Top Photo Editing Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Are you into social media? If so, you probably have a Snapchat account. A popular messaging app, it has taken the world by storm since launching in 2011. Ultimately, what sets it apart from similar platforms is the fact that it deals with multimedia. Not only are you able to exchange text, but you can send your friends photos and videos–aka “snaps”—with the press of a button!

What attracts users, however, is their collection of filters and lenses. Basically, what they are are effects that you can add to your snap. Some will add colors whereas others will add objects; there is a variety to choose from! If you want, you can even make your own!

Best Photo Editing Snapchat Lenses and Filters

One of the most popular kinds of lenses are the ones that allow you to edit your photo—they’re pretty much like a mini Photoshop. What’s great is that they allow you to customize your snaps with just a few taps in the app! You don’t have to leave the platform whatsoever.

Want to try using one of these filters? Great! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ones here for you to try. Which one will you be trying out?

Our Top Photo Editing Snapcodes for 2019

Many of these lenses work with both the selfie and the back camera!

1. Blur Background Snapchat Lens

Perhaps there’s something in the background that you don’t want others to see? This Snapchat lens will solve that problem for you! With it, you’ll be able to blur whatever’s behind you. If anything, it’ll give your snap that “artistic” look—almost like a bokeh.

The great thing is that you won’t even need to do anything—the effect will automatically activate once you unlock it. To do that, just point your camera at the snapcode. Not only is the lens suitable for selfies, but you can also use it with the back camera!

2. MS Paint Snapcode

Feeling nostalgic? How about editing your snap with Microsoft Paint? No, we’re not kidding—there’s actually a filter that will let you do that! Unlock the effect and the familiar interface will come up on your screen. All of the classic tools, the pencil, the pen, the paintbrush, will be on the left-hand side for you to use.

Whatever you point the camera at will appear in the “canvas.” Feel free to select a tool from the side and customize your photo! A certain overlay will also be applied to your snap to give it that “90’s MS Paint” look. Not sure what I mean? You just have to check it out for yourself!

3. Green Screen Snapchat Filter

Don’t want to have your wall as the background anymore? Why not change things up with a Snapchat filter? This one here will give you that “green screen” effect. In other words, your background will turn transparent and you’ll be able to choose whatever you want as the wallpaper.

Like most filters, it will activate your selfie camera once you unlock the snap code. Look at the bottom of the screen—you should see a banner of images, that’s your camera roll. All you have to do is tap on one and it will appear as the background! There are various settings to play with as well on the left-hand side.

4. Draw Your Own Blur Snapcode

Want to censor certain areas of your snap? You can do that easily with this Snapchat lens! Activate it and you’ll be able to create a “blurring effect” with your fingers. Just draw on the part that you want to be blurred—no one will be able to tell what that part of the screen originally looked like!

Yes, it’s also compatible with both the front and back cameras. In other words, you can use it to sensor your selfies or your surroundings! To begin, point your device at the snapcode. The effect will activate automatically once the app recognizes the filter!

5. Censored Snapchat Lens

This Snapchat lens will also allow you to censor your screen. Instead of being a blur, however, the part of the image will turn into a mosaic. The highlight of the effect, however, is that it comes with several “pre-sets” which will allow you to pixelize your snap with just a tap! For instance, you can censor your background, your face, or your hair!

Try it out for yourself by pointing your camera at the snap code. From there, you’ll be able to enjoy the filter by tapping on the screen. Every time you tap, you’ll get a different “pre-set”—which one will you end up using, I wonder?

6. Custom Stretch Snapcode

Ever had that urge to just “stretch” out your face? This Snapchat filter will let you do just that! It’s pretty much a mini Photoshop in that sense. Once you unlock the snap code, several icons will appear on the screen. Essentially, what you want to do is just drag your finger over the part of your face that want to stretch.

Depending on how you play with it, you might even end up with two noses! How silly will you be able to make your face? If you want, you can also use it with the back-facing camera—just point it at someone’s face and you’ll be able to use the filter in the same way.

7. Flag Face Snapcode

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a flag with your face on it? Here’s your chance to get one—all you need is this Snapchat lens! Point your camera at the yellow square and your background will turn a peachy color. That’s not the highlight, though, look at the center of the screen—it’s a flag with your face on it!

Yes, that’s right. Whatever’s in the frame will appear on the flag, including your face! The flag is not static either, it’ll be waving in the air—just like the real thing! What kind of expression will you make for your first flag ever?

8. Hair Picker Snapchat Lens

Is it Wacky Hair Day? This Snapchat lens would be perfect for that! With it, you’ll be able to customize your hair with whatever pattern or color you want—literally! You’ll notice that your hair will change immediately once you activate the filter. Not a fan of how it looks? No worries, you can easily change it.

See the row of images at the bottom? That’s your Camera Roll. You can use that to pick the image that you want to appear in your hair! Who says it has to be normal-looking? I say, go for something wild and fun!

9. Background Picker Snapcode

Want to add some oomph to your photo? Why not do that with a custom background? Unlock this snap code and you’ll be able to pick whatever image you want to be your background! A row of images will appear on the bottom—just choose the one that you want to use!

In a way, the filter is very similar to a green screen. After all, it turns your background transparent so that you can use a custom image instead! What kind of look will you be going for with the lens? Something funny or something more normal?

10. Meme Maker Snapchat Filter

Are you into memes? How about making your own? Have you ever thought about it? It’s super easy and straightforward with this Snapchat filter! Unlock the snap code with your camera and grey keyboard will come up on the screen. Yes, you guessed it—you’ll want use that to type whatever text you want to show on your meme!

Whatever you type first will appear on the top of the image; whatever you type afterward will appear on the bottom. Pretty simple, right? Well? What kind of photo will you be using for the meme?

11. Makeup Picker Snapcode

Want to take a selfie but too lazy to go put on your makeup? This Snapchat lens will help you in that department! Activate the filter and the instructions will come up on the screen. Basically, it’ll allow you to “put on makeup” with just a tap! Tap on your eyes to change your eye makeup and tap on your lips to change your lip color. Putting on makeup has never been easier!

There are several different “looks” that you can choose from. Keep tapping—there’s bound to be one that you’ll like!

12. Contacts Part 1 Snapchat Lens


Want to know what you’d look like if your eyes were a different color? You’ll be able to find out with this Snapchat filter! Unlock the snap code with your camera and your eyes will turn into a rainbow. Want a different look? Tap on the screen and you’ll be able to change the design! What’s cool is that the pattern will actually move if you open your mouth.

There are several kinds of “contact lenses” to choose from—you can even turn your eyes into miniature pizzas if you wanted to! Which one will you be putting on for your snap?