Best Animal Mask Snapchat Lenses & Filters

Snapchat offers a fun way to keep in touch with friends. A photo-sharing app, it allows you to send “snaps” in mere seconds. All you have to do is tap on the shutter button and you’re on your way! Super popular, the platform is used by more than 200 million users worldwide—most of whom are millennials.

Why are people so into it? Because they are a number of features to play with. For instance, you can add a caption to your photo or doodle on your video. You can also play games, stream videos, send money, and more. Don’t forget, there’s also the disappearing messages (i.e. your snaps will self-destruct after being viewed) function. If anything, that’s what brought the app to fame in the first place!

Snapchat Lens and Filters

Ever seen photos of people with dog ears or whiskers? Those are taken with filters. Essentially, they allow you to augment your snap with special effects. Some will transform your look while others will add augmented reality elements to the world around you. At the end of the day, it depends on the filter that you’re using.

Animal Mask Snapchat Snapcodes

On this page, we’ll be focusing on a specific type of face lens—those that will transform you into an animal. Yup, that’s right, there are many of them out there. Why go through the hassle of putting on a costume when you can just use Snapchat, right?

Curious to know what the different filters are? Well then, be sure to read the rest of the post! We’ll be highlighting some of our favorites below. Without further adieu, here are some animal mask snapcodes that you can use with the app!

Best Animal Mask Snapchat Filters and Lenses

What do you feel like transforming into today? A tiger? Or maybe a Lion? The choice is yours!

1. Tiger Mask Snapchat Filter

Tigers are without a doubt, one of the world’s most recognizable animals. Known for their black stripes, these regal cats can easily weigh upwards of 600 pounds! Pretty amazing, right? Well, what if I told you that you can turn yourself into one of these creatures? Because this filter will give you that ability!

Activate it, go in front of the camera, and your transformation will be complete. Before you know it, your face will be orange and black! That’s not all, the filter will also change your facial features around a bit—feel free to take a look at the example above. Wouldn’t you agree that that’s a cool look? Now all you’re missing are whiskers and ears!

2. Bad Wolf Snapchat Lens

How about dressing up as the big, bad wolf for a snap? All you need is this filter. Activate it and your appearance will change immediately! It might not be obvious at first, though. You see, there will be a cap on your head—one that has a picture on a wolf (how fitting, right?).

Want to check out your new looks? Then lift your head. See? We weren’t kidding when we said that it would turn you into a wolf! If anything, you’ll probably be able to scare away most people with that face! I mean, just look at those eyes and teeth. This is definitely not a cute wolf that we’re talking about!

3. Lion Face Snapcode

Did you know that lions sleep up to 20 hours a day? When they’re active, though, they can be quite fast—they can run up to 50 mph! Interested in turning into one of these majestic cats for a snap? Because we’ve got just the thing that will do the job!

Activate this filter and your face will turn into that of a lion’s! You can think of it as a mask of sorts—after all, it’ll just be on your face. With that said, it’s quite a realistic look. You’ll have the fur, the eyes, the muzzle, the whiskers—everything! Just wear some ears and it’ll be perfect.

4. Pleased Panda Snapchat Filter

Did you know that pandas are born pink? It isn’t until several weeks later that their black and white fur starts to come in. Wait, what’s that? You want to take a snap as one of these fuzzy creatures? Well then, you’re in luck—just take a look at this filter!

With it, you’ll be able to give yourself their signature look—that is, your face will turn white and you’ll get two patches of black around your eyes. That’s not all, it’ll also change the look of your nose! What’s more, is that you’ll also have a pair of ears! Go on—give it a try. Let’s see what you’ll look like as a panda!

5. Snail Face Snapchat Filter

What do you think of snails? Do you find their sliminess off turning? Well, you know what? Your opinion might change after using this filter! You see, it’ll turn you into one of these gastropods. Well, your face, anyway—you’ll be missing the shell (but that’s not important)!

Take a look at the image above. As you can see, the filter will change the texture of your skin! That’s not all, you’ll also have a few tentacles sticking out from your face. Did you know that there are eyes on the tips? It’s almost alien-like! When was the last time you looked at a snail up close?

6. Pug Dog Snapchat Filter

What’s your favorite breed of dog? Did you say pug? Well then, we’ve got just the thing for you! How does turning into one sound? Because this filter’s all about that! Curious to know what it’ll be like? Just look at the example above.

All you have to do is go in front of the camera. Before you know it, you’ll be staring at a pug on the screen—yup, it’s you! You’ll have the black muzzle, the fur, the dark eyes, everything! Why not smile and snap a pic? You can even show teeth if you want! Remember, just because you’ve turned into a pug, doesn’t mean that you can’t show off your pearly whites!

7. Piggy Wiggy Snapchat Filter

Who says turning into a pig can’t be fun? Try it for yourself with this filter! All you have to do is scan the snap code, point the camera at yourself. Within a few seconds, your face will be that of a pig’s!

Not only will you have pink fur, but you’ll also have pointy ears as well as a snout. If anything, the “mask” will cover your entire face—no one will be able to tell who’s behind you! I suppose that’s what makes the filter so fun, though. You can take all the snaps that you want with it and nobody will know who it is!

8. Snake Face Snapcaht Filter

Are you into reptiles? Perhaps you have a pet snake or two? If so, you might get a kick out of this filter. You see, it’ll turn you into one of these slithery creatures! First things first—you’ll want to scan the snap code with the app. Do that, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a snake!

Before long, your skin will turn green and there will be certain patterns on your face. That’s not the cool part, though. Try opening your mouth—a long tongue will come up on the screen! Did that surprise you? You’re a snake, after all. For the best “results”, we suggest that you take a video with this face filter!

9. Bubble T-Rex Snapchat Filter

Here’s a filter that incorporates two seemingly unrelated things—dinosaurs and bubbles! To be more specific, it’ll turn you into a t-rex. Don’t expect the full face, though. If anything, it’ll just be the skull! Have a look at the example above.

See that? A pink rendition of a t-rex skull will appear over your face—almost like a helmet of sorts. What makes it so special? Bubbles will come up if you open its mouth! Of course, the bubbles will be pink as well. It’s pretty neat if you ask me. How about showing your friends and family by recording a video?

10. Dino Skull Snapcode

Speaking of dinosaurs, here’s another filter that’ll turn you into one of these animals. Like the other one, however, it’ll just be the skull. More specifically, it’ll be the skull of a triceratops. How can you tell? Just look at those two horns at the front!

While you won’t be able to see your face with the mask on, you can open your mouth—the skull will move along with your movements. In other words, you’ll be able to control it somewhat. In a way, this is probably the closest that you’re going to get to becoming a dinosaur!

11. Zoo Face Snapchat Filter

Want to transform into different animals but don’t want to have to unlock different filters? Well then, this is what you want! You see, it comes with eight different animal masks. In other words, you’ll be able to turn yourself into eight separate creatures with just a single filter!

Activate it and several icons will appear on the sides of the screen. Tap any one of them and you’ll turn into the corresponding animal. For instance, you can take a snap as a panda, lion, cheetah, tiger, panther, and more! Which mask will you be choosing for your snap?