Top 11 Olympics Snapchat Filters & Lenses

Snapchat is a mobile app that lets you text and share photos and videos with friends. The best part is that these ‘snaps’ aren’t permanent; they’re deleted as soon as they’re seen. In other words, you won’t have to worry about them ‘living forever’ on the internet.’ If anything, that’s what they initially became known for.

Fast forward to 2021 and they’ve become one of the most popular social media platforms among teens. It’s not too surprising, though, given all the features that are available. Not only is it a great way to share the moment, but you can also use it to stream videos, play games, share your location, and more.

There are also many filters and effects that you can add to your snap. For example, some will morph you into a completely different animal (or object). Others will add 3D objects to your surroundings or change the background. It all depends on the effect that you choose and that’s precisely why it’s so fun to use!

Best Olympics Snapchat Codes

On this page, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Olympics Snapchat filters. After all, the games are just around the corner (after what seems like a huge delay). You can use them to show support for your country, or celebrate the event in general—it all depends on which you add to your snap!

Without further ado, here are some of the Olympics effects for 2021.

Popular Olympics Snapchat Filters & Lenses For 2021

1. Go Canada Go Snapchat Filter

Are you Canadian? Want to cheer on the athletes? Then check out this filter! All you have to do is scan the snapcode—the effect will activate as soon as you step in front of the camera. The next thing you know, you’ll be wearing a headband around your head. Not just any headband, but one with a Canadian flag!

And if you open your mouth, a red banner will come down from the sky with the words, “Go Canada Go!”. That’s not all, a bunch of confetti will fall down as well, as you can see from the example so definitely take a video if you can! That way, you’ll be able to capture the entire effect.

2. Tokyo Olympics Cap Snapchat Lens

Bummed out that you can’t go to the Olympics? You can always take a snap with this filter—it’ll give you a Tokyo Olympics cap that you can wear for a selfie! If anything, it’s like having some virtual merchandise from the event and all you have to do is point the camera at the snapcode.

The second you do that, the camera will turn on. Point it at yourself so that your face is in the middle of the screen and that hat will appear! It’ll be white with a black brim and it’ll say “Tokyo 2021” at the front, along with the logo. You can see what it’s like in the screenshot above.

3. USA Goal Celebrate Snapchat Filter

What’s your favorite Olympics sport? Football? If so, why not check out this filter? It’ll let you take a snap that’s both patriotic and fun! Simply scan the snapcode to begin. Once you do that, step in front of the camera and your appearance will change. Your face will be painted red, white, and blue and it’ll say “GOAL” at the bottom, along with a football.

There will also be a USA flag at the top right-hand corner, as you can see in the example above. The best part is that confetti will also be falling down from the sky and they too, will be red, white, and blue! Honestly, it doesn’t get any more patriotic than that.

4. Tokyo Olympics Snapchat Lens

Why not take a snap with this filter? It’ll add several things to your face, which will change your appearance! For starters, the Olympic rings will appear on your head.  It’ll also say “Tokyo” in rainbow-colored letters on your forehead (you can’t tell, but the letters’ colors will be changing constantly). You know, the host country for this year’s games?

On top of that, you’ll be wearing face paint around your eyes and nose. Your lips will also be painted green! And disregard the example, instead of tiny athletes, there will be a shiny gold medal around your neck. Even the strap will be super colorful! If anything, it’ll match the paint on your face. 

5. Olympic Logo Snapchat Filter

You know the Olympic rings? The ones that symbolize the games? Well, that’s what this filter will add to your snap! Or to be more specific, your face. If anything, they’ll look like miniature tattoos. For those who are interested, scan the snapcode. That’s all you have to do to activate the effect!

Once you do that, the camera will turn on. Point it at yourself, make sure that your face is in the center and the interlaced rings will appear. One will come up on your left cheek and the one will come up on your right cheek. Also, it’s hard to tell from the example, but the filter will also add a dusting of freckles to your face…so it’ll change your appearance in more than one way! 

6. United States Face Snapchat Filter

Want to cheer on the United States? What better way to do that than by painting the flag on your face? Cause that’s what it’ll look like if you use this filter. It’ll change your appearance almost instantly—all you have to do is face the camera (after unlocking the snapcode).

Do that, and the US flag will immediately appear on your face! Your chin will be red and there will be stripes in the middle. That’s not all, there will be a blue portion with stars as well on the top-right hand corner, right where your right-eye is. Is that patriotic, or what? It’d make for a nice-looking snap, that’s for sure!

7. Olympics 2021 Snapchat Lens

Looking for an Olympics cap? Then check out this filter. Simply scan the snapcode—the camera will turn on automatically. Point it at yourself, and a nice-looking cap will appear on your head with the words, “Olympics 2021” at the front. The hat itself will be white, but the brim will be a dark blue color. You can see it in the example above.

Also, the filter will add the word, “Tokyo” at the bottom. There will be two temple-like buildings on the sides as well, which symbolizes the host country. So yeah, why not take a selfie with the effect? It’ll make for a nice selfie, don’t you think? Or if you want, you can turn it into a video!

8. Archery Snapchat Filter

Are you someone who likes to watch archery? If so, why not try out this filter? It’ll let you try out the sport, virtually! All you have to do is scan the snapcode. Once you do that, the main screen will come up. Press start and you’ll be transported to an archery range!

A target will appear in front of you with an inner bullseye. Your job is to land the arrow right in the center. Do you see that ring in the center? You want to time it so that it’s just right—that’ll let you get the maximum score, which will be displayed on top of the screen.

9. Golf Snap Lens

Do you like golf? Is it your favorite Olympic sport? Then why not take a snap with this filter? It’ll turn you into a golfball and all you have to do is scan the snapcode. Once you do that, the camera will turn on. Point it at yourself and the effect will automatically activate.

The next thing you know, you’ll be at a golf course. There will be grass, water, and sand on the screen. And that white golf ball in the center? That’s you. Make sure that you’re facing the camera and your eyes and mouth will appear on the front, just like the screenshot above.

10. Beach Volleyball Snap Chat Filter

Beach volleyball is one of the most popular Summer Olympic sports. Are you a fan? Want to show others just how much you like the games? Then check out this filter. It’ll literally turn you into a volleyball! If that interests you, scan the snapcode. You’ll transform as soon as the camera turns on.

Not only will you turn into a volleyball (it’ll have your face and everything), but the background will change as well. You’ll find yourself at the beach and there will be a huge net stretched over the sand, just like the screenshot above.

11. Swimming Snapchat Lens

Are you a swimmer? Looking forward to the swimming events? Then you might want to check out this filter. It’ll let you take a snap ‘in’ the water, virtually! All you have to do is scan the snapcode. Once you do that, point the camera at yourself. Make sure that your face is centered on the screen and the effect will activate.

The next thing you know, you’ll find yourself standing in front of the pristine waters. That’s not all, you’ll be wearing swimming googles as well. I mean, how can you swim without them right? In any case, it’d make for a cool-looking selfie!