Best Pride Month Snapchat Filters & Lenses

Snapchat is a camera app that lets you share pictures and videos aka ‘snaps’ with your smartphone. What sets it apart from other platforms? You can make it so that the snap will self-destruct seconds after being viewed. That way, you won’t have to worry about it living forever somewhere on the internet.

Other Snapchat Features

Snapchat had added numerous features over the past years. Not only is it a camera app, but you can also use it to stream videos, play games, video call your friends- even send money! There are many customization options as well when it comes to your snap. For example, you can add a soundtrack. That’s not all, you can also doodle on the screen, add stickers and more.

Filters are a thing as well. Basically, they’re virtual effects that you can add on top of your snap. Some will change your surroundings while others will alter your appearance- it all depends on the filter! And what’s makes it so fun…there are just so many filters that you can choose from.

Top Pride Month Snapchat Codes

June is pride month and guess what? There are many filters that you can use for the occasion! Why not celebrate with a colorful snap, right?

You won’t have to go looking for them either- we’ve compiled some of the best ones on this page. Scroll down to see what’s available!

Best Pride Month Snapchat Filters For 2021

Without further ado, here are some filters that you can use for Pride Month:

1. Rainbow Glasses Snapchat Lens

This filter will add lots of colors to your snap! Interested? If so, scan the snapcode. Once you do that, scan the snapcode. Before you know it, the camera will turn on. Point it at yourself and several things will appear—including a pair of glasses. Heart-shaped glasses, to be exact and as you can see, the lenses will be rainbow-colored.

That’s not all. Open your mouth and a wave of rainbow will come out, literally! As for the background, there will be tons of bokeh lights. All in all, it’s a pretty eye-catching effect with all the colors and everything. You can use it for a video too if you want!

2. Pride Message Snapchat Filter

Have something that you’d like to say for Pride Month? Then check out this filter! All you have to do is scan the snapcode and the effect will activate. Not only will there be a rainbow flag in the background, but there will be balloons as well and they’ll all be different colors. Oh, and the LGBT flag will also be on your cheeks, almost like tattoos.

And at the front, will be a megaphone so go on, let everyone know what you’re thinking by taking a snap video…it’s time to express yourself to the community! Or you know, you can just take a selfie with the effect—that’s cool too.

3. Rainbow Beard Snapchat Filter

Ever wondered what you’d look like with a beard? Then you might like this filter because that’s what it’ll give you! There’s just one thing—it won’t be a normal beard, but a rainbow beard and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like aka the beard will literally be made of a rainbow!

And it’ll appear as soon as you scan the snapcode. It’ll look just like the one in the example above; there will even be a mustache at the top! Also, it’ll change the shape of your face a bit. It’ll be shorter, rounder, and your eyes will be bigger too!

4. Happy Pride Snapchat Filter

This filter is all about rainbows! As soon as you scan the snapcode, two hearts will appear on your cheeks. Rainbow-colored hearts. If anything, they’ll resemble stickers. That’s not all, it’ll also smooth out the rest of your face so that you’ll look flawless no matter what you do!

And of course, there will be rainbows in the background as well—and by that, we mean rainbow rays. Take a look at the example above. As you can see, they’ll be everywhere. Some will be in front of you while others will be behind you. The bottom line is, there will be lots of color everywhere, which is pretty fitting for Pride Month!

5. Gay Pride Flags Snapchat Lens

What better way to celebrate Pride Month than by painting the LGBT flag on your face? Cause that’s precisely what you’ll be able to do with this filter. It’s super simple too. The second you scan the snapcode, the front-facing camera will turn on. Point it at yourself and your face will turn into a rainbow, just like the screenshot above.

But wait, there’s more. You see, you can actually choose between the different LGBT flags! All you have to do is tap on the screen. The second you do that, the colors on your face will change so you can pick the one that best suits you for your selfie!

6. London Pride Snapchat Filter

Do you live in London? If so, you might want to check out this landmark lens. It’ll turn Buckingham Palace into something different and all you have to do is point your camera at it! The second you do that, the effect will activate. The words, “LONDON PRIDE” will appear at the top in rainbow letters and there will be two flags hanging at the front.

One will be the LGBT flag while the other will be the UK flag. That’s not all, a bunch of rainbow confetti will come down from the sky as well. In fact, you can see it in the example that we’ve posted above. So yeah, what do you think? It’d make for a great Pride Month snap, no?

7. Pride Month Snapchat Filter

Want to take a selfie for Pride Month? Looking for a filter to use? How about this one? It’ll change your appearance to suit the occasion! All you have to do is scan the snapcode. Once you do that, the camera will turn on. Point it at yourself and two rainbow-colored hearts will appear on your cheeks!

But wait, there’s more. You see, it’ll also give you a flower crown! An animated flower crown. You’ll be able to see the flowers bloom in front of your very eyes and they’ll all be different colors. It’s pretty fitting for Pride Month, actually. You can check it out for yourself by giving the filter a go!

8. Rainbow Colored Hair Snapcode

Add this filter to your snap and your appearance will change! More specifically, your hair color will change. Instead of your usual color, it’ll be rainbow-colored! Interested? Want to see what it’s like? Then scan the snapcode—the effect will activate as soon as the camera turns on.

Before you know it, you’ll be staring at yourself on the screen…with your new hairdo! As you can see from the example, it’ll be a nice color gradient. And your face, it’ll look smoother and brighter as well. You’ll even be wearing some virtual makeup! That way, you can take the perfect snap even if you just rolled out of bed.

9. Proud to Be Pride Snapchat Filter

Want to show off your LGBT pride? Then check out this lens! Once it’s activated, several things will happen. For starters, your hair will change colors—that is, it’ll turn into a nice rainbow gradient! And if you look at the bottom, you’ll see the phrase, “Proud to be Pride,” in rainbow letters.

That’s not all, confetti will also fall down from the sky! Rainbow-colored confetti, to be exact. Given that, you might want to take a video. That way, you’ll be able to capture the entire effect. With that said, you can always use it for a selfie as well. Either way, it’d make for a great Pride Month snap!

10. Unicorn Glasses Snapcode

This snap filter will let you celebrate Pride Month as a unicorn! For those who are interested, scan the snapcode. Almost immediately, your appearance will change. Not only will there be a pair of ears on your head, but there will be a horn as well!

The main highlight, though, has to be the rainbow-colored glasses that you’ll be wearing. If anything, that’s what makes it so perfect for Pride Month! Also, the shape of your face will change. It’ll be shorter and cuter-looking. As for the background, there will be tons of sparkles everywhere, as you can see in the example above.

11. Rainbow Bear Snapchat Lens

This filter is exactly what it sounds like in that it’ll turn you into a rainbow bear! All you have to do is scan the snapcode and a pair of ears will appear on your head. Not only will they be super fluffy, but they’ll be also rainbow-colored on the inside!

Also, your face will be rounder and you’ll be wearing makeup on your eyes. Even your skin will be smoother and if you look closely, you’ll see a little teddy on your nose! Just check out the example that we’ve posted above—that should give you an idea on what you’ll look like.