Best Hockey Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is likely one of the most popular mobile apps out there. Launched in 2011, the multimedia messaging platform has over 180 million active users worldwide. Does it surprise you that most of them are millennials?

What makes the app so special? It comes with a feature that allows you to send “disappearing snaps”—that is, whatever is sent will only be available for a short period. Other features include the ability to create “stories” and “filters.” What are filters? They’re a type of graphical overlay that you can add to your snap. Free to use, they can be accessed on the app after being unlocked.

Hockey Snapchat Lens Codes

Hundreds of lenses have been added to the app since they were first introduced in 2015. As you might be aware, they are a variety of different kinds. For instance, some will add 3D elements using augmented reality technology; others will allow you to customize your look with face detection. The bottom line is, there are tons to choose from.

Naturally, sports are included in the mix. That’s right—there are many Snapchat lenses that are based around sports. For example, there are a number of hockey-related effects that you can customize your snap with!

What’s that? You’re an NHL fan? Then you’ll definitely want to give some of them a try! We’ve gathered some of the best ones on this page. Find out what they are by reading the rest of the post!

Our Favorite Hockey Snapchat Lenses & Filters for 2019

Here are a few hockey-related Snapchat lenses that you might want to use. For the most parts, they’re meant for the rear-facing camera!

1. Alex Ovechkin Snapchat Filter

Are you a fan of the Washington Capitals? If so, you must know Alex Ovechkin—the team’s captain! Referred to as “the Great Eight”, he has been playing hockey since 2001! Throughout his career, he and his team have won numerous events. Most recently, they finished third at the 2019 Championships.

Ever wanted to dress up as the hockey player? Here’s your chance! This filter will transform you in a matter of seconds! Before you know it, you’ll be wearing his signature jersey. That’s not all, his name “Ovech1kin” will be written in big, red letters at the top of the screen!

2. Chicago Blackhawks Snapchat Lens

Are you from Chicago? Then you must be familiar with Blackhawks! You know, the professional ice hockey team that participates in the NHL games? Known for their Native logo, the team has won six Stanley Cup championships since 1926!

But did you know that they’re active on Snapchat? Not only do they have their own account, but at one point, they had a public lens that you can use! As seen in the example image, it allowed you to turn yourself into one of their players—helmet, jersey, and all. Unfortunately, however, the filter is no longer available. Who knows, though? They might release something similar in the near future.

3. Stanley Pup Snapchat Filter

Have you heard? A puppy named Sunny became NBC’s official “Stanley Pup”. In other words, he’s the correspondent for the Stanley Cup Playoffs! In celebration of that, NBC Sports partnered up with TODAY Digital to create an exclusive lens—one that you can use on your furry friend!

Activate it and your pup will also be able to become a “Stanley Pup” correspondent! It’s easy to use. Once you’ve opened the app on your phone, point your camera at the yellow snapcode. From there, point the lens at your dog. What’s neat is that you can even change which team you’re supporting! There are four to choose from—the Hurricanes, Sharks, Blues, or Bruins.

4. There’s Nothing Like Playoff Hockey Snapcode

A few years ago, NBC Sports gave NHL fans the opportunity to grow their own playoff beard. The marketing campaign titled, “There’s Nothing Like Playoff Hockey”, featured the sports network’s first Snapchat lens. Their goal was to keep everyone engaged through the playoffs—and it worked!

Fans everywhere had the chance to take a snap with the lens, which gave them a burly beard. The title of the campaign, “There’s Nothing Like Playoff Hockey”, also appeared at the top of the screen in capital letters. At the bottom, were the logos for the Stanley Cup Playoffs and NBC Sports.

Given that this happened back in 2016, however, the lens is no longer available on the app.

5. Red Wings Snapchat Filter

Are you from Detroit? If so, you must be familiar with the Red Wings. Founded in 1926, they are one of the original hockey teams of the NHL! As of 2019, they have won the most Stanley Cup championships in the United States. Here’s an interesting tidbit—they were known as the Detroit Cougars until 1930.

Like many NHL teams, they’re also active on Snapchat. A few years back, they released a public filter that allowed fans to add a certain arena to their snap. That’s right, it’s the Little Caesars Arena aka “Hockeytown”, where they play their home games!

Unfortunately, however, the filter is no longer available.

6. We Want the Cup Snapcode

Who doesn’t want the Stanley Cup? It’s only the trophy awarded to the NHL playoff champions! Did you know that it was donated to the league back by the Governor General of Canada in 1892? That makes it the oldest sports trophy in North America!

Back in 2015, NHL released a Snapchat filter that allowed you to take snaps with this very trophy. More specifically, it came up horizontally at the top of the screen; above that, were the words, “We want the cup!”. At the bottom, was a small banner that read “Stanley Cup Final 2015.”

7. Notts Varsity Snapchat Lens

Do you go to Nottingham Trent University? Maybe you know someone on their ice hockey team? If so, you might want to check out this filter—unlock it on the app and you’ll be able to add a huge “Ice Hockey” logo to your snap!

Triangular-shaped, the logo consists of two hockey sticks and a puck at the center. At the top are also the words “Notts Varsity.”