Best Star Wars Snapchat Filters & Lenses

Snapchat is a camera app that lets you share pictures and videos with others. Unlike other similar platforms, you can make it so that these ‘snaps’ will disappear after they’re viewed. Since its release in 2011, it has become one of the most popular social networks among young people.

Snapchat Features

Snapchat has a long list of features. Aside from sharing snaps, you can also video call, play games, live stream videos, create Bitmoji avatars, share your location, and more. That’s not all, there are also many ways to customize your pictures and videos. If anything, that’s one of the reasons why it’s become so popular.

For example, you can apply a filter or lens to your snap. A graphical overlay of sorts, it’ll add various effects to the screen (the exact effect depends on the filter that you choose). Not only are they great for pictures, but you can add them to videos as well!

Top Star Wars Snapchat Codes

And guess what? There are many Star Wars-themed filters that you can use for your snap! Some will turn you into the film’s characters while others will add said characters to your screen. Interested? If so, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled some of the best Star Wars filters and lenses on this page. Just scan the snap codes and you’ll be able to add them to your snap!

Best Star Wars Snapchat Filters For 2021

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite Star Wars Snapchat filters.

1. Baby Yoda Snapchat Filter

Are you familiar with Grogu aka Baby Yoda? Because guess what? That’s what you’ll turn into with this filter! That’s right, you’ll be able to take a selfie as the alien species. Just scan the snapcode. The camera will turn on as soon as you do that and before you know it, you’ll appear as Baby Yoda himself!

There’s just one thing—it’ll be his head only. That is, you won’t have a body. But that’s no big deal, right? I mean, you’ll be Baby Yoda! You’ll have pointy ears and everything. And as you can see from the example, your eyes and mouth will appear on his face. Did I also mention that you’ll be at a desert of sorts?

2. Darth Vader Snapchat Lens

This filter will turn you into Darth Vader and all you have to do is scan the snapcode. Once you do that, you’ll transform and by that, we mean that you’ll be wearing his mask. That’s not all, if you hold your hand up to the camera, a red lightsaber will appear—just like the screenshot above.

And you can’t tell from just looking at it but the filter also comes with a voice changer. So if you want, you can use it for a video; you’ll end up sounding like Darth Vader himself! If anything, it’ll be the perfect ‘cosplay.’ His name will be printed at the bottom of the screen as well. Just in case, you know, people don’t know who you’re dressing up as.

3. Green Yoda Snapchat Filter

Turn yourself into Yoda with this filter! Sure, it won’t be super accurate but it’ll still make for a fun snap. For those who are interested, scan the snapcode. The front camera will turn on and you’ll see yourself on the screen…with a green face! That’s not all, you’ll also be wearing a bit of makeup on your eyes and on your lips.

Of course, you’ll have his pointy ears as well. I mean, what’s Yoda without his signature ears, right? As for your hair, it’ll also be a nice shade of green as you can see from the example. So yeah, what do you think? It’d make for a nice selfie, don’t you think?

4. Stormtrooper Body Snapchat Lens

Ever wondered what you’d look like if you wore the Stormtrooper armor? Well, that’s what you’ll be able to find out with this lens! That’s right, it’ll turn you into an honorary solder. If that piques your interest, scan the yellow snapcode. Once you do that, you’ll be told to point the camera at yourself.

Ensure that your entire body is inside the frame and the effect will activate. The next thing you know, the Stormtrooper armor will appear over your body—arms, legs, and all. You can see what it looks like above. And yes, it’ll move along with you so you can use it for a snap video if you wish.

5. Light Saber Snapchat Filter

Ever wanted your own lightsaber? Then check out this filter. Once it’s activated, hold out your hand; it’ll tell you to close all of your fingers except for your thumb. Go ahead and do that, and a lightsaber will appear! And guess what? You can pick the color of the saber as well—that’s what the rainbow slider on the side of the screen is for!

Oh, and it comes with sound effects too so make sure to turn your volume up. And for those who are left-handed, you can use the toggle at the bottom to switch. Trust me, it’s loads of fun. Definitely take a video with the effect if you can!

6. Darth Vader Mask Snapchat Lens

Here’s another filter that’ll turn you into Darth Vader. Simply scan the snapcode and it’ll work its magic. The next thing you know, you’ll be wearing his mask over your head. That’s not all, there will also be smoke in the sky and a silhouette of Darth Vader at the bottom, the latter of which will have a quote from the movie! Oh, and there will also be a small cloud at the bottom with his name on it.

But wait, there’s more. You see, this filter will also make for a great video because it also comes with a built-in voice changer! Just speak normally and your voice will change automatically. More specifically, you’ll sound like Darth Vader.  How’s that for virtual cosplay?

7. Pet Yoda Snapchat Filter

Who says that pets can’t join in on the fun? Cause that’s what this filter is for! Go on, scan the snapcode. The next thing you know, they’ll turn into Baby Yoda! You can use it on both cats and dogs—just make sure that they’re facing the camera and viola!

As for you, the filter will turn you into a knight. You’ll be wearing face armor and everything, as you can see from the example above. You have to admit, though, your furry friend will be so much cuter. I mean, when was the last time they dressed up as Yoda? Definitely take a snap and send it to your friends!

8. Yoda Polaroid Snapchat Lens

Want to take a Polaroid photo? Then check out this lens! Just scan the snapcode—the effect will activate automatically. Before you know it, a picture of Baby Yoda will appear on the screen and he’ll be holding a Polaroid photo! Yup, you guessed it, that’s where you’ll appear. If anything, you can think of it as the ‘frame’ for your snap!

So what are you waiting for? Smile at the camera! Your face will appear as the Polaroid photo, just like magic. And if you want, you can even turn it into a video. Yup, Polaroid videos are a thing apparently—at least on Snapchat!

9. Stormtrooper In Ship Snapchat Filter

Turn yourself into one of the space marines of the Galactic Empire with this filter! All you have to do is scan the snapcode. Before you know it, the camera will turn on and you’ll find yourself on a ship…as a stormtrooper! It won’t just be the mask either—you’ll be wearing the full-body costume.

And if you look at the face area, you’ll see that your mouth will be visible over the mask. Sure, it doesn’t make any sense but hey, it’d make for a fun snap! You’ll also be holding a weapon in your arms, just like the real soldiers from the movies. Now that’s what I call a costume!

10. Be Baby Yoda Snapchat Lens

Now you can take a selfie as Baby Yoda! Just scan the snapcode and voila, it’ll work its magic. Not only will your face turn green, but your eyes, nose, and mouth—everything will look different! If anything, it’s like someone slapped Baby Yoda’s faced onto yours because that’s pretty much what it’s like. For one thing, you’ll have his big, bug-like eyes.

Even your face will be a different shape! It’ll be shorter and a lot rounder. You’re just missing the pointy ears, really. Don’t worry, though, people will still know who you’re trying to be. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, right? Who else would you be with a face like that?

11. Darth Apple Snapchat Filter

Yup, you guessed it—this filter is a parody. Instead of turning you into Darth Vader, it’ll turn you into Darth Apple. Curious? Want to see the effect? Then scan the snapcode! The next thing you know, his signature mask will appear on the screen. Instead of someone’s face, however, there will be an apple instead! An apple with a pair of cartoon eyes.

And as you can see from the example, the background will change as well. It’ll be blue, with a bunch of circle-like orbs around you.