Best Lunar New Year Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is a messaging app that lets you send disposable photos and videos. And by that, we mean that they will self-destruct seconds after opening. If anything, that’s one of the hallmark features of the platform.

That’s not the only reason why it’s so popular either. For one thing, there are many ways that you can personalize your snap. For example, you can add stickers, text, or music. Not only that, but you can also add a filter. Depending on what you choose, it might change the background, add things to your surroundings, or alter your appearance. The possibilities are endless, really. To add to that, there are literally thousands of filters that you can choose from! And guess what? Many of them are holiday-related.

Top Lunar New Year Snapchat Codes

Want to celebrate the Lunar New Year by sending your friends and family a snap? We’ve got you covered. Because yes, there are snap filters for the occasion and we’ve gathered some of the best ones on this page so that you won’t have to search for them!

Ready to see what they are? If so, keep scrolling!

Best Lunar New Year Snapchat Lenses & Filters For 2021

2021 is the year of the ox! Here are a few snap filters that you can use to celebrate the occasion.

1. Lunar New Year Snapchat Filter

Looking for a simple filter that you can use for a selfie? Then check this one out! As soon as you add it to your snap, several things will happen. For one thing, the year “2021” will appear on your cheeks. That’s not all, the words “Happy Lunar New Year” will come up in gold at the bottom.

Speaking of gold, there will also be sparkles and glitter all around you. And yes, everything will be animated for maximum effect! You can kind of see what it’s like in the example above. Trust me, though, it looks better when you’re using it!

2. Lion Head Snapchat Lens

Are you familiar with lion dances? You know, the traditional dance performed on Chinese New Year? Cause this filter will turn you into one of those big-eyed creatures! And all you have to do is scan the snapcode. Once you do that, step in front of the camera and voila! You’ll appear as a red lion on the screen.

As you can see, your eyes will be two big swirls (yes, they will actually be swirling). That’s not all, there will also be confetti and fireworks! Because what’s a celebration without those, right? Oh, and it’ll also say “Happy Chinese New Year” at the bottom of the snap.

3. Metal Ox Snapchat Filter

What better way to celebrate the Year of the Ox than by turning yourself into one? Because you’ll be able to do that with this filter! Simply scan the snapcode to begin. Once you do that, step in front of the camera. Before you know it, a pair of horns will appear on your head!

That’s not all, there will also be some decorations as you can see from the example above. More specifically, there will be red lanterns on the top corner and red envelopes, gold coins, and flowers at the bottom. If anything, you can kind of think of it as a frame!

4. Lunar New Year 2021 Snapchat Lens

This filter is similar to the one above in that it’ll also turn you into an ox. Not only will it give you a pair of horns, but you’ll also have floppy ears and a pink muzzle! And they’ll all be in 3D too. To see what they look like, add the filter to your snap—the effect will come up as soon as you point the camera at yourself.

And as you can see, it’ll give you a headband as well—one that says “Happy Lunar New Year” in gold with the Chinese equivalent in red on the sides! So yeah, why not use the effect for a selfie or something? Because that’s what it’s designed for!

5. CNY 2021 Snapcode

Why not celebrate the Year of the Ox with a selfie? Because we’ve got a filter that you can use and you’re staring right at it. What will it do? It’ll add a bunch of fireworks to the screen. That’s not all, if you face the camera, a row of red lanterns will also appear on your forehead.

And at the bottom, will be a silhouette of an ox and as you can see from the screenshot, it will say “Year of the Ox” inside in red. Oh and by the way, all the images are animated including the ox so you can use it for a snap video if you want!

6. Happy Lunar New Year Snapchat Lens


Thinking of taking a Lunar New Year selfie? We’ve got you covered. Not only will this filter add the words “Happy Lunar New Year” to your snap, but it’ll also make you look prettier. More specifically, your skin will be smoother and your lips will be pinker!

That’s not all, there will also be a bunch of sparkles in the center where your face is. And yes, for those who are wondering, they are animated so you’ll be able to see them sparkle. How’s that for some magical vibe? Remember, you can still decorate it with stickers, etc as well!

7. Lunar New Year Decorations Snapchat Filter

Don’t have any Lunar New Year decorations? No problem, you can just use this filter. As soon as you add it to your snap, a bunch of red lanterns will appear, each with a different design. And the more you move your camera around, the more of them there will be. In other words, you can fill the room with them if you want!

And you can’t tell from the screenshot, but they’ll actually be floating toward the ceiling ever so slowly! So which makes sense seeing as how they’re lanterns. If anything, it makes it that much more authentic, if that makes sense. Why not see for yourself? Just scan the snapcode and they’ll appear!

8. Lunar New Year Lion Snapchat Lens

This filter will turn you into one of the lions from the lion dances! In other words, you’ll look completely different. Let’s just say that your head will be pretty colorful. If that piques your interest, scan the snapcode. Your looks will change as soon as you step in front of the camera!

The next thing you know, you’ll have the face of a lion. And as you can see, it’ll be red, yellow, blue, green, pink, among other colors. In fact, you’ll even have blue and green horns on the top of your head! And yes, that’s a tiny little body that’s hanging down from the bottom.

9. New Year Lanterns Snapchat Filter

Looking for something simple that will also get the message across? Then you might be interested in this filter. If anything, it’d make for a great Lunar New Year selfie (yes, it’ll smooth out your skin)! To begin, scan the yellow snapcode.

Once you do that, step in front of the camera, and a string of red lanterns will appear on your forehead! That’s not all, it’ll also say “gong hei fat choy” at the bottom, which is the Chinese way of saying “Happy New Year”. You can see what it looks like above!

10. Orange Happy CNY Snapchat Lens

Mandarin oranges symbolize abundance and good fortune and that’s precisely why they’re associated with the Lunar New Wear, or more specifically Chinese New Year. And guess what? That’s what you’ll get with this filter! Simply add it to your snap and a bunch of these fruits will appear in the background.

That’s not all. The filter will also add a row of tiny lanterns across your forehead. Plus, a couple of Chinese phrases will appear on your cheeks. Speaking of phrases, “Happy Chinese New Year” will also come up at the very top of the screen, near your head. So yeah, how’s that for festive?

11. CNY Cow Snapchat Filter

Here’s another filter that’s based on the Year of the Ox! What will it do? It’ll turn you into an ox…kind of. You see, as soon as you scan the snapcode, a virtual headband will appear on your head and it’ll come with horns, ears, and a little hat for good luck.

And as far as your face goes, it will add two cartoon cows to your cheeks—one grey, one brown. If anything, it’s like someone stuck a couple of tiny stickers on your face! You can see what they look like in the example above. Oh, and they’re actually animated as well, you just can’t tell from the image.

12. Lion Fortune Snapcode

The lion symbolizes stability, strength, and superiority in Chinese culture. Given that, it’s not surprising to know that it comes up often during the Lunar New Year. Take this filter, for example, it’ll turn you into one of these magnificient creatures and all you have to do is scan the snapcode.

Make sure that your face is within the frame (a reminder will come up on the screen once the effect is animated) and voila! The red lion will appear in all of its 2D glory. And guess what? You’ll actually be able to pull fortune (aka money) out of its mouth by nodding your head. The more you nod, the more you’ll be able to get. In fact, the amount will be displayed on the bottom right-hand side, where the money icon is. So yeah, why not have some fun with it? See how much fortune you can get?