Best Mario Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is perhaps one of the most popular photo-sharing apps out there. Released in 2011, the platform allows users to exchange photos and videos called snaps with the press of a button. “A new type of camera”, it comes with several other features as well, all of which enhance the overall experience.

For instance, you can share your location with your friends on a live map that’s accessible from the main screen. There’s also the option of creating a “story”, which is essentially a collection of snaps that are taken within the past 24 hours. Once posted, they can be viewed by all of your contacts. If anything, Snapchat has changed the way that we communicate yet again! As of 2019, there are roughly 186 million active users on the platform.

Using Lenses and Filters

When it comes to Snapchat filters, their lenses and filters are probably the coolest. Essentially, they are special effects that you can use to customize your content. What makes them so popular? They feature augmented reality and face detection technology—well, most of them, anyway. For instance, some lenses will add certain accessories to your selfie; others will let you insert various objects into your surroundings.

There are also effects that are specific to certain locations—these are called geofilters. Unlike the ones that we’ve mentioned above, they are only available at certain places; you can pretty much think of it as an overlay that shows your location to others.

Mario Snapchat Lens Codes

How many lenses are available? Hundreds, maybe thousands. This is not too surprising—after all, anyone can create and share their own. At the end of the day, that’s one of the reasons why Snapchat is so fun!

As far as types of filters go, there are plenty. There are ones that are based on TV shows, sports, celebrities, you name it! Games is another popular genre. Take the Mario series, for example—there are just so many lenses that are based on the game! As a matter of fact, that’s what we’re here to discuss.

You see, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Mario Snapchat filters on this page. Feel free to use them on your snap!

Best Mario Lenses & Filters For 2019

Is Mario your favorite game? Let everyone know just how much you like the franchise with one of these lenses!

1. Super Mario 64 Snapchat Filter

Did you play Super Mario 64 as a kid? You know, that game with the 3D graphics? Because if you’re a fan, you’ll probably like this filter. Once unlocked, a bunch of Mario heads will appear on your screen—it won’t matter whether or using the selfie or back camera!

What’s the effect, you ask? Try tapping on one of them. That will prompt a full-size Mario to come up (you’ll get different effects with the different heads)! Don’t forget to turn on your sound because he’ll have things to say! So, what do you think? Pretty cool, right? If anything, it’ll definitely evoke some nostalgia from the game!

2. Mario and Luigi Hat Snapcode

Have you ever wanted to dress up as Mario? You know, just for fun? Because this filter will let you do just that! Who needs costumes when you have Snapchat, right? To get started, scan the snap code above. Once you’ve done that, it’ll go to selfie mode.

Go ahead and point the camera at your face—that will prompt the effect to activate. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing Mario’s signature red hat! Oh, did I also mention that you’ll get his nose and mustache? Want to take a snap with your friend? No problem! The way the filter is designed, it’ll dress them up like Mario’s brother, Luigi!

3. Fat Yoshi Snapchat Filter

Ah, Yoshi—Mario’s trusty sidekick. He has appeared in numerous games including Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Sunshine. As a matter of fact, he even has his own spinoffs!

Well, how would you like to add him to your snap? That’s right, this augmented reality filter will allow you to insert the green dinosaur into your surroundings. As you can see in the example image, however, he’s gained a bit of weight! No longer is he the slim dino that you’re used to in the games—he’s big and chubby now! If you ask me, though, it only makes him that much cuter!

4. Sleepy Mario Snapchat Lens

Have you ever played Super Mario 64? If so, you must be familiar with “sleepy Mario.” For those of you who don’t know, he’ll fall asleep if you become idle in the game! You know, just a hardworking plumber catching a quick snooze.

Well, guess what? Now you can add sleepy Mario to your snap. What’s more, is that you can place him anywhere you’d like on the screen! All you need to do is activate the filter and he’ll appear. To do that, just scan the yellow code above with your camera. Now you can watch him snooze on your screen!

5. Toad Head Snapchat Filter

Remember Toad? Mario’s friend who’s a citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom? He’s come up in numerous games including Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart. If anything, he’s just as recognizable as Mario himself!

Want to dress up like him? If so, you’ll need a Toad hat. Where can you get one, you ask? Just unlock this filter! Do that, and a 3D Toad hat will appear on top of your head. Surely, your friends will be able to recognize it from the series? I suppose there’s only one way to find out. Time to smile and take a snap with your new accessory!

6. Piranha Plant Hat Snapcode

The Piranha Plant shows up in several Mario games. A venus fly trap-like enemy, they are known for eating anything that approaches them. One wrong step and it’ll be game over for Mario!

Just because they’re one of the enemies, doesn’t mean that they can’t be cute, though. Take this filter, for instance—it’ll transform them into a cute hat. That’s right, you can wear it too! You just need to unlock the filter with your device. Do that, point the lens at yourself, and voila! You’ll have a Piranha Plant hat.

7. Invincibility Star Snapcode

Are you a fan of the games? If so, you must be familiar with the invincibility star. You know, that power-up that makes you invisible? It shows up in numerous titles including Mario Kart! If anything, it’s the best power-up to get! After al

How about using the star on your snap? Unlock it and your screen will flash different colors. Not only that, but a familiar song will start to play in the background! So be sure to use the filter for a video, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy the full enjoy!

8. Luigi Dancing Snapchat Filter

Why does Mario get all the fun? Luigi deserves some love too! Sure, he might not be in as many games, but he’s just as capable as his brother! How about it? Want to add him into your snap? This augmented reality filter will do the job!

Once you unlock the filter, Luigi will appear in all his 3D glory. What’s more, is that he’ll be doing a little dance! Who knew he had that in him? Why not show your friends his dance moves by taking a snap video? Surely, they’ll be impressed too.

9. 8 Bit Mario Snapchat Lens

Do you remember Super Mario Bros.? That game that came out in the late 80s? Sure, it was a bit pixel-y but it was definitely lots of fun. If anything, it’s one of the best games that was released for the NES!

Feeling nostalgic? How about adding an 8-bit Mario to your snap? As it turns out, that’s a possibility with this Snapchat filter! Once you activate it, he’ll appear on your screen (as long as you’re using the rear camera)—hat, mustache, and all. You can customize his size and position too. Simply move him with your finger! 

10. Super Phil Bros. Snapchat Filter

Here’s a parody of one of the classic Mario games—Super Phil Bros. Surely, anyone who’s played the original will recognize the effect! For one thing, everything will have somewhat of an “8-bit” look. Just take a look at the sky—isn’t it familiar to you?

As far as your face goes, it’ll also be blurred to give it that pixel-y look. Of course, you’ll also be wearing a red hat. Instead of an “M” though, it will have a “P”! Last but not least, there will be a mustache on your face! If you ask me, it’s the perfect “Mario” look!

11. Mario Hip Hop Dance Snapcode

Did you know that Mario is a good dancer? That’s right, he’s not just good at rescue Princess Peach! Want to see his dance moves? If so, you’ll want to unlock this snap filter. Do that, and a 3D Mario will come up on your screen!

First things first, you’ll want to turn on your sound. How else will you be able to enjoy his dance? From there, you can sit back as he shows off his moves! I wonder where he learned them, hm? In any case, how about showing your friends what he can do by sending them a video of his dance?