Best Glasses Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows you to share photos, videos, and text. The best part of all? It’s free! Given that, it’s not surprising to know that it has exploded in popularity over the past few years—especially among young people. The last that we’d checked, the camera’s used by more than 180 million people every day!

Why is it so popular? For one thing, the platform lets you send “self-destructing” messages—that is, messages that will disappear permanently after being read. On top of that, they offer filters that you can “decorate” your snap with. They’re easy to use too—all you have to do is give them a tap!

Top Glasses Snapcodes

The amount of lenses that are available has grown considerably over the past few years. Ultimately, this is thanks to Lens Studio, a program that allows anyone to create their own filters.

Nowadays, most of them make use of face detection technology—that is, they’re capable of detecting your face through the camera. In doing so, it’s able to add various effects, all of which are notably realistic. For instance, there are many filters out there that will give you certain accessories, such as glasses!

Want to give yourself a pair of frames? Look no further. We’ve gathered some of the best glasses filters on this page. Which one will you be using for your snap?

The Best Glasses Snapchat Lenses & Filters for 2019

Why not give yourself some glasses with these Snapchat lenses?

1. Custom Text Glasses Lens for Snapchat

Ever had the urge to write something on your sunglasses? Here’s your chance! Activate this filter and a pair of mysterious shades will appear over your eyes. What’s neat, though, is that you can write a custom message on the lenses!

How? Once you unlock the snap code, a keyboard will come up on your screen, with which you can type your text. Simply tap your message and press done—it will instantly transfer onto your new sunglasses! Want to change it up a bit? No problem! You can alter the text at any time by tapping on the glasses.

2. Donut Glasses Snapchat Filter

Do you have a sweet tooth? Maybe you like donuts? If so, you’ll definitely want to try out this Snapchat lens! You see, it’ll give you your own pair of donut glasses! That’s right, it’s a pair of glasses that are made out of donuts! Don’t believe me? Try the lens for yourself. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Once you activate it, a pair of pink donuts will appear over your eyes—almost like a figure 8. Looks like it’s frosted too, mmmm. That’s not all, the background will also change to suit the mood. More specifically, it’ll be pink, with lots of sparkles!

3. Minion Glasses Snapcode

Are you a fan of computer-animated movies? Ever watched Despicable Me? What do you think about the Minions? Ever wanted to dress up as one? This Snapchat lens can help! Unlock the snap code and you’ll gain the one accessory that makes the Minions who they are—the glasses!

Go ahead, point the camera at yourself. Your eyes will soon be covered by a familiar pair of goggles—do you recognize them yet? If anything, it kind of resembles a pair of googly eyes! Anyone who has watched the movie, though, will definitely know where they’re from.

4. Burn Glasses Filter for Snapchat

Feeling hot? Why not let everyone know on Snapchat? There’s a lens that’s perfect for that! Check it out—it’ll give you a pair of burning frames. To get started, point your camera at the snap code. Once you’ve done that, the glasses will appear on your face. But wait, where are the flames?

Turns out, you actually have to do something to activate the effect. Here’s a tip—try opening your mouth. Flames will immediately shoot up from the lenses! Are you feeling the heat yet? Why not use the filter for a snap video? Wouldn’t you want your buddies to check out your new frames?

5. Disguise Glasses Snapchat Filter

Up for some fun? How about giving yourself a disguise on Snapchat? This filter is all that you’ll need—activate it and no one will be able to tell that it’s you! Not only will it give you fuzzy eyebrows, but it’ll also give you a nose job. What’s a disguise without a new nose, right? Below that, there will also be a mustache—and it’s just as fuzzy as the eyebrows!

To get started, all you need to do is point the selfie camera at yourself. The disguise will appear and you’ll be able to take a snap! Let’s see what your friends think of it.

6. Bubble Glasses Snapchat Lens

Ever heard the expression that glasses make your eyes bigger? It’s true! Don’t believe me? You can see for yourself with this Snapchat lens. Unlock the snap code and you’ll get a pair of round frames. If anything, it kind of has that “vintage” look!

Anyway, check out your eyes. Don’t they seem a little different? That’s right—they’ve been enlarged by the glasses! Don’t you think it makes you look more awake? We think so! It’s almost as if you had too much coffee to drink in the morning!

7. Hypno Glasses Snapchat Filter

What are your thoughts on hypnosis? Does it work? Can you really hypnotize a person? Find out with this filter! Unlock the snap code and you’ll get a pair of hypnotizing glasses—you know, the ones where the lens constantly swirls? Yeah, those.

All you have to do is look at the camera for them to appear. From there, you can use them to take a hypnotizing snap video! What will you be getting your friends to do? Well, I suppose you can always figure that out later—the actual hypnotizing comes first!

8. 3D Glasses Snapcode

When was the last time you wore 3D glasses? The classic ones that use red and blue filters? They can be hard to find nowadays—after all, they’ve mostly been replaced by more regular-looking ones. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take a snap with them on, though!

Check out this Snapchat lens—it’ll bring back the nostalgia with a pair of red and blue 3D glasses. The lenses will be see-through, so you’ll be able to see your eyes! If anything, it’s just like the real thing. Why not share the nostalgia with your friends?

9. Custom Reflection Snapchat Filter

What if I told you that you could customize the reflection that shows up on your glasses? Yes, you can—it’s easy too. All you need is this filter right here. To begin, scan the snap code with your back camera. The black frames will immediately appear over your eyes.

Another thing would have popped up—a banner with a number of images. Recognize it? That’s your camera roll! The way it works, you can pick any image you want for the reflection of your glasses. Whatever you choose will appear immediately on the lenses! It’s perfectly fine to change your mind too—just tap on a different image.

10. Lemons Snapchat Lens

How do you feel about lemons? Yes, the citrus fruit. Are you a fan? If so, you might just want to give this lens a go. What does it do, you ask? It’ll give you a pair of stylish-looking frames. Not only are the frames white, but the lenses are yellow—just like the fruit! Of course, you’ll be able to see your eyes through them.

That’s not all that the filter will add—it’ll also change up the background a bit. That is, it’ll be replaced with rows of lemons. Not just any, lemons, though—they’ll be moving constantly in the back! If anything, they’re kind of like an animated wallpaper. Is that enough citrus for you?

11. Up Old Man Snapcode

Do you like movies? How about the ones from Pixar? Maybe you’re a fan of UP? If so, you might get a chuckle out of this lens. Activate it and you’ll turn yourself into the old man from the film! You know, Carl with the glasses?

Not only will you get his signature frames, but the shape of your face will change as well! Take a look for yourself—your entire face has turned squarish! Just like Carl Fredricksen’s! Now all you’re missing from the movie is a bunch of balloons. Hmm, I wonder where you can get that?

12. Nerd Snapchat Filter

Would you consider yourself to be a nerd? Perhaps you like to recite the numbers of pi for fun? Then check out this Snapchat filter! Activate it and you’ll turn into a super nerd—for one thing, a pair of pixel-y round frames will appear over your eyes. A pencil will also be sticking out of your hair! So that’s where it went.

That’s not all, you’ll also get pink bowtie. What’s that in front of you? A notebook! Where else would you write down all of your notes?