Best Disney Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is a mobile app that lets you send photos and videos—aka “snaps”—to your friends. If anything, it’s more of a social platform than anything. Popular among teens, it rose to prominence quickly after being introduced in 2011. As of 2020, there are nearly 230 million daily active users worldwide.

Snapchat Features

Snapchat’s main feature was the ability to send disappearing snaps. Things have changed a bit, however, over the past few years. Nowadays, there’s way more that you can do on the app. For example, you can play games, video call, read the news, or even send money.

The coolest of all features, however, is probably their filters. Put it simply, they’re overlays or effects that you can place over your pictures or videos. In doing so, you can give your snap a whole new vibe. The best part? There are literally thousands of them out there that you can use!

Types Snapchat Lenses and Filters

As you probably know, there’s more than one type of Snapchat filter. For example, you’ve got face filters, which are designed to change your face, and geofilters, which can only be used in certain locations. Or if you feel like changing your surroundings a bit, you can use an augmented reality filter.

The bottom line is, there are many that you can choose from.

Best Disney Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Disney is a huge company. They’ve got movies, games, theme parks, you name it. In fact, just the other day, Disney World re-opened after being closed for many weeks. Don’t want to risk it by going but still want to show your love for Disney? Then how about taking a snap with a Disney filter?

Because there are several of them that you can use. They might not be official per se, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be fun! If anything, some of them are super well-designed! Without further adieu, let’s take a look at some of the best Disney Snapchat filters.

Top Disney Snapchat Lenses & Filters for 2020

1. Mickey Mouse Snapchat Filter

Who’s your favorite Disney character? Let me guess, is it Mickey? If so, you’ll definitely like this filter cause it’ll turn you into the mouse! Whenever you’re ready, just point your camera at the snapcode above—the one with the smiling Mickey. That’s all you need to do to activate the effect.

Within seconds, a Mickey Mouse “mask” will appear over your face. As you can see from the image above, it’ll be 3D. If anything, it looks like the Mickey that you see on the TV shows! As if that wasn’t cool enough, you can actually move as Mickey. Try it out! For example, you can close your eyes or open your mouth. Whatever you do, “Mickey” will also do on the screen!

2. Which Disney Character Are You Snapchat Lens

Ever wanted to know which Disney character you are? Well, why wonder when you can find out? Because that’s what this filter is for. Whenever you’re ready, scan the snapcode—that is, point your camera toward it. Afterward, a yellow card will appear over your head.

Not just any card, though, but one with a Disney character on it. Basically, how it works is that several different characters will appear, one after the other. To stop it, you have to open your mouth. The second you do that, the card will stop changing and you’ll get your results. In other words, you’ll figure out which character you are! Not too happy with who you got? You can always do it again!

3. Disney Princess Snapchat Filter

Which Disney princess are you? Wouldn’t it be cool if you can find out? Because you can, actually—quite easily. All you need is this filter right here! First things first, you’ll have to activate it by scanning the snapcode. Do that, and a colorful-looking card will appear on your head (yes, you’ll have to look at the camera).

Before you know it, a bunch of Disney princesses will appear on the card, one after the other and just in case you don’t remember their names, it’ll be printed at the bottom! To stop the card from changing, open your mouth (it’ll say so on the screen). Whichever princess you “land” on will then be your Disney princess! Go on, share the results with your friends. Get them to do it too.

4. Disney World Snapchat Lens

Missing Disney World? Maybe this filter will make you feel a little better. What’ll it do? It’ll bring you to the theme park, virtually. Just scan the snapcode and you’ll be standing in the resort before you know it—so make sure to give the camera a smile!

As you can see from the example, you’ll be transported to the center of the park, where the statue of Walt and Mickey is. That’s not all, the iconic Disney castle will also be within the frame toward your left. If anything, the sunset in the sky only makes things that much more magical! So yeah, have some fun with it. With you want, you can even go all out with a pair of Mickey ears!

5. Mickey and Minnie Snapchat Filter

This filter is cool in that it can turn you into both Mickey and Minnie! That’s right, you get to pick who you want to be. To get started, though, you’ll first have to unlock the snapcode. From there, the effect will activate and by default, you’ll be Mickey.

Not only will you be wearing Mickey ears, but Mickey Mouse myself will also make an appearance on the bottom left-hand corner. Even the background will have polka dots! And if you want to turn yourself into Minnie, just tap on the screen. The aesthetics will change instantly from yellow to red!

6. Abstract Mickey Snapcode

This filter will turn you into Mickey but not the Mickey that you’re familiar with. You’ll still get a pair of round ears and all but it’ll be completely different—just refer to the example above! As you can see, it’s quite different from the mouse that you’re used to.

With that said, you can still tell who it is you’re trying to be. I mean, the eyes, nose, and mouth all line up in the same place! All that’s missing really is the actual face portion if you know what I mean. Did I mention? You can also control his eye and mouth movements. How? By moving your own eyes and mouth! Try it out.

7. Disney Quotes Snapchat Filter

How familiar are you with your Disney quotes? Cause that’s the highlight of this filter! Yup, that’s right, it revolves around quotes—ones spoken by the very characters that you love. Similar to the “which are you” lenses, an image will appear over your forehead as soon as you scan the snapcode.

The highlight won’t be an image, though, but a blurb of text. That is, there will be a Disney quote written on the card, along with the characters who said it on the side. To get your quote of the day, you’ll have to open your mouth so that it stops changing. Let’s see if you can recognize where it’s from without the hints!

8. Minnie Mouse Ears Snapchat Lens

Turning yourself into Minnie is easy when you’ve got a filter like this. Ready to give it a try? Then scan the snapcode. Once you’ve done that, things will happen immediately. Go on, turn the camera toward yourself. The second you’re within the frame, a pair of Minnie ears will appear on top of your head!

Just like the ones from the actual theme park, it’ll come with a cute pink bow in the center. What’s more, is that you can use this filter with friends. As you can see from the example, it’s capable of recognizing more than one person. In other words, you guys can all wear Minnie ears for snap! Who says that you have to be in Disneyland to do something like that?

9. Which Disney Snapcode

Here’s another filter that will tell you which Disney character you are. As always, scan the snapcode to get started. The camera will turn on and you’ll want to face it with a smile. What will happen? A blue circle will appear on your head. Not just any circle, but one with a Disney character inside!

Like the other “Which Disney character” lens, the blue circle will start to change automatically. To get it to stop, you’ll have to open your mouth. Or, if you want, you can wait for it to stop, it’ll just take a few seconds. At the end of it, whichever character you end up with will be your character. Of course, feel free to try it more than once! Let’s see if you’ll get the same person two times in a row.

10. Disneyland Background Snapchat Lens

What if I told you that you could stand in front of the Disneyland castle for a snap? Because you can—from the very comfort of your own room! You just need to activate the snapcode above with your camera. As soon as you do that, a familiar-looking castle will appear as the background. That’s right, you’ll be transported right to Disneyland!

Go ahead, smile for the camera. After all, you are at the Happiest Place on Earth, even if it’s all just virtual. If you want, you can even grab your Mickey ears and put them on—you know, make it a little more authentic. Of course, you can use the background for a video as well. Be creative with it!