Best Selfie Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is a social platform that revolves around photos and videos. If anything, it’s a camera app. With just a few taps on the screen, you’ll be able to exchange “snaps” with your friends. And if you want, you can set it so that everything will disappear once they’re viewed. Convenient, right?

Customizing Your Snap

The best part is that there are several things that you can do to personalize your snap. For starters, you can add a caption. That’s not all, you can also jazz it up with music, stickers, or doodles. If you want, you can even add a filter.

If anything, that’s one of the most fun things about Snapchat. That is, there are many filters that you can use to change the look of your snap. Some will turn you into a dog while others will add things to your surroundings. It all depends on the effect that you choose and there are literally thousands of them out there!

Best Selfie Snapchat Codes

And yes, there are many effects that are designed for selfies. If anything, that shouldn’t be too surprising. After all, one of the biggest reasons why people use Snapchat is to take selfies. For example, many filters will smooth out your skin.

Interested in checking some of them out? If so, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled some of our favorites on this page. Just scan the snapcode and you’ll be able to take your perfect snap!

Best Selfie Snapchat Lenses & Filters For 2021

Without further ado, here are some cool filters that you can use for your selfie:

1. Pink Cat Snapchat Lens

Looking for something cute? Then check out this lens—it’ll turn you into a little kitty! As soon as you step in front of the camera, a pair of pointy ears will appear on your head and guess what? They’ll be pink! That’s not all, you’ll get a little nose on your nose as well. Oh, and whiskers too.

As for your face, your skin will be smoother and you’ll be wearing eye makeup. And there will be tiny red hearts floating around you, as you can see from the example. What do you think? Is that a cute, or what? It’d make for a perfect selfie, I’d say!

2. Cute Husky Snapchat Filter

Huskies are cute, right? Well, this filter will let you take a snap with one! If that interests you, scan the snapcode. The next thing you know, he’ll appear on your shoulder, just like the example above. And yes, he’ll be super tiny. If anything, it only makes him that much cuter!

Also, you’ll be wearing matching ears. They’ll be big and round and fluffy! On top of that, you’ll have a little black nose! Did I also mention that you’ll be wearing makeup? Cause you will be. Just step in front of the camera and the filter will automatically work its magic!

3. Mickey and Minnie Snapchat Lens

Calling all Disney fans! How’d you like to take a snap as Mickey or Minnie? Because that’s what you’ll be able to do with this filter. Trust me, it’d make for a cute-looking snap and you just have to scan the snapcode—that’s all you need to do to activate the effect.

Before you know it, you’ll be wearing a pair of Mickey ears on your head! Speaking of Mickey, he’ll also appear on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. As for the background, it will be filled with polka dots! And for those who prefer Minnie, just tap on the screen and the characters will change.

4. Where’s the TP Snapchat Filter

Remember that TP craze back when the pandemic first started? Well, that’s what this filter is all about—it’ll literally cover your face with it! If that interests you, scan the snapcode. Before you know it, your head will be completely wrapped with the stuff.

And as if that wasn’t silly enough, you’ll also have two rolls of TP in front of your eyes, almost like glasses. You can see what I mean above. What do you think? It’s pretty ridiculous, huh? You have to admit, though, it’d make for a pretty funny selfie, which is what it’s designed for!

5. Funny Corgi Snapchat Filter

Do you like corgis? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to take a snap with one? Then be sure to give this filter a try. Once you activate it, a realistic-looking corgi will appear on your head! He won’t just be sitting there either, he’ll be moving his head around like the curious pup he is.

And it might be hard to tell from the example, but the filter will also “beautify” your face. Your skin will be smoother and your eyes will be brighter. What more can you ask for, right? Now all that’s left is for you to tap that shutter button!

6. Sequin Mask Snapcode

Who says that masks have to be boring? They can be stylish too and this filter is a prime example! For those who want to check it out, scan the snapcode. A silver mask will soon appear on your face—one that’s decked out with sequins. Talk about sparkly!

That’s not all, it’ll also give you a pair of matching ears. Yup, you guessed it, they’ll be super sparkly as well. And if you open your mouth, the mask will come down to reveal the rest of your face! You’ll notice that there will be a tiny black nose on your nose. It matches the ears, don’t you think?

7. Phone Selfie Snapchat Filter

Want to take a snap with that “phone selfie” look? Then you might be interested in what this filter has to offer. Once you scan the snapcode, a phone will appear on the screen and yes, it’ll be on a selfie stick! Basically, how it works is that you’ll appear on the phone that’s on your screen.

In other words, it’ll look as if you’re actually taking a selfie with the phone. What’s cool though, is that your picture will also appear as the background. It’ll be blurry and zoomed in but it’ll be there. Oh, and the filter will touch up your face a bit too!

8. Cute Teddy Snapchat Lens

Turn yourself into a cute teddy bear with this filter! Just scan the snapcode with your camera and voila, you’ll have a pair of ears on your head. Not only will they be super fluffy, but they’ll actually move on their own as well. Plus, you’ll get a matching nose!

But wait, there’s more. You see, the filter will also give you a pair of shades. A pair of cool-looking shades with big lenses that will cover your eyes. Don’t like that look? You can always tap on the screen to switch to another pair! One of them is rounder while the other pair is more squarish.

9. Koala Hat Snapchat Filter

What if I told you that you can take a selfie with a koala on your head? Cause guess what? There’s actually a filter for that you’re staring right at it! To use it, just scan the snapcode. Within seconds, the marsupial will appear on your head. If anything, it’s like wearing a hat!

You can move all you’d like—he won’t be falling off any time soon so you can do whatever pose you want for your selfie! Oh, and the filter will also give your face a bit of a touch-up so you’ll look prettier for your snap. Can you tell?

10. Unicorn Mask Snapcode

Do you like unicorns? If so, you’ll like this filter because it’ll give you a unicorn mask! Not the pandemic type, but the type that goes on your eyes for relaxation purposes. If that interests you, scan the snapcode. Before you know it, the effect will activate and the mask will appear on your face—it’ll even have a pair of sleepy eyes on it!

Not only that, but it’ll give you a horn as well. What’s a unicorn without a horn, right? Oh, and it’ll give you a pair of ears as well. There will be flowers on them any everything! And for those who are wondering, it is possible to take off the mask. Just raise your eyebrows!

11. Cat On Head Snapchat Filter

Are you a cat person? Want to take a snap with a kitty? Then check out this filter! As soon as you activate it, a grey tabby will appear on the screen. More specifically, it’ll appear on your head! His paws will be on your forehead and everything. Don’t worry, though, he’s super friendly. If anything, he just wants to be your friend.

And you can’t tell from the example, but the filter will also add a bunch of sparkles to the screen. Not just that, but there will be pink light orbs at the bottom as well. Oh, and your skin will also look smoother and brighter than normal! As expected from a selfie filter. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to tap that shutter button!