Best Baseball Lenses & Filters

Snapchat has exploded in popularity since its launch in 2011. Created by a group of college students, the app allows users to send pictures and videos, both of which are only available for a short period of time. In other words, the “snaps”, as they’re called, will become inaccessible after a while.

A hit among millennials, the app has over 180 million active users. Aside from “disappearing snaps”, there are other features as well such as “Stories”, which lets you post chronological content to your feed.

Over the past few years, however, Snapchat has become notable for something else—their virtual stickers. Referred to as “filters and lenses”, these graphical overlays can be used to personalize snaps. Some of them even feature face detection technology!

Baseball Snapchat Lens Codes

Given how popular the app is, does it surprise you to know that countless filters are available? If anything, the number of lenses has only increased with the release of Lens Studio. After all, anyone can create their own!

Considering that, it only makes sense that there are various categories of lenses—including sports. Take baseball, for instance, there are many filters out there are centered around the sport. You’d be surprised to know just how many of them there are!

Perhaps you’re a baseball fan? Want to customize your snap with one of these virtual effects? Look no further—we’ve compiled a list of some of the best hockey snapcodes below. Keep scrolling to find out what they are!

Best Baseball Lenses & Filters For 2019

How about expressing your love for the sport with one of these Snapchat lenses?

1. Chicago Cubs Snapchat Filter

Are you a fan of the Chicago Cubs? How about cheering them on with a snap? We’ve got just the lens for that! Activate it and you’ll get your very own Chicago Cubs cap. Can you guess what color it is? That’s right—blue and red! The cap itself will be blue while the team’s logo will be in red.

Not only will the filter give you a hat, but it’ll also add two lines of paint on your face! You’ll know what I mean when you use the filter. Remember, all you have to do is open the app, scan the “Chicago Cubs” snapcode and pose in front of the camera! The lens will activate automatically afterwards—you won’t have to do anything else.

2. Chicago White Sox Snapchat Lens

Would you consider yourself to be a diehard White Sox fan? Why not show your support by dressing yourself in White Sox attire? As it turns out, you don’t need to spend money on merchandise—you can just use a Snapchat filter! How convenient, right?

Simply unlock the snap code with the app and a black and white cap will appear on top of your head. See that logo on the front? Now, doesn’t that look familiar? Yup, it’s the White Sox logo! Aside from the cap, the lens will also add a certain black-and-white pattern to your face. Do you recognize it?

3. MLB Opening Day Snapchat Filter

Back in 2016, the MLB collaborated with Snapchat for a 36-hour feature. During that period, users were able to take snaps with a special “MLB Opening Day” filter. Once activated, it would add a baseball cap to the user’s head, along with a team logo.

As far as which team, it depended on the fans’ location. For instance, those who lived in New York had access to both the Mets and the Yankees’ caps. Whatever they chose, the logo would appear on the hat. In addition to that, the lens would add eye black that read “opening day.”

Given how it was a limited time thing, however, it only makes sense that the filter is no longer available. Who knows, though? The MLB might just partner up with Snapchat again in the near future!

4. Supreme Baseball Cap Snapcode

Baseball caps don’t have to be worn for baseball. If anything, they’re great for any type of outdoor activity—after all, they’ll protect you from the sun. Well, how about treating yourself to a Supreme hat? You know, the brand that caters to the hip hop skateboarding culture? It’s only one of the most popular brands out there right now!

Unlock the snap code and the cap will appear almost instantly on your head! See that at the center? It’s Supreme’s logo! Looks like there’s something on your face too. Is that eye black? Whatever it is, it sure completes the look! Now all that’s left is for you to smile and press the shutter button!

5.  UTRGV Snapchat Lens

Are you a Texas native? If so, you must be familiar with the UTRGV Vaqueros—you know, the college’s baseball team? They play the majority of their games at the UTRGV Baseball Stadium, which was donated to the University of Texas by the City of Edinburg years back.

Do you know someone who plays for them? Want to show your support? How about giving yourself a UTRGV baseball cap? There’s a filter that’ll give you just that! Activate it and a red and black cap will materialize on top of your head—one with their logo at the center. That’s not all, their mascot will also appear as a tattoo on your face!

6. UTRGV V for Vaqueros Snapchat Filter

Are you a fan of the UTRGV Vaqueros? Perhaps you know someone who plays in the team? Why not show your support on Snapchat? We’ve got the perfect filter for you to use. Don’t want to wear a baseball cap? No problem, how about adding their team logo to your photo?

That’s right, this filter will add their signature “V” logo to your surroundings. Ready to anchor it to a spot on the screen? All you have to do is tap with your finger. Do that, and the logo will go right down on that spot! Do note, however, that the logo will only appear if you use the back camera. In other words, the filter is not compatible with the selfie camera.

7. Leones del Escogido Snapcode

Who says that the United States are the only ones who are into the baseball scene? There are many other countries who are involved, such as the Dominican Republic. Have you heard of the Leones del Escogido (Lions of Chosen One)? They’ve won over a dozen national championships and are one of the most successful teams in the Dominican League!

Want to show your support? Then unlock this Snapchat lens. As you can see in the example image, it’ll add several things to your snap. First off, you’ll get a red cap with the team’s logo; there will also be eye black on your face. On top of all that, there will be a banner at the top and at the bottom—both of which has the teams’ name on it!

8. Tigres del Licey Snapchat Lens

Have you heard of Tigres del Licey? They’re a professional baseball team that’s based in the Dominican Republic. As a matter of fact, they are the oldest team in the Dominican league! Did you know that they played since 1907? Some of the best players include Manuel Mota, Pedro Gonzalez, Alonzo Perry, and Cesar Geronimo.

As you can see above, we’ve got a Snapchat lens for you to use if you’re a fan! Unlock it, point the camera at your face, and you’ve got yourself a Tigres del Licey cap! There will also be a banner with the team’s name and logo on the bottom, as well as a baseball!

9. Aguilas Cibaeñas Snapchat Filter

Are you a supporter of the Águilas Cibaeñas? You know, that team that plays in the Dominican Republic’s Winter league? Immensely popular, they’re known for their catchphrase, “La Lena Esta Aqui”, which roughly translates to “the wood is here.” Known for their classic yellow color, the team often goes by the nickname, “Las Cuyayas”. Some current MLB players who have played for the Cibaenas include Starling Marie, Carlos Martinez, Cartolo Colon, Brandon Moss, and Melky Cabrera.

Want to show others just how much you like the team? You can do so with this Snapchat filter! Scan the snap code and you’ll be wearing an Águilas Cibaeñas cap! That’s not all, you’ll also have eye black with their team colors! Did I also mention that the team’s logo will appear at the bottom and top of the screen? What better way to show your support, right?