Most Popular Eye Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is a camera app that allows you to connect with your friends. More than 180 million users are active on the platform every day! How does it work? It lets you send “snaps” (photos or videos), which you can send directly to your contacts. There’s also the option of posting to your stories.

One of the reasons why it became so popular is because it supports “disappearing snaps”–that is, once the snap is opened and viewed, it disappears forever. Over the past few years, however, Snapchat has exploded in popularity for another reason. Filters and lenses.

Ever heard of them? They’re essentially overlays that you can add to your snaps. For instance, some will change your background whereas others will transform you into an animal!

Eye Snapchat Lens Codes

There are numerous kinds of filters out there, as mentioned above. Among them, one category stands out from the rest—those that make use of face detection technology. If anything, the overlays are incredibly realistic. In some cases, you might not be able to tell that it’s a filter at all!

Ever played with eye lenses? They’re exactly what they sound like—they alter the look of your eyes. Want to have a go at it? We’ve compiled some of the best eye-changing filters on this page. Keep reading to see what they are!

Best Eye Lenses & Filter of 2019

How about giving yourself a makeover with one of these filters? That’s right, they’ll all change your look—more specifically, your eye—in various ways!

1. Rainbow Eyes Snapchat Lens

Ever heard of heterochromia? It’s when you have multiple colors in one eye (or in some cases both eyes). Curious to know what you’d look like if your irises were multicolored? Then you’ll want to check out this Rainbow Eyes Snapchat filter!

Can you guess what the effect is? That’s right, the lens will make it so that there’s a rainbow in your eyes! Look closely at the screen—can you make out all of the colors? There’s red, orange, green, blue, purple, and pink. If anything, it definitely gives you that unique look. Why not rock it in a snap? 

2. Googly Eyes Snapchat Filter

Let’s face it—there’s something about googly eyes that make them super fun to play with. Do you agree? If so, you might like this Snapchat lens!

Activate it and you’ll get your very own googly eyes—literally! Simply point the lens at your face and your eyes will be replaced by goofy-looking ones. Go ahead and play around with them! For instance, you can try moving your head, they’ll move, just like the real thing! Did I also mention that they take up quite a bit of space on your face?

3. Eye Pop Snapcode

Ever been so surprised that it felt like your eyes would pop out of their sockets? How about re-creating that “feel” with this Snapchat lens? With it, they’ll really be able to “pop out”!

As with all filters, you want to start by unlocking the snap code. Once it’s unlocked, switch to the selfie camera. Whenever you’re ready for your snap, tap on the screen—that will cause the effect to activate. Before you know it, your eyeballs will jump out of their socks! Don’t worry, though, you won’t lose them—they’ll still be attached!

4. Barbie Eyes Snapchat Filter

Did you grow up playing with dolls? Perhaps you’re a big Barbie fan? Then you won’t want to miss out on this lens! You see, it’ll give you that dolly look. Dressing up as Barbie has never been easier!

Once you unlock the effect, point the front lens at your face. Before long, the lens will work its magic and you’ll transform into Barbie V2! More specifically, your eyes will change. Check them out—see how blue they are? Not to mention that your eyelashes will be super long as well! Now you just need a blonde wig to complete the look!

5. Eye Saw Everything Snapcode

Looking for something on the creepy side? How about this filter? It’ll add a bunch of eyes to your face! It’s definitely not something that you see everything, that’s for sure.

For those who are interested in specifics, the lens will add seven eyes to your face for a total of nine. Obviously, your face will also be distorted a bit to make room for all of them! For one thing, your nose will be gone from the center! Don’t worry, though, your mouth will still be there.

Speaking of which, there’s actually another effect to the filter. To activate it, just open your mouth! Do that, and several eyeballs will come “shooting” out!

6. Heart Eyes Snapchat Lens

See something that you love? How about expressing yourself with this Heart Eyes filter? It’ll add two red hearts around your eyes—you know, just like the emoji! You can think of them as “tattoos.” If that’s something that you’re interested in, unlock the snap code! That’ll let you activate and play around with the effect.

What’s neat, is that they’ll actually be part of your face. In other words, they’ll move when you move. Give it a try! Cool, huh? Given that, it might be better if you use the filter for a snap video!

7. Creepy Mouth Eyes Snapchat Lens

Who says that spooky lenses are only for Halloween? You can take a snap with them whenever you want! There are many of them out there that will give your face that “eerie” look—take this one, for instance! Activate it and your eyes will be replaced by two creepy-looking mouths!

Yup, you heard me correctly—instead of eyes, there will be two mouths (well, three if you include yours) on your face. They’re quite detailed too. If you look closely, you’l be able to make out the teeth and tongue!

8. Anime Face Snapchat Lens

Do you like Japanese cartoons—aka anime? If so, you might enjoy this lens. As you can see above, it’ll give you that anime look! For one thing, your eyes will turn huge—just like in the shows! Not only will your irises be pink, but they’ll be sparkly as well.

Your eyes are not the only thing that will change—the lens will also give you somewhat of a blush. Perhaps you’re feeling shy? Don’t worry, senpei is bound to notice you with that look!

9. Pink Eyes Snapchat Filter

Is your favorite color pink? What if I told you that you could change your eyes so that they’re pink? Yup, and you don’t need any color contacts either! All you need is this Snapchat filter.

The best part is that it’s easy to use too. Assuming that you’ve unlocked the snap code, all you need to do is go in the frame! Do that and your eyes will instantly change colors. Well, how do you like your Barbie pink eyes? If anything, it’s definitely an attention grabber! 

10. Kawaii Pet Eyes Snapcode

Looking for something cute? How about giving you and your pet some kawaii pet eyes? That’s right—your furry friend can also take part in the fun! It might take some coaxing for them to look at the camera but it’s worth it!

Give it a few seconds and their eyes will be replaced with pink hearts! Yours will too if you’re also in the frame. While you’re at it, why not take a snap together? You guys can both pose with your cutest kawaii face!

11. Sharingan Snapchat Lens

Ever watched Naruto? Perhaps your favorite character is Sasuke? What if I told you that you too, can have Sharingan eyes? That’s right, there’s a Snapchat filter for that! Activate it and you’ll get the same eyes as Sasuke!

You might not get the powers that come with the eyes, but hey—having just the eyes themselves is pretty neat already! Interested? Then open the app and scan the snap code. Afterward, just point the front camera at your face—3..2..1…and your eyes will turn red! Recognize that symbol? It’s the Sharingan! Have friends that are also Naruto fans? Be sure to send them a snap then—they’ll definitely get the reference!

12. Eye Asymmetry Snapchat Lens

What would you look like if your face was asymmetrical? Want to know? Find out with this “Eye Asymmetry” lens! It’s exactly what it sounds like—it’ll make it so that one eye is different from the other.

How so? You’ll just have to see for yourself. To get started, scan the snap code with your device. From there, the camera will turn on. Go into the frame and voila! Your eyes will be asymmetrical. Check it out—one of them will be way higher than the other. Anyone would be able to notice the difference! The rest of your face will be normal, though. If anything, that only makes the asymmetry stand out that much more! What are you waiting for? Take a snap and show your friends—they’ll have lots to say about it I’m sure.