Best World Health Day Snapchat Filters & Lenses

Snapchat is a mobile app that lets you interact with friends via pictures and videos called snaps. The best part? You can make it so that they’ll disappear seconds after being viewed. If anything, that’s one of the platform’s key distinguishing features.

That’s not all either. You can also play games, video calls your friends, stream live videos, share stories, and more. Another great thing about Snapchat is that there are countless customization options when it comes to your snaps. For example, you can add captions, stickers, music—anything you want.

There are also filters, which you can overlay on top of your photo/video, and depending on what you select, they can significantly change the look of your snap. For example, some might turn you into an alien monster. It all depends on the effect that you choose and that’s what makes it so fun!

Top World Health Day Snapchat Codes

On this page, we’ll be focusing on filters that you can use for World Health Day, which is coming up fast (for those who don’t know, it’s on April 7th)! If anything, now’s the perfect time to celebrate the occasion seeing as how we’re currently in the middle of a pandemic.

What better way to spend your time than to promote public health, right?

Best World Health Day Snapchat Filters & Lenses For 2021

Anyway, here are some of the snap lenses that we’re talking about. Feel free to use them however you’d like!

1. World Health Day Snapchat Filter

Here’s a cute filter that you can use for World Health Day! What will it do? It’ll turn you into the Earth. Just scan the snapcode and you’ll appear as the planet. Not only will you have a little face, but you’ll be wearing a mask as well!

And if you smile at the camera, your appearance will change. Instead of the grumpy cartoon face, you’ll have a little smile with a blush on your cheeks, just like the example above. If you want, you can also add a space background by tapping on the screen. If anything, it’ll make the “Stay Home” message at the bottom of the screen clearer and easier to read!

2. Wear Your Mask Snapchat Lens

What’s the best thing that you can do during this pandemic to protect yourself and others? Wear a mask. It’ll prevent the virus from spreading so that we can limit transmission. And that’s what this filter will give you if you face the camera! It’ll come with a nose piece and everything.

I mean, what better day to advocate mask-wearing than on World Health Day, right? You can even add a caption if you want. Let others know why you’re taking a selfie with a mask on and the importance of wearing one! It can make a big difference if we all do it together.

3. Healthy Reminder Snapchat Filter

Want to keep yourself healthy? Then don’t touch your face! If anything, it’s even more important during this pandemic. The last thing that you want is to introduce the virus into your body via your hands! Need a reminder? Then you might enjoy this filter. Just scan the snapcode to begin.

Once it’s activated, a yellow banner will appear on top of the screen. As for your face, it’ll be covered with the words, “don’t touch.” Not only will they fill your face, but the words themselves will appear in red. In other words, you won’t be able to miss them! You can see what I mean in the example above. Remember, you don’t want to touch your face even if you’re not in a pandemic.

4. Health For All Snapchat Lens

This filter is pretty cool. Not only will it turn you into the earth, but it’ll also put you inside a virtual flask of sorts! And all you have to do is scan the snapcode. The second you do that, your head will turn into the planet. That’s not all, the words “Health For All” will appear in capital letters at the front.

As for the flask, you can see it in the example above. There’s a red glow and everything—you can’t miss it! And for those who are wondering, you’ll still be able to see parts of your face as the earth spins. More specifically, you’ll be able to see it through the letters, which are actually transparent!

5. Wash Your Hands Snapchat Lens

There are two things that you can do to protect yourself from disease—wear a mask and wash your hands. And that’s exactly what this filter is all about! As soon as you scan the snapcode, a mask will appear on your face. You can move around all you like, it won’t come off!

That’s not all—the background will change as well. There will be a bunch of soap bubbles everywhere in front of and behind you. Yup, it’s a reminder to wash your hands! In fact, it’ll literally say that at the bottom in writing. Just in case the message wasn’t clear enough for World Health Day!

6. Vaccine Snapchat Filter

Vaccines are one of the most important inventions in human history. They promote health by preventing diseases such as measles, polio, and tuberculosis. Given that, it only makes sense that this filter is on the list. That’s right, scan the snapcode and you’ll be able to take a snap as a vaccine!

The next thing you know, you’ll be at a doctor’s office! There will be a sink, posters, and everything. Oh, and your face will appear on a floating syringe at the center of the screen. It’ll look just like the example above. And yes, you can move around—just move the camera and you’ll be able to change your position!

7. Coronavirus Quiz Snapchat Filter

This filter is both fun and educational. If anything, it’s like a mini-game. A mini-game that will quiz you about the coronavirus! For those who are interested, scan the snapcode. The main menu will come up and you’ll be able to begin—just press on the start button.

Before you know it, you’ll be given your first question. Tap on the answer that you think is correct and it’ll tell you whether you’re right or wrong. In total, there are six questions. Your face will also appear at the top of the screen so your friends will know who’s playing! Did I also mention that the coronavirus will be in the background? Because it will be. And when you’re finished with the quiz, you can send it as a video to your friends!

8. Mental Health Snapchat Lens

Mental health is just as important as physical health and that’s what this lens is all about! How does it work? First of all, you’ll want to scan the snapcode. The camera will turn on and you’ll see yourself on the screen and as you can see from the example, everything will be in black and white!

Go on, hold up your hand. Make sure that it’s visible to the camera. The second you do that, a sign will appear with the words, “Make your mental health a priority” in caps lock. Surely, that outta get the message across, right? Anyway, what do you think? The effect is pretty fitting for World Health Day, no?

9. Stay Home Snapchat Filter

With the pandemic, staying home is one of the best things that you can do to protect yourself from the virus. Want to help spread the message? If anything, it’d be perfect for World Health Day. For those who’re interested, check out this lens.

Once it’s activated, a house-shaped silhouette will appear on the screen and that’s where your face will come up in color. You’ll also appear in the background but it’ll be blurred and you won’t be able to see much out it. And at the bottom, it’ll say, “Stay Home”, which is the main message!

10. N95 Face Mask Snapchat Filter

The N95 is much more effective than your average mask. They provide much more protection against airborne particles than cloth face covers or surgical masks and if you use this filter, one will automatically appear on your face! Just face the camera and the respirator will appear over your nose and mouth.

The best part? You can customize its color! See that rainbow slider on the left-hand side of the screen? You can use that to change the color of the mask. Then when you’re done, you can smile for a selfie (who says that you can’t smile under your mask?) and send it off to your friends!

11. Wash My Hands Snapchat Filter

The easiest way to keep yourself healthy is to wash your hands. That way, you won’t be introducing any germs into your body. Need a reminder? Consider using this filter. If anything, it’s meant for selfies!

Just scan the snapcode and the effect will activate. Within seconds, the words, “Wash Your Hands” will appear on your forehead, along with a bunch of soap products. You can see what it looks like above. Remember guys, personal hygiene is important—especially during a pandemic!