Best Sci Fi Snapchat Filters & Lenses

Snapchat is a social media platform that’s all about taking photos and videos. Open the app, and it’ll go right to your camera. Tap on the shutter button and you’ll be able to take a snap, which you can then send to your friends. If anything, it’s a great way to share the moment with others!

That’s not the only thing you can do with it either. You can also text your friends, play games, share your location, watch live streams, and more.

Customizing Your Snaps

And as far as your snaps go, there are many things that you can do to spice things up. For example, you can add music that’ll play in the background. That’s not all, you can also draw on the screen or add a sticker—anything goes!

Filters are a thing as well. Basically, they’re graphical overlays that’ll change the look of your photo or video (the effect will depend on which you choose). For instance, some will alter your appearance with face detection technology while others will add 3D elements to the background. The options are endless, really, with all the different filters available!

Top Sci-Fi Snapchat Codes For 2021

On this page, we’ll be focusing on sci-fi filters. Futuristic effects, cyberpunk effects, you name it—we’ll be sharing some of our favorites below. Why not check some of them out?

1. Cyberpunk Helmet Snapchat Lens

Add this filter to your snap and a helmet will appear on your head! Not just any helmet, but a cyberpunk helmet. Want to see it for yourself? Then scan the snapcode. The camera will turn on and if you point it at yourself, it’ll work its magic.

The next thing you know, you’ll be wearing a cyberpunk helmet. It’ll look like a regular helmet, except that it’ll have a bunch of digital displays on it—both at the bottom and where your eyes are. And if you tap on the screen, your face will start to change colors, literally. Given all that’s going on, it’s probably best to use the lens for a video! But of course, you can use it for a selfie too.

2. Sci-Fi Watch Snapchat Filter

Ever wanted a smartwatch? Cause that’s pretty much what you’ll get if you use this filter. If that interests you, scan the snapcode—a message will come up telling you to point your camera at your wrist. Go ahead and do that, and a virtual watch will appear!

And see that at the top? It’s a holographic display! It’ll tell you the time, weather, temperature, and more. You can’t tell from the image, but the display itself will also be animated so it’s much cooler than it looks. Definitely take a video of the watch if you can! It’s not every day that you get to wear something like this, after all.

3. Sci-fi Half Mask Snapchat Filter

Tired of wearing the same blue masks? Want to change it up a bit? Then check out this filter! All you have to do is scan the snapcode. Once you do that, the camera will turn on. Point it at yourself and everything will turn monochrome, including your face.

The only exception will be your new mask! That, and the lightning bolt that’ll appear across your face and see that? One of your eyes will be a different color. Oh, and if you want, you can use the filter with a friend too. They’ll get a similar mask but it’ll be pink instead of green!

4. AI Cyberpunk Snapchat Filter

This filter is the epitome of cyberpunk. Add it to your snap and you’ll be able to take a selfie as an AI! If that piques your interest, scan the snapcode. Right away, the effect will activate. A holographic display will appear at the bottom and the words, “Hello World” will appear across your face in green.

Speaking of your face, it’ll be covered in a shiny, chrome material. If anything, it’ll give you that “AI look.” Not a fan of it? You can always take it off by tapping on the screen. That won’t change the fact that everything will look super futuristic, though!

5. Sci-fi Hero Scanner Snap Lens

This snap lens will turn your camera into a scanner! Sounds cool, right? Well, you can try it for yourself by scanning the snapcode. Do that, and you’ll see yourself on the screen. See that glowing line at the top? That’s the scanner—it’ll automatically move toward the bottom, scanning you in the process.

All you have to do is stay still. You don’t want to move around while it’s scanning, otherwise, the snap will end up distorted! Anyway, as it scans, your appearance will change. For one thing, you’ll be wearing a cool-looking pair of shades. That’s not all, the background will change as well! You can kind of see it in the example above.

6. Futuristic Mask Snapchat Code

Why wear a regular mask when you can wear a futuristic mask? Interested? Then what are you waiting for? Scan the snapcode—that’s all you need to do to activate the effect. Before you know it, a black mask will appear on your face and what’s that? A bunch of text will come up in blue on the sides!

You can’t tell from the screenshot but the text effect will actually be animated. Also, there will be a bright squiggle on the sides of your face. As for your eyes, they’ll be completely white. You won’t have pupils whatsoever. See for yourself. You’ll look just like the lady in the example above!

7. Sci-fi Astronaut Snapchat Lens

Turn yourself into an astronaut with this filter! You just have to do one thing—scan the snapcode. Before you know it, the camera will turn on. Make sure that it’s pointed at your face and voila, you’ll turn into an astronaut. A sci-fi astronaut. Instead of an actual space helmet, you’ll have a virtual one made of holographic lights.

And if you look behind you, you’ll be able to see the stars, which makes sense since you’ll be in space! It’ll look just like the example above. What do you think? It’d make for a nice-looking snap, no? If you want, you can even take a video out of it!

8. Hologram Mask Snapchat Filter

This filter will give you a futuristic-looking mask! Want to see it for yourself? Then scan the snapcode. The hologram will appear as soon as you point the camera at yourself and it’ll look exactly like the example above. It’ll be blue and it’ll be stretched along the bottom of your face.

That’s not all. It might be hard to tell from the screenshot, but the filter will add some holographic effects in front of your eyes as well. Speaking of your eyes, they’ll also appear red under a certain angle! Definitely take a snap video with it if you can. That way, you’ll be able to capture all the effects!

9. Sci-Fi Robot Snapchat Lens

Turn yourself into a futuristic robot with this filter! If anything, you’ll still look like yourself—you’ll just have a few ‘add-ons’ on your face. If that interests you, scan the snapcode. Once the camera turns on, point it at yourself. A crystal-like mask will appear around the bottom half of your face.

And if you look to the side, you’ll see a mini digital display floating in the air. A similar thing will also appear in front of your eye in circular form. Speaking of your eye, it’ll also be a light, blue color, just like the mask you’re wearing. And you can’t tell, but everything, including the digital screen will be animated!

10.  Sci-Fi Body Snapchat Filter

Looking for a full-body costume? Then look no further—this is the filter that you want! It’ll literally give you a sci-fi body and all you have to do is scan the snapcode. It’ll work its magic as soon as you step in front of the camera (your entire body has to be inside the frame).

Before you know it, you’ll be wearing a shiny costume. It’ll look just like the example above and yes, you’ll be wearing something on your head too! And it’s kind of hard to tell but there will be ‘Matrix-like’ effect in the background. You know, with the numbers? Definitely check it out!

11. Matrix Hacker Snap Lens

Remember the Matrix? Cause that’s the kind of effect that you’ll get with this snap lens! The background will turn black as soon as you scan the snapcode and a bunch of green letters and numbers will appear, just like in the movie, and yes, they’ll be animated and everything.

As for you, you’ll appear as a mysterious-looking 3D ‘mask’, which will be floating in the center of the screen (feel free to move around if you want). The filter also comes with a voice changer, so if you want, you can take a video. If anything, no one will be able to tell that it’s you! Not from your voice, nor your looks.