Best I Love Your Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is a camera app that allows you to communicate with friends through pictures and videos. And if you want, you can make it so that they’ll disappear once they’re viewed. In other words, you won’t have to worry about your snap lingering online.

That’s not all, it’s also super easy to use. For one thing, it’ll automatically open up your camera the second you open the app. There’s also the option of customizing your screen with stickers, doodles, etc. In fact, that’s one of the biggest draws of the platform—there are just so many ways that you can personalize your snap!

Take their filters, for example, they can dramatically change the look of your photo or video. And that’s exactly why they’re so fun to use! And guess what? There are literally thousands of effects to choose from. In other words, there are endless customization options.

Best I Love You Snapchat Codes

Given that, it’s not surprising to know that there are many filters that you can use for Valentine’s Day. Yup, that’s right, there are filters out there that you can use to express your love with! And that’s exactly what we’ll be sharing on this page.

Scroll down to see what’s available!

Top I Love You Snapchat Lenses & Filters For 2021

1. Valentine Heart Me Snapchat Lens

What better way to show your love than by turning yourself into a gigantic heart? Because that’s the kind of thing that you’ll be able to do with this filter. And you just have to scan the snapcode—it’ll work its magic almost instantly! The next thing you know, the screen will turn pink and there will be a huge heart in the center.

And it’ll have your eyes and mouth! In other words, you will become the heart. That’s not all, there will be tiny hearts behind you as well and if you take a closer look, you’ll see that they’re all tiny roses! Honestly, does it get any more romantic than that?

2. Love You Mask Snapchat Filter

Looking for something that’s fitting for the pandemic? Then how about this filter? Once it’s activated, a blue mask will appear on your face. That way, you won’t have to worry about any germs! That’s not all, an LED scrolling display will also come up on your head and what will it say? “LOVE YOU” in capital letters!

That outta get the message across, right? Oh, and the background will be nice and pink as well. All that’s missing will be a few hearts but you can always add those yourself!

3. Big Heart Snapchat Lens

How about wrapping yourself up as a giant heart? That’d make for a nice Valentine’s Day snap, right? Cause that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do with this lens! It’s super easy to use too—you just have to step in front of the camera (your entire body has to be inside the frame) and the effect will activate.

Before you know it, your body will turn into a gigantic heart! Not only will the heart be in 3D, but there will also be a nice yellow bow at the front too. If anything, it kind of looks like a huge box of chocolates or something!

4. Teddy Loves You Snapchat Filter

Teddy bears are cute, right? Because this filter will add one of these cuties to your snap. And guess what? It’ll have its arms around your shoulders! If anything, it’ll look like it’s giving you a giant bear hug. That’s not all, he’ll also be holding a little red heart in his hands!

You can see what the effect looks like above. What do you think? Wouldn’t it make for a great Valentine’s day snap? And all you have to do is step in front of the camera for him to appear. You have to admit, he looks pretty darn cute.

5. I Love You Flower Snapchat Filter

Want to give them a flower? Cause that’s what you’ll be able to do with this lens! Sure, it’ll be virtual but it’s the thought that counts, right? And besides, this filter comes with another effect. You see, you’ll actually be able to put your face on the figure that’s holding the flower!

How it works is that you’ll be able to choose a photo from your camera roll. So if you want the pink figure to look like you, select a selfie! Do that, and it’ll look something like the example above. As you can see, it’ll also say “I love you” on top of the flower.

6. Love Flows Snapchat Lens

This filter is a little different from the rest in that it’s more about your surroundings than anything. Not only will it make tiny hearts rain from the sky but it’ll also change the look of the ground! Put it simply, there will be a lot of hearts.

And you’ll actually be able to see the pattern appear on the ground, if that makes sense. That’s right, the effect is 100% animated so if you want, you can add it to a video! In fact, we highly recommend that you do, otherwise, you won’t be able to take advantage of the full effect.

7.  Happy Valentine’s Day Dog Snapchat Lens

Do you like dogs? Cause this filter will turn you into a cute little dachshund! And you’ll be all dressed up for Valentine’s Day! Not only will you have a red halo on top of your head, but you’ll also have a pair of red wings! If anything, it’s like being a little cupid dog.

Take a look at the screenshot above—you’ll see what I mean. Oh, and by “turn you into a dachshund”, we mean that your face will appear on its face. That is, you won’t actually be able to move as the pup. But then again, it’s not like you have to because he already looks so fabulous!

8. Roses Rain Snapchat Filter

You know what would be romantic? If you could fill the screen with roses—and that’s this filter is for! In fact, it won’t just fill the screen with roses, it’ll make it rain roses. That is, you’ll literally be able to see them coming down from the sky! There won’t just be one or two either, there will be several of them.

And if you stand in front of the camera, it’ll also give you a pair of shades! Not a fan of the sunglasses look? No problem, you can always take them off—just tap on the screen and they’ll disappear. So you get to choose what you look like for the snap!

9. 101 Roses Snapchat Lens

What’s Valentine’s Day without some roses? Don’t have time to go get them in person? You can always make do with a virtual bouquet! Interested? If so, scan the yellow snapcode. Once you do that, a bouquet of roses will appear on the screen. How many will there be? 101!

That’s not all. Aside from the roses, the filter will also add some pretty lights to the background. If anything, they’re more like bokeh effects and they’ll be moving behind you. It adds to the overall vibe if you ask me! Definitely take a video with it if you can.

10. Rose Of My Heart Snapchat Filter

Not a fan of bouquets? No problem, you can always give a single rose—there’s nothing wrong with that! And that’s the kind of effect you’ll get if you add this filter to your snap. The rose won’t appear automatically, though. You’ll have to actually hold your hand up for it to appear.

Also, there will be a heart on top of your head. If anything, you can think of it as a frame because that’s pretty much what it is. For example, you can choose a photo of your SO and it’ll appear inside the heart, just like the screenshot that we’ve posted above.

11. Kiss Challenge Snapchat Lens

Here’s a Valentine’s Day-themed mini-game that you can play on Snapchat!  The goal? To kiss the screen as many times as possible. Each time you do, one of the kiss marks will light up. Will you be able to get all of them within the time frame? There’s only one way to find out!

And given the nature of the game, you will want to use it for a video. When you’re done, send the snap to your SO and you can get them to do the same! Let’s see who can kiss the most within 20 seconds.

12. Hearts In Hand Snapchat Filter

With this filter, you’ll be able to materialize hearts from your hand! All you have to do is hold it up in front of the camera and they’ll appear. They won’t just stay in place either, they’ll follow your hand! In other words, they’ll go wherever your hand goes.

That’s not all, the filter will also give your snap a pink aesthetic effect. How fitting for Valentine’s Day right? In fact, the hearts will be pink too! Just look at the example that we’ve included above.