Best Face Distortion Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is a mobile app that lets you exchange both photos and videos. If anything, it’s one of the most popular platforms among teens and young adults. For one thing, more than 180 million people use it every day worldwide!

Why is it such a hit? It allows you to send “self-destructing” messages that will disappear after a certain amount of time. Not only that, but they offer a number of “lenses” that you can apply to your snaps. For instance, you can easily use them to give yourself bunny ears or flower crowns. Other effects can add certain objects to your surroundings with AR technology.

Face Distortion Snapchat Lens Codes

Ever used the app? If so, you must be familiar with the plethora of lenses that are available. There’s literally a filter for everything that you can think of it! Ultimately, we have Lens Studio to thank for that. What is that? It’s a program that allows you to easily make your own lenses.

Face distortion filters are perhaps one of the most popular types used by users. As implied by their name, they “distort” your face with a tap of a button! They’re quite entertaining, really. You have ones that will stretch out your neck and ones that will shrink your eyes.

Interested in giving them a try? If so, you’re at the right place! We’ve put together a list of some of the best face distortion lenses for Snapchat. Keep scrolling to see what they are!

The Best Face Distortion Snapchat Lenses & Filters for 2019

Why not distort your face with one of these funny filters?

1. Cyclops Snapcode

What would it be like if you only had one eye? You know, like a cyclops? Would the world look a lot different? Why not find out with this Snapchat filter? Activate it and your face will change instantly! More specifically, your two eyes will be replaced by one huge one—right smack in the middle of your face.

That’s not all, your nose will be gone. Don’t worry, though, your mouth will still be there. Similar to the eye, however, it will be much bigger than what you’re used to! What do you think of your new “face”? Send a snap to your friends, let’s see what their opinion is!

2. Amazed Snapchat Filter

Shocked at something you just saw? Express how you’re feeling right now with this Snapchat lens! To get started, point your camera at the snapcode. The front camera will activate and you’ll be able to see yourself on the screen. Give it a few seconds, though, and you’ll undergo a transformation!

Would you look at that—your face is totally different from what it was before! For one thing, your eyes have turned super round, almost bubble-like. Your nose has also fallen off, from the looks of it. That’s definitely an “amazed” look, alright!

3. U Lift Bro Snapchat Lens

What would you look like if you had a square face? Find out with this Snapchat filter! All you need to do is point the camera at yourself—it will work its magic almost immediately! Not only will your face turn into a square, but your facial features will change too!

For one thing, your nose will look like an upside down V. Your mouth and eyes will also be distorted in an amusing way—both will be enlarged and stretched out! Will your friends still be able to tell that it’s you on the screen?

4. Eyes Wit Outta Face

Want to go for a “unique” look? This filter might just be what you’re looking for! You see, it will erase your face completely! Don’t worry, though, your facial features will still be there, well, most of it, anyway. Your hair might look a little different, however.

Not sure what I mean? Try it out for yourself. Unlock the snap code and go into the frame. You’ll notice that your eyes and mouth will be floating where your face used to be! As for your nose—who knows where it went? In any case, it’s definitely a unique look. It almost looks alien-like!

5. Spoopy Snapchat Snap Code

Curious to know what you’d look like if you had two sets of eyes? Why wonder when you can find out? Snapchat has just the filter that will help you with that! Check it out—this Spoopy lens will change it so that you have two pair of eyes. One pair will be at the bottom near the rest of your face, whereas the other pair will be at the top!

Due to the placement of the eyes, the shape of your face will also change. If anything, it looks like you have a huge forehead! Not just that, but your nose will be stretched out to the top!

6. Love Snapchat Filter

How about giving yourself a cartoony look? Unlock this Snapchat filter and you’ll be able to get just that! For starters, your face will be super round—almost like a circle. That’s not the highlight, though. Check out the placement of your eyes and mouth, they’re way at the top! That’s right, they’re pretty much aligned so that they’re next to each other.

Did you notice? Your nose will also be gone. That only makes the look cuter, though, in my opinion! To get started, point your rear-facing camera at the LOVE snap code. Enter the frame and voila! You’ll have a cartoony face.

7. Love Burst Snapchat Lens

What if you could shoot hearts out of your mouth? Guess what—it’s totally possible! All you need is this Love Burst filter. Activate it and something will change about your face. That’s right, your eyes will be a lot bigger! In fact, they’re so big, it almost looks like you’re crying!

Ready for some hearts? Simply open your mouth! Do that, and a bunch of them will come pouring out. There are red ones, pink ones, purple ones, blue ones—even black ones!

8. Strong Chin Snapcode

Feeling silly? How about changing your look up a bit? It’s easy with Snapchat. Take this filter, for instance—it will give you an entire makeover! Not only will your eyes be super tiny, but it’ll get rid of your nose! Your mouth, however, will still be there—right in the middle of your face! Try smiling, it’s definitely an “interesting” look.

Did I also mention that your chin will be a little bit different? As a matter of fact, your entire head will be shaped differently! You just have to see for yourself. It’s quite funny-looking, really!

9. Mini head Snapchat Filter

Give yourself a conjoined twin with this Snapchat filter! Yes, it’s possible—this filter will make that happen. Activate it and a “mini you” will appear on top of your head! From the looks of it, he’s actually connected to you—maybe through the brains?

There’s more to the effect—it will also change the look of your eyes, nose, and mouth. For one thing, the irises of your eyes will be huge! Perhaps dilated is a more accurate term? What will your buddies have to say about that?

10. Somewhat Damaged Snapcode

It’s fun to be silly every once in a while. Why not do so on Snapchat? There are many filters out there that will change your face—including this one! Start by scanning the snap code with your rear camera.

Once you’ve done that, the lens will alter the shape of your face. Perhaps the most obvious change is that to your eyes—they will be shifted to the sides of your head! Your nose will be super tiny whereas your mouth will take up a good amount of room toward your chin.

11. Potato Head Snapchat Filter

Turn yourself into a Mr. Potato Head with this Snapchat filter! Well, not literally—it’s pretty darn close, though. Activate the effect and your face will turn into a similar oval shape.

Take a look at your facial features—don’t they remind you of something? For one thing, your nose will be so big that it will take up quite a bit of space on your face! Your mouth will also be enlarged. Flash a smile—let’s see how it looks on you!

12. Face Melt Snapchat Lens & Filter

Looking for a funny lens that you can use on your face? How about this one? With it, you’ll be able to melt your face—well, not literally of course! Still, it’s probably pretty darn close. For one thing, the shape of your face will be completely distorted. Your eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth will also be different from what you’re used to. For a lack of better words, they’ll look as if they’re melting! Everything will be “pointed” downwards—including your hair!

It’s easy to use too. First things first, you’ll want to scan the snapcode with your back camera. Do that, and your selfie camera will activate automatically. From there, all that’s left is to point the camera at yourself and voila! The effect will work its magic.