Best Monster Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat allows you to share photos and videos quickly and easily. Since its release, it has become one of the most popular social media platforms among young people. What sets it apart from other messaging apps is that the snaps disappear after they’re viewed. In other words, it takes your privacy seriously.

Aside from that, the app offers several other features. For instance, you can draw with different colors, add captions, play games, tag your location, and more. On top of all that, you can customize your snap with filters and lenses—of course, the effect is different for each of them. Depending on what you’re using, you might be able to swap your face with someone or add something to your surroundings.

How to Use Snapchat Filters and Lenses

Want to apply a filter or lens to your snap? It’s simply—simply select the one that you want to use from the main screen. Unless you’re using one of the default effects, though, you’ll have to scan a snapcode first. What are snapcodes? They’re pretty much Snapchat’s version of a QR code. They let you unlock various filters as well as other things.

Monster Snapchat Snapcodes

One of the best things about Snapchat is that it allows you to change your appearance almost instantly. Why take a normal selfie when you can turn into something else for a picture, right?

Interested? If so, you’re on the right page! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite monster filters below. Yup, they’ll all turn you into a monster of some sort! Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Best Monster Snapchat Lens & Filters of 2019

Who says that you can’t dress up for fun? Here are a few filters that you might want to use for your snap!

1. Medusa Snapchat Filter

Surely, you’re familiar with Medusa? You know, the monster with poisonous snakes instead of hair? According to the Greek myth, anyone who looks at her face will turn into stone. Pretty dreadful, huh? Still, you have to admit—it must be pretty cool to have that kind of power. Curious to know what it’d be like to be her? Find out with this filter!

Once you’ve scanned the snapcode, point the camera at yourself (it’ll automatically be on selfie mode). Within a few seconds, you’ll transform into the fearsome monster! You’ll have pointy teeth, red eyes, and white skin. Of course, your hair will also be replaced by venomous snakes! I’m willing to bet that your friends will be surprised by this look!

2. Hangriest Drool Snapchat Filter

Do you like horror films? Because this filter will turn you into something that resembles a horror movie character! Just take a look aboveas you can see in the picture, your face will change drastically. For one thing, your skin will be raw and peeling!

That’s not all. Take a look at your eyes—or at least what’s left of them. Don’t they look like dark voids? On top of that, your nose will be missing and you’ll have some scary-looking teeth! As a matter of fact, the shape of your mouth is kind of creepy as well. It’s almost as if someone cut your flesh open!

3. Scrumbought Snapchat Filter

Want to scare your friends? Then you’ll want to check out this lens! With it, you’ll get a whole new look—trust me, the change will be quite drastic. If anything, you won’t look like yourself anymore! But that’s the whole point of these filters, right?

To start, scan the yellow snapcode. Once you’ve done that, point the camera at yourself—the effect will activate once it recognizes your face. Before you know it, you’ll have two large voids on your face. Yup, those are your eyes! What’s more, is that you’ll also have a large gummy smile with lots of teeth! That’s definitely not a look that you see every day!

4. Eye Horror Effect Snapchat Filter

Ever wondered what it’d be like if you had special powers? Say, if you could shoot things out of your eyes? Wouldn’t that be neat? Well, now you can do that on Snapchat—you just need this filter!

Scan the snapcode, point the camera at yourself and your face will change instantly. Before you know it, your eyes will be black and red—almost devil-like. That’s not the main highlight, though. You see, the filter will let you shoot flame-like things out of your eyes! Take a look at the example picture above—you’ll know what I mean.

5. Green Smoke Skull Snapchat Filter

What do you think of skulls? Do you find them creepy? Here’s a filter that’ll turn you into one! The first step is to scan the snapcode. Once you’ve done that, the filter will activate. From there, you just have to go in the frame!

What’s the effect? It’ll turn your face into a red skull! If anything, no one will be able to tell who’s behind it. What’s more, is that eerie green smoke will be coming out of your eyes! Or should I say eye sockets? In any case, it’s definitely in the “monster” category. Want to show your friends the smoke? Then take a video!

6. We Come in Peace Snapcode

What if you had no skull? People would be able to see your brain! What would that be like? Find out by unlocking this filter! With it, you’ll turn into a monster of sorts. Just look at the image above! If that’s not a monster, I don’t know what is!

Not only will your brain be visible, but your face will be different shades of blue and green. On top of that, your eyeballs will be quite striking. Not to mention that you’ll have a socket for a nose! Put all those things together and you’ve got yourself a rather unique look. A face that only a mother can love, perhaps?

7. Cartoon Face Snapchat Lens

Want something that’s more silly less scary? Then this filter might be up your alley. What’s the effect? It’ll change your face with various 2D elements! Take a look at the picture above. Interested in what you see? If so, scan the snapcode to get started!

Once unlocked, the filter will activate as soon as you point the camera at your face. Before you know it, you’ll be staring at someone with two large eyes and a big mouth. Yup—it’s you! If anything, it will make you look like some sort of cartoon character! Feel free to move around as well, your new eyes and mouth will mirror your movements.

8. Skull Faces Snapchat Filter

This filter is unique in that it comes with multiple effects! That’s right, there are various looks that you can choose from for your selfie. To begin, scan the snapcode. Once the filter’s activated, the screen will turn black and you’ll appear as a monster in the center (well, your head, anyway).

Not too fond of the look? No problem there are different ones that you can use—just tap on the screen. Every time you do, your face will change! Surely, there will be one that you like! Once you find it, you can take a selfie by tapping on the shutter button. Of course, you can take a video as well! After all, you’re free to move around as the “monster.”

9. Demon Mask Snapcode

Demons are pretty much monsters, right? With this filter, you’ll be able to take a snap as one of these fearsome creatures! You can think of it as a type of mask. Once activated, a demon face will appear over your face—complete with horns!

Not only that, but you’ll have pointy ears, black eyes that look like they’re staring into your soul, and some creepy teeth. Of course, your skin will be red as well! You’ll be a demon, after all. If you ask me, the “mask” looks like something that you’d see in a horror movie. Not like that’s a bad thing, though—especially if you’re going for the “demon” look!

10. Flaming Skull Snapcode

Have you ever seen a flaming skull? No? Well here’s your chance to see one up close. You see, this filter will pretty much turn you into one! Start by scanning the snapcode above. Once you’ve done that, switch to selfie mode and point the camera at your face. That will cause it to turn into a skull!

Pay attention to the top of your head and your eye sockets. See that? Those are flames! That’s right, there will be fire coming out from inside your head! How’s that for an interesting snap? You have to admit, that’s not something that you see on a regular basis. Want to show your friends the flames? The best way to do that is to take a video!

11. Demon Face Snapchat Filter

Not all demons are red with horns—this filter will turn you into a different sort! Once unlocked, the app will automatically switch to selfie mode. Everything will seem normal until you open your mouth! What will happen? The screen will turn black and you’ll turn into a fearsome demon!

For one thing, it’ll look as if your face is crumbling into bits. That’s not all, your eyes and mouth will be replaced by black voids! If anything, that really adds to the creepy factor. On top of all that, everything will be black and white, except for the ember that will be flying around you!