Top 20 Funniest Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is a photo-sharing app that has skyrocketed in popularity over the past years. Essentially, it lets you send disappearing photos, videos, and messages to your friends or your followers. Unlike other social media platforms, it does not make use of massive feeds—instead, it utilizes your camera.

One of the reasons why it’s so great is that it features both face detection and augmented reality technology. How do you make use of them? By applying a filter or lens to your snap! Basically, these are effects that allow you to enhance your photo or video. Some will add objects whereas others will change your voice—there’s a whole variety of them out there!

Funny Snapchat Lens Codes

In 2017, Snapchat launched Lens Studio, a program that lets anyone create their own lenses for the app. Since then, the number of filters that are available has exploded. It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that there’s pretty much one for everything.

Given the nature of the app, it’s not surprising to know that people are especially fond of funny filters. This isn’t too surprising, though—we all like to have a good laugh every once in a while, after all.

Looking for some funny Snapchat filters? Want to make your friend laugh? If so, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled some of our favorite lenses on this page—some more silly than others. Scroll down to see what they are!

Top Funny Snapchat Lenses & Filters for 2019

Which of these silly lenses will you be using for your snap?

1. Shaving Razor Face Snapchat Filter

This is probably one of the most random filters that you’ll come across. You see, it’ll turn you into a shaving razor! Bet you didn’t see that coming, huh. Activate it and you’ll find yourself in the bathroom. Take a look—you can see the sink and toilet!

At the middle of the screen will be a gigantic razor blade. Aim the camera at yourself and your eyes will appear on the shaving tool! It even has a mouth—that’s right, you can talk as the razor blade.

2. Chicken Nugget Face Snapcode

You’ll get a good laugh out of this filter whether or not you’re a fan of chicken nuggets—I guarantee it! Point your device at the snap code to get started. Once you do that, your face will turn into a gigantic nugget.

If anything, it looks delicious! Just look at that beautiful golden brown color—I bet it would be super crunchy. That aside, what do you think of your new nugget face? If this isn’t funny, I don’t know what is!

3. Coffee Bean Face Snapcode

When was the last time you saw a coffee bean with arms and legs? Probably never. Well, now you can with this Snapchat filter! Activate it and your background will turn yellow. In the middle of it, will be a roasted coffee bean. What’s that? Looks like your face is on it! Feeling silly? Try making a funny face—that’ll only make the entire situation funnier! What will your friends think when they receive a snap like this?

4. I Am Shook Snapchat Filter

Have you ever been so surprised that it felt like your eyes would pop out? You can experience that with this Snapchat lens! Activate it and your selfie camera will turn on. In other words, you’ll see yourself on the screen. Give it a few seconds and your eyeballs will pop out of their sockets! Very dramatically, too, if I must say. There’s even smoke coming out from the back! Now that’s extreme.

5. Talking Potato Snapcode

Ever had the urge to just become a talking potato? Here’s your chance. Activate this filter and a baker potato will appear on the screen—looks like someone is holding it in their hands. To become the potato, all you need to do is go into the frame! Your eyes, nose, and mouth will instantly appear on the potato. Now, you can talk all you want! Be sure to capture it all in a snap video.

6. Fake Moon Lander Snapchat Lens

Were you there when mankind first landed on the moon? Now you can recreate the moment with Snapchat! Unlock the lens and you’ll find yourself on the moon. Looks like an astronaut is holding up some sort of flag. Here’s why the filter is so cool—you see, you can customize the flag to show whatever image you want! It’s easy, simply choose an image from your camera roll (a banner will be displayed on the bottom of the screen).

7. Trumped Snapcode

Are you caught up with the politics? Whether or not you are, you can have a bit of silly fun with this Snapchat filter! Unlock it, and you’ll turn into President Trump himself! Just look at that hair—there’s no doubt about it. And what’s that? Looks like you’re in the White House. Since you’re here, why not take a snap for memories’ sake? You can send it to your friends too, of course! I bet that will cause them to raise a lot of questions.

8. Surprised Pikachu Snapchat Lens

Are you a fan of Pokemon? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to catch’em all? How about turning yourself into the show’s mascot? You know, Pikachu? That’s right, this filter will allow you to transform into the electric mouse! There’s a twist, though—you see, he’ll be a bit surprised looking. Not only will his mouth be open, but his eyes will be staring off into the distance. If anything, he kind of looks stoned!

9. Not a Hotdog Snapchat Lens


Here’s a filter that you never knew you needed—it’ll let you know exactly what is and isn’t a hotdog! Who knows, you might need it the next time you’re confused with your food items. It’s easy to use. Once you’ve unlocked the effect, all you have to do is point the camera at an object—it can be anything. Within a few seconds, the filter will let you know whether or not the thing in question is a hotdog.

10. Tetris Snapchat Filter

Who doesn’t like Tetris? It’s just one of those games that’s great for passing the time. But what if you could be on the Tetris blocks? With this filter, you’ll be able to do just that! Simply point the selfie camera at yourself—you’ll be able to take a snap, which will then appear on the blocks. The great thing is that the game is actually playable too! Have fun arranging the different blocks on your screen!

11. Coffee Time Snapcode

Bored? How about entertaining yourself with a little coffee game? You heard me correctly—it’s a game that involves coffee! To start, simply scan the snap code. The words “Coffee Time” will appear on the top, along with a timer. You see, the goal is to “drink” as much coffee as possible within a time frame—to do that, just open your mouth! Your score will be displayed in the middle of the screen. What will be your high score?

12. Happy Snapchat Filter

Felling happy? Let everyone know with this Snapchat lens! Activate it and you’ll smile even when you’re smiling! Not sure what I mean? Just try it for yourself. Point the camera at your face and it’ll instantly chance! Look at that smile—you’re practically grinning ear from ear! Your eyes will look bubblier than normal too. Judging from all that, you must be really happy! What’s the good news?

13. Avocado Face Snapcode

There’s no doubt about it—avocados are nutritious and delicious. But have you  ever considered becoming an avocado? Yes, you heard me right! As it turns out, there’s a lens for that. Activate it and point the camera at yourself—your face will instantly change into an avocado! More specifically, it will appear as the “seed”in the middle of the fruit. It’s definitely one of the more “random” lenses out there!

14. So Extra Snapchat Filter

Ever wanted to just fill the screen with your face? Here’s your chance! Unlock the snap code and your selfie camera will switch on. Give it a few seconds and a whole bunch of faces will appear on top of your head. Who’s face? Yours, of course! There will be a row of big ones at the top and a row of smaller ones at the bottom—and they’ll all be making the same face as you! Because, well, it is you!

15. This is the Bomb Snapchat Filter

Find out what it’d be like to be in an explosion with this Snapchat filter! Once you scan the snap code, you’ll hear a siren in the distance. Eventually, there will be a big “boom!” and it will stop. What’s that? Looks like some building just exploded behind you! Look at all of that grey smoke that’s going up into the air! Good thing you’re not injured—you just have a little bit of debris on your face, no biggie. What an experience, though, huh?

16. Big Mouth Snapchat Filter

What if you could “edit” your face with the press of a few buttons? You guessed it, there’s a Snapchat lens for that! Scan the snap code with your camera and three icons will appear on the right-hand side of the screen—“bulge”, “shrink”, and “mouth.” Tap on any of them and you’ll be able to customize the size of your mouth! Press “shrink” to shrink it and “bulge” to make it bigger. What will the end result look like, I wonder?

17. Dank Emoji Snapchat Filter

Are you a fan of emojis? Perhaps you incorporate them into your texts? If so, you’ll probably enjoy this filter. You see, it’ll replace your entire face with the “laughing until crying” emoji! There’s a twist, though—the eye part is see-through. In other words, you’ll be able to see your eyes through the emoji. It almost looks like a blue-tinted lens. Your friends are guaranteed to laugh when they see this face of yours!

18. Blue’s Clues Snapchat Lens

Ever watched Blue’s Clues? You know, that kids show from the 90s? Remember that one segment where Steve would sit on his couch and read letters from viewers? What would you do if I told you that you could incorporate that clip into a snap? Yes, there’s a filter for that! Activate the effect and the familiar scene will play out on the screen. How it works, is that you’ll be able to take a snap, which will reveal itself once he opens his letter. How cool is that? If anything, it definitely gets the nostalgia going!

19. No No No Snapcode

Looking for a funny lens that’ll distort your face? How about this one? For one thing, it’ll change the look of your chin. It’ll turn super pointy! As a result, your mouth will also be a tad smaller. The best part, though, is your eyes. Take a look—see that? Your irises have been replaced by two distorted images of your face! How’s that for a weird look? The faces will move with your movements too! 

20. Mad Kitty Snapchat Filter

How about giving your furry friend a little make over? With what? A Snapchat lens, of course! Take this one, for instance—it will turn your cute kitty into an angry kitty (it also works for dogs). Point the camera at their face and they’ll gain a pair of pointy eyebrows! Yup, they definitely don’t look too pleased. If you want, you can join in too! Once you’re in the frame, you’ll get the same pointy eyebrows—now you guys match!