Male to Female Instagram Filter Download – Gender Swap Boy to Girl Lens for IG

If you’re a man wanting to see how you’d look as a woman, you’re in luck! The Instagram boy to girl gender swap filter can do just that. See how to use gender change filters on IG! First things first, you want to take a snap with the man to woman filter on (yes, with Snapchat)….Read More

Woman to Man Instagram Filter Download – IG Female to Male Gender Swap Lens

Transform from a girl to a boy with the Instagram gender swap filter. See how to use the Female to Male gender change filter on IG! Ultimately, what you want to do is to take a snap with the lens on Snapchat and then post it to Instagram. To start, open up the app. Select…Read More

Baby Face Transformation Instagram Filter – Child, Kid & Toddler Lens

Want to use the Kid Face Transformation filter on Instagram? See how to use the child face morphing filter on IG and share your baby face pictures with your friends! Open up the Snapchat app and select the lens—it’ll be the one with the “baby” icon. Tap on it and the effect will activate. Look…Read More