Top 9 Back to School Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is a social app that lets you share moments with your friends. How does that work? You can take pictures and videos and send them to others with a few taps! If anything, the platform has greatly changed the way that we communicate with each other—at least for young people. To give you a better idea of how popular it is, 45% of teens in the U.S. consider it to be their favorite social platform.

Now that we know what it is, let’s talk about features. First and foremost, all snaps are deleted once they’re viewed by all the recipients. What good does this do? You won’t have to worry about your private data being stored somewhere else. Other features include the ability to play mini-games, stream live videos, share your location, and send money.

As far as your actual snaps go, there’s a lot that you can do with them as well. For instance, you can activate the pen tool and doodle on the screen. Not only that, but you can add captions, music, and stickers. Perhaps the coolest thing that you can do, however, is apply a lens or filter. Depending on the effect, you might be able to change your appearance or your backdrop. Some will even let you add 3D elements to your surroundings!

Back to School Snapchat Snapcodes

August is quickly coming to an end. Do you know what that means? It’s back to school season! Excited to see your friends again? Maybe not? In any case, why not express yourself with an appropriate snap? We’ve got just the thing for you to use—back to school snapcodes. Yup, you guessed it—they’ll let you add various back-to-school effects to your snaps! Sometimes, you just have to make the most out of the situation, right?

Anyway, want to know what they are? Then be sure to read the rest of this post!

Note: Unfortunately, we do not have snapcodes for all of the lenses below. In some cases, you will have to search for them specifically on Lens Studio. Simply go to the main screen on the app and click on the smiley face icon. From there, you’ll be able to search for the lens by typing in “back to school.”

Top 9 Back to School Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Which one of these filters will you add to your snap? If you have time, maybe you can try all of them!

1. Back to School Snapchat Lens

Here’s the perfect lens for those who are excited to go back into the classroom. If anything, it might be more suited for those in elementary school. Why? Check out the theme—colored pencils! That’s right, once activated, a bunch of them will appear on the screen. For one thing, there will be a row of them on the bottom—all perfectly sharpened.

That’s not all, a bunch will rain down from the ceiling as well—just like confetti! Speaking of the top, the words “Back to School” will also be written in bold letters. You know, just in case the colored pencils weren’t obvious enough. Given the animations that come with this filter, it might be best to use it for a video! Of course, you can use it for a pic too‚ just time it with the falling confetti!

2. Not Ready For School Snapcode

Not ready for school? We don’t blame you—summer always feels super short! You know what might make you feel better though? A snap. Here’s a filter that you can use for the occasion. What’s the effect? It’ll let you express your sorrow in the most fun way possible!

Start by unlocking the snap code—the one with the crossed-out school. Once you’ve done that, your face will appear on the screen. Give it a second or two and the filter will activate. Before you know it, there will be two streams of tears on your face! Surely, that will get the message across? If not, the words at the top will do it—“NOT READY FOR SCHOOL!”.

3. Back to School Graphic Snapchat Lens

This filter is simple but gets the message across. As you can see in the example, it will add a back-to-school graphic to the bottom left-hand side of the screen. Not only will there be a school, but there will also be a yellow school bus. Of course, there will be a few students as well!

As it is, however, the graphic can’t be moved around. In other words, you’ll have to take your snap around it! That shouldn’t be too difficult, though, seeing that there’s quite a bit of space up top! You can pretty much think of it as a decoration of sorts—that is, the graphic will be there on the screen, but it won’t actually be doing anything.

Note: To use this filter, search “back to school” in the lens explorer in the app.

4. Red Bull Back to School Snapcode

Chances are, you’re familiar with Red Bull if you’re a student. A popular energy drink, it’s often consumed during exam season! Well, as it turns out, the company came out with a Back-to-School filter last year. Once activated, several things will be added to the screen including a can of Red Bull!

Perhaps the most prominent object, however, is the laptop at the bottom of the screen—it even has a to-do list! What’s that on the keyboard? Looks like someone put a sticky note there. You have to admit, all that does give off back-to-school vibes! Unfortunately, though, the filter is no longer available on the app as it was only available for a limited time last year.

5. Back to School Frame Snapchat Lens

Frame your snap with this back-to-school filter! As you can see above, it’ll add some color to the screen. More specifically, there will be a wave of pink at the top and a wave of blue at the bottom. The highlight, though, is the graphic on the top left-hand side. Do you see it? It’s a says “back to school” on it.

Seeing as how there’s no snap code for this filter, however, you’ll have to search it up on Lens Studio. Don’t worry, it’s easy. Simply tap on the happy face icon on the main screen and search “back to school”. You should see this filter in the results!

6. Back to School School Supplies Snapchat Filter

Surround yourself with school supplies with this filter! There will be pencils, crayons, rulers, paint, even a magnifying glass! If those items don’t shout “back to school”, I don’t know what does! Check it out—they’ll be all over the place. Not only will they be at the bottom of the screen, but a bunch will also be sprinkled thorughout the frame.

There will also be a neon sign of sorts at the top—near your head. See it? It’s in pink and blue and says “Back to School.” Now that you’ve activated and everything, all you really need to do is smile, pose, and tap on the shutter button! Whenever you’re ready, go for it.

7. Back to School Snapcode

This filter takes the back-to-school theme a little differently. Take a look at the example—as you can see, the screen will be divided into four. How it works is that it’ll give you four different “looks”—looks that you’ll probably see at your school! Interested? Then scan the snapcode to get started.

Once you’ve unlocked the filter, hold the camera up at yourself (it should switch to selfie mode automatically). Within seconds, you’ll get your different accessories. So, which look do you prefer? Either way, go ahead and show your friends by sending them a selfie!

8. Back to School Board Snapchat Filter

How about celebrating the back-to-school season with this cute filter? To use it, you’ll have to search it on Lens Studio. Once you see it, tap on “Try Lens”—that will automatically activate it. Before you know it, you’ll be brought to the camera screen.

As far as the actual effect goes, it’ll add several things to your snap. Take a look at the top—there will be a string of characters! The highlight, though, has to be the board at the bottom. After all, that’s where it says “Back to School”! There are other things on it as well such as pencils, paintbrushes—even an apple!

9. Back to School Books Snapchat Lens

What do you think of when you hear the word, “school”? Textbooks? If so, you might like this filter. You see, it’ll add a bunch of books to the bottom of the screen! Yup, that’s right—it’s time to study again. What else would you do with textbooks, right?

That’s not the only thing that’ll appear in your snap, though. A string of colorful lights will also be at the top. If anything, it kind of livens things up! Beside it to the left, you’ll also see a small “Back to School” graphic—complete with a pencil! Whenever you’re ready, smile for the camera and tap on the shutter button!