Best Canada Day Snapchat Filters & Lenses

Snapchat is a mobile messaging app that lets you share photos, videos, or texts with friends. One thing that sets it apart from other platforms is that these ‘snaps’ will disappear seconds after being viewed. In other words, you won’t have to worry about leaving anything behind. If anything, that’s what they became known for in the first place.

Since then, the Snapchat team has added numerous additional features. For example, you can compile snaps into chronological ‘stories’. There’s also a ‘discover’ area, where you can explore different channels from major publishers.

Customizing Your Snap

There are also many ways that you can personalize your snaps. For instance, you can add text, music, or stickers. If you want, you can even doodle on top!

That’s not all—there are real-time effects that you can add as well. For example, some will change your appearance with face detection technology. Others will integrate 3D objects into your surroundings. At the end of the day, it all depends on the lens or filter you choose and that’s what makes it so fun to use!

Best Canada Day Snapchat Codes 

And guess what? There are filters that you can use for special occasions—like Canada day! What better way to celebrate than by taking a silly selfie, right?

For those who are interested, keep scrolling! We’ve compiled some of the best Canada Day Snapchat filters on this page so you won’t have to go around looking for them.

Top Canada Snapchat Filters & Lenses For 2021

Without further ado, here are some effects that you can use to celebrate Canada Day:

1. Canada Mask Snapchat Filter

Tired of wearing the same old mask on your face? Why not spice things up with this filter? It’ll give you a virtual face mask and all you have to do is scan the snapcode! That’ll turn on the camera and if you point it at yourself, the filter will work its magic.

The next thing you know, you’ll be wearing the mask on your face. And it’s not just a regular mask either—it’s a Canada mask! It’ll literally look like the Canadian flag. The sides will be red and there will be a red maple leaf in the center against a white background. What do you think? It’d make for a nice Canada Day selfie, wouldn’t you agree?

2. Tim Hortons Canada Day Snapchat Lens

Every Canadian knows about Tim Hortons—it’s only one of the most popular fast-food restaurant chains ever And here’s their offering for Canada Day. Just scan the snapcode and the effect will activate. Before you know it, a bunch of maple leaves will appear on your head like a crown. Some will be red while others will be white.

Open your mouth and a bunch of tiny Canadian flags will come up in front of your face, almost like confetti! Speaking of which, it’ll also change your appearance a bit. Your eyes will be bigger and brighter, just like the example above. Oh, and there will also be a Tim Hortons cup at the bottom right-hand corner!

3. Canada Day Opie Snapchat Filter

Give yourself a new look with this filter! If anything, it’ll make for a great Canada Day snap. Just scan the snapcode and your appearance will change—and by appearance, we mean face. Not only will you have a white mustache, but your eyes will look different as well. Put it simply, they’ll be incorporated into your glasses!

You can see what I mean above and yes, you’ll have a new pair of eyebrows as well. The highlight, though, has to be the hat on top of your head. You can’t tell from the screenshot since it’s cut off but it features the Canadian flag. It’ll have a maple leaf at the front and everything! So yeah, why not take a selfie with this filter?

4. Happy Canada Day Snapchat Lens

What’s a celebration without confetti? Because that’s what you’ll get with this filter! If that interests you, scan the snapcode. That’ll turn on the camera and if you point it at yourself, the effect will activate. A bunch of tiny maple leaves will come down from the sky and your face will be covered in the same colors; there will be a swirl of red and a swirl of white.

If anything, it’s like wearing face paint. Also, there will be a big maple leaf at the bottom of the screen with the words, ‘Happy Canada Day.’ There will be a banner below it as well—you just can’t see it due to the way the screenshot is cropped.

5. Love Canada Snapchat Filter

Show everyone just how much you love Canada with this filter! Once it’s activated, a bunch of confetti will fall down from the sky. Not just any confetti, but Canada Day-themed confetti. Yup, there are maple leaves mixed in!

Also, the words, ‘I (love) Canada’ will appear at the bottom of the screen, except the words (love) will be replaced by a red maple leaf. And don’t be fooled by the way the image looks. The screen won’t actually be black—it’ll either show your face or your surroundings depending on which camera you’re using. So if you want, you can shower yourself with confetti!

6. Canada Sunglasses Snapcode

You know those funky glasses that they sell at dollar stores? The ones with wacky lenses? Well, that’s what you’ll get with this filter. They’ll appear on your face as soon as you scan the snapcode. The next thing you know, you’ll be wearing the shades!

Virtual shades with the Canadian flag on the lenses. The sides will be red and there will be a maple leaf at the center. If anything, they probably sell something similar at the store. But why spend money when you can just put on a virtual pair, right? They’ll look exactly like the example above! As you can see, the frames are definitely on the round side. But then again that’s what makes them so stylish!

7. Canada Leaf Snapchat Filter

Looking for a subtle filter that you can use for a selfie? How about this one? It’ll add the word, “Canada” to the top of the screen. There will also be a small maple leaf. And it might be hard to tell from the example, but there will be sparkles everywhere as well—and they’ll be animated so it’ll be that much more eye-catching!

Also, it’ll smooth out your skin. That’s not all, it’ll also give you a bit of eye makeup. In other words, you’ll look flawless no matter what you do! So what are you waiting for? Give it a try! It’d make for a great Canada Day selfie. Sure, the effect might be simple, but it’ll get the message across.

8. A Thoughtful Canada Day Lens

Give yourself a ‘Canadian look’ with this filter! Simply scan the snapcode and the effect will activate. If anything, you just have to do one thing—and that’s to point the camera at yourself. The second you do that, your appearance will change. For one thing, you’ll be wearing a toque. A red toque with a tiny maple leaf at the front!

But wait, there’s more. You see, the filter will also give you a bit of facial hair and by that, we mean a mustache and beard. Don’t worry, though, you can ‘take it off’ if you don’t like the look. Just tap on the screen and it’ll disappear! But yeah, wouldn’t you agree that it’d make for a nice Canada Day selfie? I mean, look at the example above!

9. Fireworks Snapchat Lens

What’s Canada Day without some fireworks? For those who agree, check out this filter. It’ll add some colorful explosions to your snap—more specifically, to the background! All you have to do is open the app and scan the yellow snapcode. Within seconds, the camera will turn on. Step in front of it and the effect will activate automatically.

Before long, your screen will look something like the example below. There will be a bunch of stars and glitter on your head and a bunch of colorful fireworks behind you. You’ll actually be able to see the latter ‘shoot up’ into the air. If anything, it’ll look just like the real thing! And like most filters, it’ll also touch up your face a bit. That way, you can take the perfect Canada Day selfie.

10. Maple Leaves Snapchat Filter

This filter is pretty straightforward in that it’s exactly what it sounds like. Scan the snapcode and a bunch of maple leaves will appear on the screen! Or rather, they’ll be coming down from the sky. And it might not be obvious from the example, but there will be glitter around you as well.

Not a fan of the falling leaves? No problemgive the screen a tap! The second you do that, the effect will change. Instead of having the maple leaves fall down, they’ll appear on your cheeks instead. Also, can you tell? Your eyes will also be bigger and brighter.