Top Anime Snapchat Lenses & Filters

What better way to interact with your friends than with social media? Nowadays, there are so many platforms that you can use—one of which includes Snapchat! The great thing about this app is that it allows you to send “snaps” with the press of a button. There’s even the option of making them disappear once the other person has seen them! If anything, that’s one of the main features that caused their popularity to soar in the first place.

Nowadays, however, Snapchat is known for something else—their lenses and filters. As you probably already know, they offer a variety of effects that you can add to your snaps. What makes them unique, though, is the fact that they utilize face detection and augmented reality technologies. There aren’t many other camera apps that allow you to play with something like that, after all!

Best Anime Snapchat Lens Codes

Snapchat first launched the “lens” feature in 2015. Since them, countless filters have been added to the platform—partly thanks to Lens Studio, which allows almost anyone to create their own effect. Ever poked around in the app? If so, you’ll know that there’s pretty much a lens for everything—even anime.

Are you an anime otaku? Maybe you keep track of all of the new shows every season? If so, why not play with one of the many anime filters that Snapchat has to offer? You’d be surprised to know just how many different titles are featured!

We’ll be going over some of our favorite anime Snapchat lenses and filters below. What are they? Keep reading to find out!

Top 10 Anime Snapchat Lenses & Filters for 2019

Without further adieu, here are 10 of our top anime Snapchat lenses!

  1. Ash Ketchum Snapchat Filter

Aiming to be a Pokemon trainer? Want to be the very best that there ever was? You can start your journey with this Snapchat lens! Activate it and you’ll get Ash Ketchum’s signature hat—you know, the red and white one with the green logo? If anything, it has become somewhat of a symbol from the show. Surely, all of your friends will be able to recognize where it’s from!

To get started, point your back-facing camera at the yellow snap code. The effect will unlock and he cap will appear on top of your head. Even if you move your head around, it’ll stay in place! Why don’t you test it out for yourself and see?

2. Naruto VS Sasuke Snapchat Lens

If you like anime, chances are, you’ve watched Naruto. After all, it’s one of the biggest titles that have come to the West! Who are your favorite characters? Did you say Naruto and Sasuke? If so, you’ll probably like this lens. Unlock it and the two main characters will appear on your screen. Check it out—it seems like they’re about to engage in a battle!

For the full effect, don’t forget to turn your volume on. You’ll be able to hear the protagonists scream each other’s names—just like in the show. Well then, I wonder who will have the upper hand? Only one way to find out I suppose…

3. Jojo Stone Mask Snapcode

Have you heard of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? It’s only one of the best anime ever! If you haven’t, I’d highly recommend it. For those who are already a fan—check out this lens! With it, you’ll be able to get your very own Stone Mask. Yes, that’s right, the powerful ancient artifacts that are featured in the early parts of the show!

All you have to do is point the camera at yourself after unlocking the snap code. The mask will automatically appear and who knows, you might gain some special abilities as well! They call it a powerful artifact for nothing, after all.

4. Surprised Pikachu Snapchat Filter

What would you say is the most popular Pokemon? Pikachu? Probably. How about transforming into the little guy with a Snapchat filter? It’s easier than you think! Once you activate the effect, your entire body (including your face) will turn a familiar shade of yellow. Look on top of your head—you’ll gain a pair of pointy ears as well!

To top it all off, you’ll have Pikachu’s red cheeks. That’s not the highlight, though. The highlight is his expression. Take a look at your face on the screen—you’ve transformed into a surprised Pikachu! What on earth did you see?

5. My Hero Academia Snapchat Lens

What’s your favorite Superhero anime? Is it My Hero Academia? If so, you’ll enjoy what this Snapchat filter has to offer. Can you guess by looking at the snap code? That’s right—it’ll allow you to add Deku, our beloved protagonist, into your snap!

The first thing that you want to do is to unlock the lens with your device. Once you’ve done that, turn on your rear camera and Deku will appear. Where do you want him to go? You can play him anywhere you want with your fingers! Unfortunately, he won’t come up with your selfie camera, though.

6. Anime Face Snapcode

What would you say is the most distinguishing feature of anime? It has to be the eyes, right? After all, you only see eyes that big in anime! Well, what if I told you that you could have eyes like that? It’s easy—just unlock this snap code. The filter will automatically replace your eyes with a pair of new ones!

What do you think? Doesn’t it look like the ones you see from the shows? Not only are they huge, but they’re incredibly sparkly! Below them, there’s even a bit of blush. That’s an anime face for you!

7. Dancing Kakashi Snapchat Lens

Are you a Kakashi fan? How about inviting him into your snap? This one here will let you do just that! There’s a twist, though—you see, you can actually replace his face with your face! Once you activate the lens, your back camera will activate and the images from your camera roll will pop up. Choose one and it will appear on Kakashi’s face (did I also mention that he’ll be dancing?).

What’s cool, though, is that this lens will do something else if you use it with your front camera. The background will change, and you’ll be wearing their signature headwear. Check out your eyes as well. Looks like you might have gained some powers!

8. Detective Pikachu Snapcode

Have you heard of that new movie that just came out? You know, Detective Pikachu! The one starring Ryan Reynolds as the voice of the electric mouse? Did you watch it? How about celebrating its release with a Snapchat lens? Activate it and you’ll be able to transform into the detective himself! Why, you’ll even have the little brown hat on your head.

That’s not all, you’ll have the ears and tail too. You’ll even gain the ability to perform electric attacks! Don’t believe me? Just open your mouth. Every time you do, a spark of electricity will come out! Speaking of which, there will also be sparks all around you.

9. Detective Conan Snapchat Filter

Are you into the mystery genre? If so, I’m guessing you’ve watched Detective Conan. It’s only one of the longest-running anime ever! As of 2019, there are more than 900 episodes—that’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

Anyway, how would you like it if you could incorporate a bit of the anime into your snap? Can you guess what segment we’re talking about? It’s the opening—you know how a pair of doors open every episode to announce the title? Well, with this Snapchat filter, you’ll be able to reveal your snap with the doors. Did I mention that it also comes with the same sound effects? If anything, it’ll really make it seem like you’re part of the anime!

10. Who’s That Pokemon Segment

Did you watch Pokemon back in the 90s? If so, you must be familiar with the “Who’s that Pokemon” segment. You know, where they show a silhouette and ask you to guess its identity before commercial? Well, it has come to Snapchat!

Unlock this snap code and you’ll be able to add the nostalgic scene to your snap. How does it work, you ask? Basically, whatever you point your camera at will appear in the silhouette—it can be a snap of yourself or your surroundings. Oh, don’t forget to turn up your volume. You’ll be able to hear the catchphrase from the scene—“Who’s that Pokemon?”

11. Dancing Naruto Snapchat Filter

Remember that Dancing Kakashi Snapchat lens we mentioned earlier? Well, there’s a Naruto version! Unlock the snap code and the protagonist will grace you with his appearance—on your rear-facing camera. What’s that? Looks like he’s also got some impressive dance moves! I wonder when he had time to learn them?

Like most of these filters, you can move Naruto wherever you want on your screen. Just drag him with your finger! Where do you want him to dance it off? On your table maybe?