Best Christmas Countdown Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat is more than your average camera app. You can use it to share texts, photos, videos, and more—all within the platform. It’s super easy to use too, which contributes to its popularity. For those who don’t know, it has nearly 250 million daily active users worldwide!

What makes it so popular? Its many features. For one thing, there are so many things that you can do with your snap. You can draw on it, add music, add stickers, you name it.

Filters and lenses are also a thing. Put it simply, they’re virtual overlays that you can add to your snap. As for the effect, it depends on the filter. For example, some will add things to your face while others will change the background. If anything, that’s what makes it so versatile and fun!

The best part? There are literally thousands of effects to choose from. You just need to know where to look!

Christmas Countdown Snapchat Lens Codes

Given that, it’s not surprising to know that there are many holiday-themed lenses. And that’s what we’ll be sharing with you on this page! More specifically, we’ll be sharing a few Christmas Countdown snapcodes. And yes, they’re exactly what they sound like—they’re filters that will add a countdown on the screen! After all, we could all use some holiday spirit right about now, especially with the pandemic going on and everything.

Also, most of these filters come with other effects as well so it’s not like it’s only going to add a number to your snap!

Best Christmas Countdown Lenses & Filters For 2020

Without further adieu, here are some Xmas countdown filters that you can use!

1. Pink Christmas Hat Countdown Snapchat Filter

Is pink your favorite color? Then you’ll like this filter because that’s pretty much the theme! To begin, scan the yellow snapcode. From there, point the camera at yourself so that your face appears on the screen. You should notice a pink and white party hat on your head—it’ll even have a pom pom at the top!

And see that at the bottom? It’s the number of days left until Christmas! That’s not all, the filter also comes with a dynamic background. You can kind of see it in the example above. Basically, what will happen is that rings of color will appear from behind your head! Oh, right, you’ll also be wearing a pair of red frames.

2. Xmas Background With Countdown Snapchat Lens

Want a wintery background and a countdown? Well then, check out this filter because that’s what you’ll get! First things first, activate the effect with the snapcode. Once you’ve done that, take a look at the screen—there should be a Christmas tree-like hat on your head with a countdown at the bottom!

That’s not all, it’ll also give your snap a wintery background. In fact, not just one, but several. You can’t tell from the screenshot that we’ve posted above, but they’ll actually come up one after the other. So yes, the filter is animated and yes, it’ll work great for a video! So you might want to consider using it for that.

3. Days Left to Christmas Snapchat Filter

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? Cause with this filter, one will appear on your head! That’s right, you’ll get to wear the tree. You just have to scan the snapcode and it’ll appear as soon as you look at the camera. Not only will there be a star at the top, but there will be decorations all over as well and yes, they will move if you move your head!

The highlight, though, has to be the countdown on the tree. You can see it in the example above—it’s written in blue letters! Oh, did I also mention? The filter will make it so that tiny snowflakes will come down from the sky. How’s that for a wintery vibe?

4. Green Christmas Hat Countdown Snapcode

Remember that pink filter that we shared above? Well, this is the green and red version! If anything, that makes it even more Christmas-y. To get started, scan the snapcode. As soon as you do that, a party hat will appear on your head and of course, it’ll be red and green as well. And just like the other filter, the countdown will appear on the rim.

You’ll also get a pair of red and green glasses, which will automatically be on your face. That’s not all, there will be a dynamic background as well. That is, rings of red, green, and white will appear behind you. You can see it in the example above!

5. Days and Hours Left Until Christmas Snapchat Filter

This filter is a little simpler than the others so far. Don’t worry, though, it’ll still give you a countdown. If anything, it’s even more specific. That is, it won’t just show you the days left until Christmas, but it’ll also let you know the hours, minutes, even seconds! As you can see from the example, it’ll all be written in red at the top of the screen, near your head.

That’s not all, the filter will also add two small candy canes (wrapped in a red ribbon nonetheless) to your cheeks! It’s kind of like having two stickers on your face. You won’t have to do anything special either, they’ll appear automatically once you’re facing the camera.

6. Christmas Countdown With Santa Snapchat Lens

This filter is fairly similar to the other ones that we’ve mentioned in that it’ll also give you a party hat. The difference, though, is the background. For one thing, there won’t be waves of color. Instead, there will be various objects scattered across the screen. For example, there will be a string of Christmas lights at the top (yes, they do they on and yes, they will change colors).

Not only that, but there will be a Christmas tree on the bottom right-hand corner. And who’s that on the left? It’s Santa Claus! Yup, this filter will add the jolly old man to your snap as well. The only thing is that he isn’t animated but still, it’ll make for a nice countdown selfie!

7. Red Christmas Countdown Snapchat Filter

This filter is another version of the “party hat” effect. How is it different from the others? Well, for one thing, the color scheme is different. Instead of green and red or pink, it’s red. What better color to take a Christmas snap with, right? Anyway, as always, you want to begin by scanning the snapcode.

Once you do that, the red and white hat will appear on your head and like the others, the countdown will appear on the bottom. You’ll also be wearing a pair of round frames. And see that at the top? That’s a string of Christmas lights. It might be hard to see with the dynamic background behind you but it’s definitely there!

8. Days Left Until Christmas Snapchat Lens

This effect is a little different in that it’ll turn you into Santa Claus! All you have to do is face the camera—everything will come up automatically. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing his red and white hat on your head. But wait, there’s more—you’ll get a white mustache and beard as well! What’s Santa without his beard, right?

Even your hair will be a whitish color as you can see from the example above. As for the countdown, it’ll appear in green and red letters (in a candy cane pattern!) at the bottom of the screen. You just can’t see it in the example since well, it’s cut off, but rest assured, it’ll be there.

9. Santa Glasses Countdown Snapchat Filter

This filter is exactly what it sounds like in that it’ll give you a pair of Santa glasses! Ready to see what they look like? Then scan the yellow snapcode. As soon as you do that, they’ll appear on your face. Not only will Santa be on the lenses, but the frame itself will also change colors!

As for the countdown, that’s going to show up on your party hat, which will be on your head. Finally, there’s the background. Just like the other filters, various rings will appear behind you! And as you can see from the example, they’ll be bright red. If anything, they match Santa’s suit!

10. Christmas Trees With Countdown Snapchat Filter

Do you ever use the Christmas tree emoji? Because that’s what this filter will add to your snap! More specifically, they will appear on your forehead. And at the top, will be the countdown for the number of days left until Christmas! You can see what it all looks like in the example above.

As for the background, it’s very similar to the other countdown filters. That is, rings of color will appear behind you (yes, the effect is animated). Not only will it feature Christmas colors, which makes it that much more fitting, but there will also be white lines for emphasis as well.