Best Winter Sports Snapchat Filters & Lenses

Snapchat is a mobile app that lets you share special moments with family and friends. Free to use, all you need is a smartphone. Download the application and you’ll be able to send and receive photos and videos with just a few taps! There are many other things that you can do as well. For example, you can share stories, message your friends, play games, and more.

That’s not all, you can also decorate your ‘snaps’ with stickers and doodles. If you want, you can even add a filter! If anything, it’ll change the look of your snap dramatically. Of course, it all depends on what you choose. Some will change your appearance altogether while others will add more subtle effects. For instance, it might add something to the background or the frame. Either way, the screen will look different.

Top Winter Sports Snapchat Codes For 2022

And on this page, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite winter sports filters. What’s the occasion? Why, to celebrate the Winter Olympics, of course! Without further ado, here are some lenses that you can use for your Olympic-themed snap:

1. Ski Snapchat Filter

Are you a skier? Or maybe you just like to watch the sport on TV? Either way, you can have fun with this filter. The second you scan the snapcode, snow will come down from the sky! There will be ice around the edges as well (it’s cropped out in the example above).

As for you, you’ll be wearing a ski hat and a pair of goggles, the latter of which you can actually take off. Just open your mouth! I have to warn you though, there might be a mark around your eyes from the goggles. Finally, check out the bottom left-hand corner! You’ll see a pair of blue skis waiting for you.

2. Snowboard Glasses Snapchat Lens

Ready to go snowboarding? Then check out this lens! Once you scan the snapcode, a pair of goggles will appear on your face. A pair of snowboarding goggles, to be exact. And if you look closely, you’ll actually be able to see the mountains in the lenses’ reflection!

Of course, that won’t be enough to go snowboarding with. You’ll also need a hat, which you’ll get with this filter. You can take it off, though, for those who want to go for a “hat-less look”. Did I also mention that it’ll be snowing? You can actually see the snowflakes in the example that we’ve posted above. You can’t tell, but they’ll actually be floating around in the air—just like the real thing!

3. Ski With Boots Snap Chat Filter

Don’t have a pair of skis? No problem, this filter will give you some! All you have to do is point the camera at your feet (once you’ve scanned the snapcode). Do that, and it’ll work its magic. Within seconds, a pair of skis will appear beneath your feet!

You’ll be wearing ski boots too and get this—there are actually two colors that you can choose from. Simply tap on the screen with your finger and the color of the skis will change. You can see what the black ones look like above. What do you think? They look pretty realistic for a filter, huh?

4. Figure Skating Shoes Snapchat Lens

Scan the snapcode and you’ll get a pair of figure skates! As in, you’ll actually be able to wear them on your feet! For those who are interested, you can activate the effect by scanning the snapcode. Make sure the camera is pointed at your feet and voila! A pair of white figure skates will appear.

You can see what they look like above. While you won’t be skating around on ice per se, there will be tons of sparkles everywhere. The screen will also have a blueish overlay, which is meant to resemble ice. So yeah, play around with it! Take a video if you want.

5. Walrus Hockey Player Snap Code

Add this filter to your snap and a walrus will appear on the screen! Not just any walrus, but a jersey-wearing hockey-playing walrus. He’ll even have a mustache! For those who want to see what he’s like, scan the snapcode. He’ll come up as long as you’re using the rear-facing camera.

And of course, he’ll be holding a hockey stick. You’ll also be able to see him skate around on the screen. At one point, he’ll even be spinning on his back! In fact, you can get a glimpse of that in the screenshot that we’ve posted above. Trust me, this is definitely a filter that you want to take a video with.

6. Hockey Puck Snapchat Filter

Here’s another hockey-themed filter for all you fans out there. What will it do? It’ll turn you into a hockey puck, literally! As soon as you scan the snapcode, the background will change to that of a skating rink. You’ll actually be able to see the hockey sticks and skates behind you.

The highlight, however, is the hockey puck that will be floating in mid-air. As long as you’re facing the camera, your face (your eyes and mouth) will appear at the front! You can move around the screen too so if you want, you can make a funny video out of it.

7. Hockey Goalie Snapchat Lens

Ever wanted to be a hockey goalie? Well, here’s your chance. Scan the yellow snapcode and a red helmet will appear on your head—one with eye protection and trust me, you’ll need it because a hockey puck will come flying toward you if you tap on the screen!

Don’t worry, though, it won’t actually hit you. It’ll get caught on the top of your helmet, just like the example above. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about your teeth, though. As you can see, one will be missing from the front. I guess something must have happened before you took the snap! No worries, though, I’m sure it won’t affect your smile that much.

8. Figure Skating Pug Snap Chat Filter

Here’s proof that dogs can be figure skaters as well. Simply scan the snapcode and a cute little pug will appear! She’ll be wearing a pair of purple skates and a matching dress. Not only will she be doing fancy jumps, but she’ll be spinning as well.

In fact, you can see her spinning on one leg in the example above. She has many other moves too. If you want to see them, be sure to give the filter a go! And take a video if you can. A photo just won’t do her any justice. For one thing, you won’t be able to capture any of her jumps or spins!

9. Snowboard Season Snapchat Filter

Let everyone know it’s snowboard season with this filter! Simply scan the snapcode and the effect will activate. Position yourself in front of the camera and voila! A snowboarding helmet will appear on your head, just like magic. It’ll even come with ear flaps—that way, your ears will stay nice and warm!

As for your eyes, they’ll be shielded by a pair of goggles, which you can see in the screenshot above. If anything, all you’re missing now is the snowboard! It’ll even be snowing in the background. You have to admit, that does give it a nice winter sports vibe.

10. Hockey Giraffe Snapcode

This filter won’t just turn you into a hockey player—it’ll turn you into a giraffe hockey player! Sounds cool, right? Well, you can try it for yourself by scanning the snapcode. The effect will activate as soon as the front camera turns on.

Before you know it, you’ll be standing on the ice with the stadium lights behind you. Your body will be that of a giraffe’s and a white hockey helmet will be sitting on your head. It’ll have eye protection and everything as you can see from the example above.

11. Ice Skates Snapchat Lens

This filter is similar to the other figure skating one in that it’ll give you a pair of skates! Once you scan the snapcode, a message will come up saying, “looking for foot.” That’s your cue to point the camera at your feet. Do that, and the effect will activate!

A pair of white figure skates will appear on your feet, just like the screenshot above. You can’t tell from that particular angle but trust me, there will be blades attached. They’ll even say “steel” on them so you’ll know exactly what material they’re made of!

12. Skiing Day Snapchat Filter

This one-of-a-kind filter will let you take a virtual skip trip! Start by scanning the snapcode. Once you do that, the instructions will come up on the screen. Basically, all you have to do is show your hands and feet to the camera.

To move forward through the slopes, simply strike the hand poles downward. Be careful of the obstacles, though. You won’t want to hit any of them as they’ll slow you down! You can get a feel for what the scene is like if you scroll down. We’ve included a screenshot below this blurb of text.