Top Marvel Superhero Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is a photo-sharing app that has for one distinguishing feature—it lets you send “snaps” that disappear”. In other words, the photo or video will be gone once the other party opens it; the file will be permanently deleted from the servers. This is one of the reasons why it’s so popular. As of 2019, they have over 180 million active users across the globe.

In recent years, however, they’ve become known for another thing. Ever played around with the app? If so, you probably know what I’m talking about. I’m referring to the lenses and filters that you can apply to your snap! Basically, they allow you to add various effects to your photos or videos. What’s neat, though, is that they utilize face detection and augmented reality technology.

Best Marvel Snapchat Lens Codes

In the beginning, there were only a few lenses to choose from. Since the launch of Lens Studio, however, the number has grown exponentially. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, it’s a program that allows individuals to create their own lenses. Thanks to it, there’s pretty much an effect for everything!

Cartoons and comics are no exception. In fact, there are many Marvel-related filters out there, some of which have the ability to turn you into a superhero!

Want to know what kind of Marvel lenses there are for Snapchat? If so, you’ve stumbled on the right page! For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of some of the best Marvel filters on this page. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Top 12 Marvel Snapchat Lenses & Filters for 2019

Which of these Marvel filters will you apply to your snap? If you have the time, why not play with all of them?

1. Dancing Spiderman Snapchat Filter

When was the last time you saw Spiderman dance? He definitely didn’t do that in any of the films! As it turns out, though, there’s a filter for that. That’s right—now you can enjoy his dance moves on your very own screen!

To start, scan the snap code with your rear camera—that will prompt the back camera to activate (he won’t appear if you’re using the selfie camera). Point it somewhere and Spiderman will appear! See that? He really is dancing! Perhaps it’s a hidden hobby of his? I have to admit, he’s quite the dancer!

2. Hulk Snapchat Lens

Are you a fan of The Incredible Hulk? If so, be sure to check out this filter. It’ll let you turn into the superhero! That’s right, now you can be a member of the Avengers. How cool would that be?

Scan the snap code and the lens will activate automatically. With that said, you actually have to do something to turn into the Hulk. Don’t worry, it’s just a simple movement—all you have to do is open your mouth. Do that, and your face will turn green, including your eyes! It’s almost as if you’re wearing some sort of realistic mask!

3. Ironman HUD Snapcode

Ever watched Ironman? If so, you must be familiar with his heads-up display, or HUD. You know, the thing you see when he’s inside the armored suit? Well, what if I told you that you can experience it for yourself? Yes, you can!

Begin by scanning the snap code with your phone. The effect will activate and you’ll be able to try it out for yourself! Check out the numbers and everything—it’s just like the real thing from the movie! For the best results, you’ll want to take a snap with the lights off.

4. Ironman Snapchat Lens

How about dressing up as Ironman? It’s fun to be a superhero every once in a while, after all. The best part is, you’ll be able to do so in a jiffy with Snapchat! You just need one thing—this filter right there.

Unlock the lens and point the camera at your face. A familiar helmet will come up over your head. That’s right, it’s Ironman’s! It isn’t just for decoration either, you can actually open it up. All you have to do is move your head! So, how does it feel to become a superhero?

5. DC Superheroes Filter for Snapchat

Do you like to read DC comics? If so, this is the Snapchat lens for you! You see, it’ll fill your screen with your favorite superheroes. Who, you ask? There’s Superman, Wonderwoman, and Batman.

Not only will they fly across your screen (multiple copies of them, actually), but their logo will also be imprinted in the center. If anything, it makes for a cool-looking background. So, which superhero will be “decorating” your snap with? Whoever you choose, be sure to use it for a snap video! A static image just wouldn’t cut it!

6. Comic Book Portal Snapcode

Want to know what it’d be like if you were in the comic book world? We’ve got just the lens for that! Unlock the snap code and a Comic Book Portal will appear with the tap of a button! It’s exactly what it sounds like—it’s a portal that connects your world with the comic book world.

Once you’ve activated the portal, you’ll be prompted to go closer to the screen. Do that, and you’ll find yourself in the DC universe. Would you look at that? It’s Superman! Looks like he’s off saving the day again.

7. Batman Snapchat Lens

You have to admit, Batman is a pretty cool superhero. Want to dress up as him? We’ve got the perfect lens for that! Once you unlock the snap code, your selfie camera will turn on. What you see on the screen won’t be what you’re used to, though!

For one thing, you’ll be wearing Batman’s signature mask—the one with the ears? That’s not all, the background will also change into something fitting. Not only are there bats, but someone is shining the bat symbol into the sky! From the looks of it, something must be going on!

8. Old School Batman Snapcode

Here’s another Batman filter for all you fans out there! It’s a little different from the previous one, though, in that it’s a bit more “old school”. Once you activate it, your face will show on the screen. Give it a tap and it’ll spin into the background!

The next thing you know, you’ll see the Batman logo. From there, your face will reappear—but with Batman’s mask! What’s neat, is that a certain comic book effect will come up if you tap the screen. Why not give it a try? It’ll make you feel as if you’re really part of the comics!

9. Black Panther Lens for Snapchat

Did you watch Black Panther when it came out in 2018? It revolves around T’Challa, the king and protector of Wakanda. How about incorporating his world into your snap? This Snapchat filter will do that for you!

Activate the lens and a portal of sorts will appear on your screen. Go closer, and you’ll be able to see Black Panther himself (he’ll be in his superhero outfit, of course)! Not just him, but his African nation as well! You can go back to your world at any time, just put some distance between you and the screen!

10. Wonder Woman Snapcode

Who’s your favorite female superhero? Did you say Wonder Woman? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this Snapchat filter. Activate it and you’ll be able to transform into her in a matter of seconds!

What do I mean? Just look at the screen—your face will be replaced with her face, comics style! That’s not all, there will also be a bit of screentone in the background, not to mention a bunch of sparkly stars! At the top, there will also be a bar with one of her signature phrases. You can switch between different ones by tapping on the screen!

11. Spider Duck Snapchat Filter

Here’s a Snapchat lens that you never knew existed! It’s Spiderman with a twist. You see, it’ll let you add a Spider Duck to your snap! What’s a Spider Duck? It’s what it sounds like—it’s a rubber ducky that’s dressed up like Spiderman!

I bet you’ve never seen anything like that before. Well, here’s your chance to see one up close and personal! Activate the lens and he’ll appear right on your screen—in his very own inflatable pool (where did that come from?). It sure looks like he’s enjoying himself in there!

12. Batman VS Superman Snapcode

This Snapchat filter is based on the Batman V Superman movie that came out a few years ago. Unlock the snap code and you’ll be able to turn into Batman! Take a look at yourself on the screen—you’re wearing his mask!

That’s not the cool part, though. You see, the lens actually works with both the selfie and rear-facing cameras. Switch it to latter and you’ll get a different effect! That’s right, you’ll get to fight against Superman! Who will win in this battle? Will it end up being a reenactment of the film?