Best Mother’s Day Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is probably the biggest name when it comes to camera apps. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s fun. There are just so many features that set it apart from other platforms. Given that, it’s not surprising to know that it has nearly 200 million active users!

Snapchat Features

When it comes to Snapchat, there’s a lot that you can do. For example, you can personalize your snap by adding stickers or text. There’s even an option to draw and doodle on the screen! Aside from customizing your snaps, you can also send messages, play games, live stream, and more.

The biggest thing, however, is their filters. Chances are, you’ve heard of them before. If anything, they’ve become the app’s selling point. Basically, they’re virtual overlays that you can add to your snap. Some will change your appearance while others will add objects around you. At the end of the day, it depends on the type of filter that you’re using. With that said, they all have something in common—that is, they’ll enhance your photo or video in some way.

For the past several years, Snapchat has also made it so that anyone can make their own filter. This has led to an influx of filters and lenses, all of which can be found on the app. In fact, there are so many that if you can think of something, it probably already exists in some form.

Best Mother’s Day Snapchat Lens Codes

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly! With the whole coronavirus situation, however, celebrations will have to be a little different this year. After all, we have to keep our distance from other people. Still, there are other ways to celebrate the occasion. For instance, you can always send them a snap! You know what they say, a photo says a thousand words. Or if you want, you can even record a video!

Because guess what? There are many Mother’s Day-themed Snapchat lenses that you can use. What better way to make them feel special, right? You don’t have to search for them either because we’ve curated the best ones and put them all on this page. Scroll down and you’ll be able to see all of them—including previews, of course, so that you’ll know what each effect is like!

Top Mother’s Day Snapchat Lenses & Filters for 2020

Show your mom that you care! Here are a few lenses and filters that you might want to check out.

1. Love Mom Snapchat Filter

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by wearing a “Love Mom” beanie? Because that’s what’ll appear on your head if you use this filter! Trust me, it’ll be eye-catching. Interested? Want to wear it for a snap? Then go ahead and scan the snapcode—you just have to point your camera at it and it’ll unlock automatically.

You’ll know as soon as the effect’s activated as you’ll be wearing the virtual beanie on the screen! That’s not all, though. The filter will give you something else that’ll appear over your mouth? Yup, a pacifier! After all, you’re still mommy’s little baby. See the example above! Cute, right?

2. Mom’s Day Snapchat Lens

Want to send your mom a selfie for Mother’s Day? We’ve got the perfect lens that’ll give it the perfect vibe. See the snapcode above? Scan it with your camera and the effect will unlock. To use it, you just have to point the camera at yourself. Don’t worry, it’ll switch over to selfie mode automatically so that you can use the front camera.

Take a look at the screen—several things will appear. For one, the words “Happy Mother’s Day” will appear in gold at the top. That’s not all, there will be a pink frame and a bunch of flowers and hearts at the bottom! You can’t tell from the example that we’ve posted, but there will also be hearts floating toward the top of the screen as well. All in all, it’s a very cute effect.

3. Somebody Loves You Snapchat Filter

How about giving your mom a virtual flower? You can that easily if you use this filter! So whatcha waiting for? Scan the snapcode—the one with the heart in the middle. As soon as you do that, a pink figure will appear on the screen—and what’s that? They’re holding a purple flower in one hand! On top of that, it’ll say “I love you” above.

Ultimately, how it works is that you can choose the “face” that you want to appear. In other words, it’ll appear as you if you choose a selfie! Just pick a photo from the camera roll that’ll pop up at the bottom. When you’re done, it’ll look as if you’re the one who’s offering them the flower on the screen—just like the screenshot!

4. Best Mom Ever Snapchat Lens

Let your mom know that she’s the best mom ever with this cute filter! As always, scanning the snapcode is the first step. Afterward, point the camera at your face. That’s all you need to do to see the effect! Check out the screen—three pink flowers will appear on the side of your head. It’s hard to see from the example, but they’re actually super sparkly!

The highlight, though, is probably the pink stamp that’ll appear on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. See that? It says “Best Mom Ever” in the center with two hearts. If you want, you can also add the words “Happy Mother’s Day” to the snap! Just select the text tool or if you want, write it by hand!

5. Flower Crown Snapchat Lens

Does your mom like flowers? Then how about adding some to your head—in the form of a crown? That way, your snap will stand out that much more when you send it to them! Want to go for it? Then scan the snapcode. The flower crown will appear automatically on your head as soon as you face the camera.

The cool thing about this filter is that you can also use it on your furry friend! In other words, you can gather everyone and send your mom a group selfie. Take a look at the screenshot above—that’s what it’ll look like. All that’s left will be for you to add the words “Happy Mother’s Day” to the snap!

6. Happy Mother’s Day Snapchat Filter

Looking for a straightforward that’ll add the words “Happy Mother’s Day” to the screen? Look no further. How about this one? Once it’s activated, the phrase will automatically appear at the top. What’s more, is that it’ll be written in two different fonts! Below the text, there will also be some pretty flowers.

You can use it however you like! For example, you can use the filter for a selfie like the example we’ve posted or you can use it as a decoration for a video. It’s up to you! Oh, did I also mention that the filter will smooth out your skin? So you can look extra pretty for the Mother’s Day snap!

7. Congrats Mom Snapchat Filter

Beautify yourself with this face filter! That way, you can take a pretty selfie for mom. You just have to scan the snapcode and voila! You’ll be wearing virtual makeup. Not only will your lips be a lovely red color, but your eyes and eyebrows will be done as well. Plus, it’ll smooth out your skin!

Turns out, that’s not the only thing that the filter will do either. As you can see above, it’ll also add a few objects to the screen—one of them being a cute, pink flower! There will be a sticker at the bottom as well. See it? It has a mother holding up her child plus the words “Congratulations.” If you look at the top right, you’ll also see the words “Happy Mother’s Day”!

8. Falling Roses Snapchat Filter

Shower your mom with roses with this augmented reality filter! I’m sure she’ll like it just as much as the real ones. Anyway, to activate the effect, point your camera at the rose snapcode above. Seconds afterward, red roses will begin to fall from the sky. You can use it with the front camera or with the back camera—that’s up to you!

Just make sure that you use the effect for a video, otherwise, your mom won’t be able to see them coming down! Trust me, she’ll like it for sure. Who says roses are just for Valentine’s Day?

9. Lots of Love Snapchat Lens

Want to send your mom lots of love? Then how about using this heart filter? It’ll literally fill your screen with hearts—plus, they’re 3D! For those who’re interested, go ahead and activate it by scanning the snapcode. Seconds later, red hearts will start floating up toward the sky.

Assuming that you’re facing the camera, they’ll appear right in front of your face! It’ll be a constant stream of hearts—some bigger than others. While you can use it for a selfie, it’s probably a better idea to use it for a video! I’m sure your mom will want to see the hearts float up to the sky!