Digital Possess Snapchat Lens & Filter

This effect is exactly what it sounds like in that it’ll make you look possessed! For one thing, your eyes will be white. Not only that, but there will be an aura of sorts around you. The highlight, though, has to be the fact that you can now shoot light rays out of your mouth—or rather, light orbs. Unfortunately, you can’t see it in the screenshot that we’ve posted but you can see it in the snapcode preview! And when you close your mouth, the light orb things will go away.

Click Here To Download The Lens

How to download & Use Snapchat A Snapchat Lens

There are two ways to add lenses from our website to your snapchat account.

  1. Open Snapchat on your phone. Using your snapchat camera view the snapcode image above and hold your finger on the screen to activate the snapchat lense on your device.
  2. If you are visiting this page your mobile device with Snapchat installed, you can click the direct link above and it will automatically activate the lense.

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