The Best Hearts Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. What is it? It’s a mobile app that lets you exchange pictures and videos with your friends. What sets it apart from other platforms is that you can choose to make the “snaps” disappear after they’re viewed. In other words, nothing will be saved—it’ll be gone forever once the other person has seen them!

That’s not the only thing that Snapchat is known for—the app also allows you to add lenses, filters to your “snaps.” You can think of these as special effects that you can apply to your photos or videos. Depending on which you use, you might be able to change your background or add something to your face. For instance, there are many lenses out there that will give you some sort of animal ears!

Top Hearts Snapchat Lens Codes

Let’s face it—there’s pretty much an effect for everything. Animals? Check. TV shows? Check. Custom backgrounds? Check. Ultimately, we have Lens Studio to thank for that. For those who don’t know, it’s a tool that lets you put together your own Snapchat filters. Once you’re finished, you can upload it to the platform, and other people will be able to use it!

Looking for a way to express your love? Then you might want to check out some of the heart filters that the app has to offer. As it turns out, there are many lenses out there that will add hearts to your snap in some way. Interested? We’ll be going over some of our favorites below. Keep reading to learn more!

The Best Hearts Snapchat Lenses & Filters for 2019

Do you heart someone? How about letting them know with one of these filters?

1.  Heart Eyes Snapchat Filter

Are you someone who adds a lot of emojis to their texts? If so, you must be familiar with the “heart-eyed” one. You know, the one where the eyes are replaced by two red hearts? All, as it turns out, there’s a filter that will give you that same look. That’s right, now you can have hearts on your eyes too!

It’s exactly what it sounds like—two red hearts will appear over your eyes once you activate the lens. What better way to show someone that you heart them, right? To get started, point your back camera at the “Heart Eyes” snap code. From there, you just have to get yourself in the frame—make sure that your eyes are visible!

2. Heart Bubbles Snapchat Lens

Who doesn’t like playing around with bubbles? It’s just one of those things that’s fun for all ages! Well, what if I told you that you could add heart-shaped bubbles to your snap? Yup, that’s a thing!

All you need is this “Heart Bubbles” Snapchat filter. Activate it and you’ll be able to materialize bubbles from the palm of your hands! It’s easy—all you have to do is hold it up to the camera. Do that, and heart-shaped bubbles will appear. You can put them anywhere you’d like, just wave your hand in that direction!

Aside from the bubbles, the lens will also “beautify” your face. For one thing, your eyes will turn blue and you’ll have long eyelashes—yes, even you guys!

3. Hearts and Stars Snapcode

Do you know what would be better than hearts? Hearts and stars! With this Snapchat filter, you’ll be able to add both to your snap. Interested? Then you’ll want to unlock the snap code with your rear camera!

Once you’ve unlocked the filter, the app will switch to the selfie camera. Point the front lens at your face and pink hearts will start to appear—more specifically, they’ll start to flow upwards to the top of the screen! As far as the stars go, they’ll come up all over your face. Shiny and glittery, they almost resemble sparkles! If anything, they’ll definitely direct attention to your face!

4. Love Burst Snapchat Lens

Are you a fan of the heart emojis? Ever wondered what it’d be like if you could have them appear from your mouth? Find out with this Snapchat filter! It’ll let you do just that—a bunch of heart emojis will come “spilling” out of your mouth!

First things first, you’ll have to unlock the lens before you can do that. It’s easy—just point your camera at the snap code. Once you’ve done that, it’ll switch to your selfie camera. Congrats, you’re ready to use the filter! All you have to do is go into the frame—make sure that your entire face is visible.

From there, just open your mouth! Dozens of hearts will come gushing out! Close your mouth, and they’ll disappear. Did I also mention that the filter will enlarge your eyes as well?

5. Love Shower Snapchat Lens

What better way to show your love for someone (or something) than to fill your snap with hearts? We’ve got just the lens that’ll do that for you—“Love Shower.” As its name implies, it will add a shower of hearts to your screen!

As with all filters, the first step is always to unlock the snap code. To do that, just point the back camera at the yellow square. Once it’s unlocked, you’ll be ready to use the effect for a snap! Get ready—the red hearts will quickly appear from the top of the screen! For the best results, you’ll want to take your snap when the majority of them are falling down!

6. Puppy Love Snapchat Filter

Who says that you can’t take a snap with your pet? As a matter of fact, there are many filters that you can use with your furry friend—like this one! How about giving him or her some heart-shaped eyes? Because that’s what this lens will do!

To get started, activate the lens by pointing your camera at the snap code. Once it’s activated, you’ll want to point the front lens at your pet. Depending on whether or not they’re camera shy, you might just have to bribe them with a treat! Once they’re in the frame, their eyes will be replaced by two pink hearts! I wonder, is that the true meaning of puppy eyes?

7. Love Tunnel Snapcode

Do you like rainbows? What about hearts? We’ve got just the thing for you if you answered yes to both questions! How about adding a “Love Tunnel” to your snap? It’s exactly what it sounds like—it’s a tunnel that radiates love.

What do I mean? You’ll just have to see for yourself. To begin, unlock the snap code with your back camera. Once the filter is activated, your background will change. Into what? Why, a Love Tunnel, of course! Essentially, there will be dozens of colorful hearts arranged into a tunnel behind you. What’s neat is that they are all animated—in other words, the colors will keep on changing!

8. Spread the Love Snapchat Filter

Want to spread the love? What better way to do that than with a Snapchat filter? We’ve got just the one for you! Activate it and your front camera will switch on. Not only will there be a small purple heart next to your head, but the words “Spread the Love” will be written over your face!

The cool thing about this lens, though, is that it has a different effect if you use the back camera! More specifically, a small electric fan will appear on your screen. What’s that? Looks like it’s no ordinary fan—it’s blowing dozens of tiny hearts everywhere! If anything, it’s literally “spreading the love”! Don’t forget to turn up your volume for some relaxing music as well.

9. You Laugh You Lose Snapchat Filter

This Snapchat filter is unique in that it’s pretty much a mini-game. As you can probably guess by the name, the goal is to not laugh for as long as possible. It will even say “Don’t Laugh” on your forehead! Will you be able to do it?

Once you activate the lens, several things will come up on your screen including four red hearts on the right-hand side—those are your “lives.” Every time you laugh, one of them will go away. Use them all up and it will be game over! Will you be able to complete the game with all four hearts still intact? There’s only one way to find out!

10. Kiss Friend Snapchat Lens

How about giving your friend a kiss? What better way to show that you heart them, right? As it turns out, there’s a Snapchat filter that’s just perfect for that! Unlock it, and you’ll be able to blow a kiss in a snap!

It’s more than just a normal “kiss”, though. You see, a pink heart will appear from your mouth when you blow the kiss! That’s not the highlight, either. You can choose to have their photo in the heart! That’s right, your friend’s face can be on it! Once you’ve activated the lens, a row of images from your Camera Roll will appear on the bottom of the screen. Select a photo from there and it will come up on the heart! Go ahead, try it out!