Best Stop Asian Hate Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is a camera app that lets users share videos and pictures with others. Launched in 2011, they quickly became one of the most popular social media platforms among teens. In the US alone, there are nearly 46 million monthly active users.

Snapchat Features

Snapchat initially focused on person-to-person photo sharing. Since then, they’ve added numerous additional features. For one thing, you can also use the app for video calls, games, location sharing, and more.

That’s not all. They’ve also introduced many ways that you can personalize your snap. For example, you can add a song or stickers. Not only that, but you can change the look of your photo or video with a filter. If anything, that’s become their main focus. There are just so many effects that you can play around with, each of which will alter your snap in a different way.

Top Stop Asian Hate Snapchat Codes

Given that, it’s not surprising to know that some are based on current events- like the Stop Asian Hate movement. For those who don’t know, it was born out of increased violence against Asian Americans during the pandemic. The worst part is that most of these attacks have targeted the elderly.

Want to do your part to stop the hate? Then you’re on the right page. We’ll be sharing some #stopasianhate filters on this page. Keep reading to check them out!

Best Stop Asian Hate Snapchat Filters and Lenses

Without further ado, here are some #stopasianhate filters that you can use for your snap.

1. No Asian Hate Snapchat Filter

Asian Americans don’t deserve the hate that they’ve been receiving and you can help spread the message by using this filter! The second you activate it, a red crossed-out symbol will appear on your head. You know, the one with a circle and a line through it?

That’s not all, a red stop sign will also appear on the bottom of your face. Instead of “stop”, however, it’ll say “Asian Hate”. In other words, the filter is telling you to “Stop Asian Hate” through symbols. And you can’t tell from the screenshot, but the stop sign effect is actually animated- the colors will continuously switch between red and white. If anything, it makes it that much more eye-catching.

2. Stop Asian Hate Snapchat Lens

Here’s a filter that’s clear and to the point. Once you activate it, two female protestors will appear on the screen with a sign, one of which will say, #stopasianhate. Speaking of signs, there will be another one at the bottom held up by a number of hands and just like the one at the top, it’ll say “Stop Asian Hate”.

And if you look at your face, you’ll see a couple of stickers on your cheeks. What do they say? “Hate has no home here.” It’s pretty fitting given the context, don’t you think? Anyway, you can see what the effect looks like as a whole in the example above.

3. Stop Asian Hate Protest Snapchat Filter

Didn’t get a chance to participate in the Stop Asian Hate protest? You can always ‘put yourself there’ with this filter. Just scan the snapcode and you’ll find yourself standing among the crowd- just like the example above. If anything, it’ll look as if you’re actually there!

And see that? There will be a little something on your cheeks and by that, we mean the phrase, “Stop Asian Hate.” It’s in bright red so it’s hard to miss. Also, like most filters nowadays, it’ll touch up your appearance a bit. Your eyes will be brighter and your skin will be smoother so you can use it for a flawless protest selfie!

4. Stop Asian Hate Background Snapchat Lens

Want to show your support for the Stop Asian Movement? You can do that with this filter. What will it do? It’ll change the background of your snap. More specifically, the words, “Stop Asian Hate” will appear behind you in pink. Not only will the words be everywhere but they’ll be animated as well!

That’s not all, the filter will also touch up your face a bit. Your skin will be smoother and your eyes will be brighter, though it’s hard to tell from the example above. Anyway, for those who want to take advantage of the animated background, definitely use it for a video! Only then will you be able to see the words move around behind you.

5. Stop Asian Hate Stickers Snapchat Lens

This filter is exactly what it sounds like in that it’ll add a bunch of ‘stickers’ to your face. All you have to do is scan the snapcode- the effect will activate once you point the camera at yourself. Before you know it, the words, “Stop Asian Hate” will appear on the right-hand side of your face.

And on the other side, will be a flower with the words, “I stand with Asian Americans.” But wait, there’s more. Take a look at your forehead- you’ll see a photo from one of the recent Stop Asian Hate protests. You can see what the effect looks like as a whole above. Just keep in mind that the stickers on your cheeks are actually animated so they’ll be moving around!

6. Stand With Asians Snapchat Filter

Let others know that you stand with Asians with this filter! Once it’s activated, a couple of red flowers will appear on your cheeks with the phrase, “I stand with Asian Americans.” And it’s hard to tell from the example, but the flowers will actually be rotating on your face- in a cute way!

Speaking of your face, the filter will also smooth out your skin and make everything brighter. Not only that, but there will be a pinkish hue to everything, including your lips! If anything, it’ll look as if you’re wearing makeup even if you’re bare-faced. You really have to try it to see for yourself.

7. Asians Lives Matter Snapchat Filter

Looking for a simple filter that’ll get the message across? How about this one? It’ll add the words, “Asian Lives Matter” to your cheeks, almost like a tattoo and you can’t miss it because the words will be in bright red! Oh, and they’ll be in capital letters as well.

As an extra bonus, the filter will also smoothen your skin and give you a bit of makeup on your face. For one thing, you’ll be wearing some eyeliner on your eyes. You’ll also be wearing some red lipstick as you can see from the example above. Don’t worry, the look won’t be super bold or anything- it’s more on the subtle but noticeable side.

8. Anti Racism Snapchat Lens

This filter is more general than the ones that we’ve listed so far but you can still use it to get your message across! Just scan the snapcode with your camera. The next thing you know, the words, “Anti Racism” will appear in the background. You can see what it looks like above.

And it might not be very obvious from the screenshot, but the filter will also ‘beautify’ your face a bit. For one thing, your skill will look smoother and softer- not to the point where it’s super obvious that you’ve applied an effect, though. If anything, it’s pretty subtle. Anyway, back to the Anti Racism message- while the filter itself doesn’t say anything about stopping Asian hate, you can always add that yourself in the form of a caption!

9. No to Racism Snapchat Filter

Let everyone know how you feel about racism with this filter! If anything, it’s made for selfies. For those who want to check it out, scan the snapcode. Once you do that, several things will appear on the screen. For starters, the words, “fack racism” will appear on your forehead in pink and green.

There will also be a bunch of tiny hearts on your cheeks, each a different color. Yup, that’s right- they all represent a different ethnicity! You can see what they look like above. It’s also worth mentioning that the filter will smooth out your skin a bit, though it might not be very obvious in the example. So yeah, why not take a selfie with the effect? Remember, you can always add your own message about stopping Asian hate with a caption!

10. Stop Racism Snapchat Lens

Let your friends know how you feel about racism with this face filter! What will it do? It’ll add the words “Stop Racism” to your cheek in the form of an animated sticker. Not only will the text appear in bubble letters but the letters themselves will also change colors!

And like the rest of the filters that we’ve mentioned, it’ll also ‘beautify’ your face with a bit of Snapchat magic. For one thing, your skin will look smoother and more flawless. It might be hard to tell from the example that we’ve included but trust me, that’s what’s going to happen. Seeing as how the sticker is animated, we highly recommend that you use the effect for a video instead of just a photo- that way, you’ll be able to capture the color-changing effect!