon, to be exact. Not only will your face look different, but your hairstyle will change too.

And get this—you can pick between the two genders. To do that, just tap on the screen! There will be tons of sparkles everywhere too, as you can see from the example, and they’ll all be animated so be sure to take a video if you want to capture the full effect!

4. Cartoon Deer Snapchat Filter

Do you know what would be cute? If you could turn yourself into a deer—and guess what? That describes this filter perfectly. Make sure that you’re facing the camera and voila! You’ll turn into a cartoon deer. You’ll have the ears and antlers of a deer and the face of a cartoon!

Not only will your eyes look different, but your eyebrows will change too! There will also be a little black nose on your nose. Not a fan of how they look? You can always change things around with the icons on the right-hand side of the screen. That’s right, you can actually customize your cartoon deer look! Did I also mention that snow will be falling down from the sky?

5. Ice Crown Snapchat Filter

This filter will give you that ‘Disney villain’ look. Curious? Want to see what it’s like? Then scan the snapcode above. Once the camera turns on, an elaborate ice crown will appear on your head. It’ll have several pieces off to the side and a gem in the center.

And if you’re facing the camera, your face will change too. Your eyebrows will be thinner and your eyes will be narrower. You’ll also be wearing red lipstick, which you can see in the screenshot. Also, it might not be obvious from the image, but it’ll also be snowing! In fact, the entire screen will have an icy blue tint to it.

6. Comic Book Style Snap Chat Lens

Are you into comic books? If so, you’ll like this filter. Just scan the snapcode and it’ll work its magic. Before you know it, you’ll be staring at a comic book version of yourself! There will be an outline around your body and everything. As for your face, well, just look at the example above.

If you want, you can even add a speech bubble. See the emojis at the bottom of the screen? Tap on any one of them and it’ll appear on the top right-hand corner. What do you think? It’s pretty cool, huh. Don’t forget, you can always use it for a video too!

7. Rose Scanner Snapchat Filter

This filter is cool in that it has two separate effects. Not only will it turn you into a cartoon, but it’ll change the background as well! For those who are interested, scan the snapcode. Once the effect activates, the golden swiggly line will appear on the screen. Or rather, it’ll start moving down the screen.

And as it does, your looks, as well as the background, will change. You’ll turn into the Pixar-like character and a bunch of roses will appear behind you. It’s definitely magical, that’s for sure. Given the scanner-like effect of the filter, it’s highly recommended that you take a video. In other words, hold down that shutter button!

8. Cartoon Witch Snapchat Lens

Why take a normal selfie when you can take one as a witch? Because this filter will turn you into one! To work its magic, all you need to do is scan the snapcode. Position yourself so that your face is in front of the camera and the effect will activate.

Not only will you be wearing a witch’s hat, but your face will also turn into that of a cartoon’s! Your skin will be darker, and you’ll be wearing makeup. Eyeliner and lipstick, to be exact. There will be some bats flying around you as well—and they’ll be glowing, glitter and all!

9. 3D Cartoon Style Snap Chat Filter

Looking for something simple and straightforward? Then this is the filter that you want! The second you scan the snapcode, you’ll turn into a 3D cartoon character. It’s as simple as that. If anything, you just have to look at the camera—it’ll work its magic automatically! And it won’t just change your face. Your hair will be cartoonified as well.

If you want, you can even change your gender! For example, if you’re a girl, you can turn yourself into a guy. You just have to tap on the screen. Right away, your anatomy will change. Your nose will be bigger and your jaw will be more pronounced.

10. Manga School Snapchat Lens

With this filter, you’ll be able to star in your very own manga! At least, that’s what it’ll look like. For those who are interested, why not scan the snapcode and give it a try? The effect will activate as soon as you point the camera at yourself. Do that, and an anime-version of yourself will appear on the screen.

And as you can see from the example, there will be multiple panels, just like an actual manga—and you’ll appear in all of them! One will be in black and white and another will have you saying, ‘hi’. You have to admit, it’s not an effect you get to see every day!

11. Anime Scanner Snapchat Filter

Here’s another scanner filter that’ll change your appearance! Instead of turning you into a 3D cartoon, however, it’ll turn you into a 2D (or what looks like 2D) anime character. And as always, all you need to do is scan the snapcode to activate the effect. Before you know it, a horizontal line will come up on the screen.

As it moves down, your appearance will change. Not just your face, but your hair will turn 2D as well. And like most scanner filters, it’ll ‘reset’ once it reaches the bottom. In other words, you’ll get to see your transformation all over again. For those who don’t want to worry about timing, why not take a video? That way, you’ll be able to capture it all with minimal effort.