Best Meme Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps among millennials. To give you a better idea, more than 60% of smartphone users are active on the platform every day. What makes it so great? It lets you share photos and videos with your friends with the press of a button. If anything, it has changed the way people communicate with each other.

Snapchat has a number of features that set it apart from other social apps. For one thing, it allows you to send “disappearing” snaps—that is, snaps that disappear once they’ve been viewed. Not only that, but they have a wide range of filters that you can use to add various effects to your snaps!

Meme Snapchat Lens Codes

Ever heard of Lens Studio? It’s a tool that allows anyone to create their own AR effects for the app. Thanks to it, the number of filters and lenses available on the platform has skyrocketed over the past couple of years. Nowadays, you can find an overlay for almost everything!

Memes are no exception—there are numerous lenses out there that include them in some way. For instance, some allow you to create your own meme; others allow you to incorporate them into your snap. Either way, they’re guaranteed to give you and your friends laugh!

Interested in these meme lenses? Want to play around with them on Snapchat? If so, you’re at the right place! we’ll be going over some of the best ones below. Keep reading to find out what they are!

The Best Meme Snapchat Lenses & Filters for 2019

Which of these filters will you be using for your snap? If you have the time, maybe you can use all of them!

1.  Meme Maker Snapchat Filter

Want to create your own meme? Then you’ll want to check out this “Meme Maker” filter. With it, you’ll be able to take a snap and turn it into a meme! It’s super easy to use.

Once you’ve unlocked it, a keyboard will come up on the screen. Use it to type your meme text—press the up arrow to write the “upper text” and the down arrow to write the “lower text.” When you’re finished, you can take your photo! What’s great about the lens is that it allows you to use both your front and back camera. In other words, you can easily make a meme out of your selfie!

2. Cat Memes Snapchat Lens

Do you like memes? Perhaps you’re into puzzle games? If so, you’ll love this Snapchat filter—it’s essentially a meme and puzzle all in one!

Scan the snap code and a cat meme will appear on your screen. There’s just one thing—it’ll be all jumbled up! Your goal is to put it back together. How? Just tap on the pieces that you want to move! Will you be able to finish the puzzle?

It’s probably worth mentioning that there’s more than one cat meme to the lens. In other words, you’ll be able to “piece together” more than one image!

3.  Dog Memes Snapcode

What’s your favorite kind of meme? Did you say dog? Then we’ve got just the thing for you! What would you say if I told you that you can become the dog meme? Yup, that’s a possibility with this lens!

Unlock the snap code with your phone and the famous Shiba Inu will come up on your screen—you’ll know which one if you’re familiar with your memes. From there, point the front camera lens at yourself. Before you know it, you will become the Shiba Inu! Take a look—your eyes and mouth will be on his face! See, I wasn’t lying when you said you’d be able to become the meme!

4. Pooh in a Tuxedo Snapchat Lens

Are you familiar with Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh? A photoshopped image, it features Winnie the Pooh sitting in an armchair, wearing a tuxedo. Known as “A Fellow Man of Culture”, the meme quickly gained popularity after being posted on Reddit in 2019.

How about incorporating the meme into your snap? There’s a Snapchat lens that’ll do that for you—yup that’s right, now you can be Pooh in a Tuxedo. Scan the snap code and you’ll be on your way! All you have to do from there is point the selfie camera at yourself. Do that, and the meme will instantly come to life! You’ll see what I mean.

5. Shark Teeth Meme Snapcode

How do you feel about sharks? What if I told you that there’s a filter out there that lets you take shark teeth memes? Yup, that’s a thing! If anything, it’s bound to garner some laughter from your friends!

To start, open the app on your phone. Scan the snap code and an image of a shark will come up on the screen. Now for the fun part—point the camera at your face. Your teeth will end up appearing on the shark’s face! What’s neat, is that there’s actually more than one shark picture that you can use! Surely, there’s one that suits your smile? You can browse through the different images by tapping on the screen!

6. Deep Fried Snapchat Lens

Ever heard of deep fried memes? They refer to images that have been heavily distorted by filters. Over-processed, many of them are weirdly colored and washed out—almost to the point where you can’t make out what the original image is. This style of memes grew in popularity in 2015.

Now with this Snapchat filter, you can “deep fry” any image you’d like! As a matter of fact, you can do so with your very own camera. Assuming that you’ve unlocked the snap code, anything you point your camera at will be highly distorted. You can use it on videos too, if you want!

7. The Scream Snapchat Filter

Whether or not you’re an artist, you must be familiar with “The Scream”. You know, that painting from the late 1800s? An icon of modern art, it was painted by Edvard Munch in 1893. In recent years, it has even earned itself its own emoji!

It doesn’t stop there, though—the historic art piece has also been turned into a meme! In fact, anyone can play around with it on Snapchat—you just need this filter. Activate it and a rendition of the paintings ill come up on the screen. Put your face to the camera and voila! Your face will appear on the screaming man. I bet Munch didn’t expect that to happen when he drew it!

8. Hamster Staring Meme Snapchat Filter

How often do you use FaceTime? Would your answer be different if we said that a hamster’s on the other side? That’s right, with this filter, you’ll be able to keep in touch with your hamster friend!

There’s just one thing—he can’t talk so he’ll just be staring…and staring. That doesn’t matter though, right? I mean, you can just do the talking for both of you! I’m sure he’s a good listener—he sure looks like one! Just like the real thing, your face will also be displayed in a square on the top right-hand corner.

9. Rugrats Snapchat Filter

What kind of cartoons did you grow up watching? Did you say Rugrats? If so, this meme might trigger some nostalgia for you! Remember the show’s opening song? How it would end with the title on a purple blob? Well, now you can recreate it with this Snapchat filter!

Unlock it and a familiar bit will start to play on your screen. Before long, the same purple blob will appear! Don’t forget to turn on your sound as well—a portion of the opening song will play in the background.

10. Crab Rave Meme Snapcode

Have you heard of the Crab Rave? It was unleashed upon the world back in 2018 as a music video. An April Fools joke, it featured a number of animated crabs partying and dancing at the beach. Super popular, it didn’t take long for it to become an online meme!

And now, the meme has come to Snapchat. With this filter, you’ll be able to add a dancing crab to your snap! You can put it anywhere you like—its position is totally customizable! What’s more, is that you can apply text to the image as well. Just use the on-screen keyboard to type in the words!

11. Walk Your Eggdog Snapchat Filter

Are you familiar with Eggdog? You know, that egg-shaped dog that has appeared in various videos and artworks? A recent meme, the little guy has is based on a recently groomed Pomeranian.

Well, now you can invite him to your snap! This Snapchat filter will allow you to do that—scan the snap code with your camera and Eggdog will be there to say hi on your screen! What’s cool about the lens is that you can actually control his movements. How? By “drawing” a path for him to walk on with your finger! When you’re finished, he’ll trot along the line with his two little feet!